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  1. I just saw a movie for the first time called "The Deadly Mantis" courtesy of horror movie host Svengoolie. Even though it's supposed to be a "B-Movie" I thought it was GOOD. Not in the same league as the classic "Them!" but good never the less. Okay movie fans. What is the BEST "Giant Bug" movie of the 50's (did they still make them in the 60's?) and state why you think so. My favorite is "Them!". I'm glad I own it on DVD! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Deadly_Mantis
  2. Not to shock everybody, but I have NO negative comments to leave about Alec Baldwin. On the contrary. Alec is in several of my favorite movies. "Great Ball of Fire", "The Hunt for Red October", "The Aviator" etc. In my opinion he is an underrated comedic actor. I have seen enough of his SNL appearances to know. That Schweddy Balls sketch is a classic. My reason for posting this thread is I wanted everybody to know that among Alec Baldwin's talents are he was blessed with a GREAT narrative voice. I have two NFL DVD's that he narrates (the Jets Super Bowl and the Redskins 1983 Super Bowl). I
  3. It surprises me that there are 58 responses to this thread. This might be the dumbest/silliest thread I've ever seen on the TCM website. Every time a celebrity does something supposedly bad the media blows it way out of porportion. I thought this forum was for discussing movies not the problems celebrities have. Last time I checked there was nothing wrong with Alec Baldwin. It is not him who needs any counseling.
  4. Let me start off by saying that I love movies so much that I keep lists of everything. For example, I have a list of my 100 Favorite Movies, etc. So, I thought it would be interesting to see my fellow movie lovers lists of their "Top 5 Favorite Actors of All-Time" Here are mine. These five are so famous that I'm not even going to use their last names because you will all know who they are. Here we go: (in order) 1) Eastwood 2) Nicholson 3) DeNiro 4) Newman 5) McQueen The other 5 completing my Top 10 are: (in various order) 6) Gene Hackman 7) Sean Connery 8) Burt Reynolds
  5. I thought it was humorous that on the audio commentary for "The Ten Comandments" that the commentator mentioned that director Cecil B. DeMille made it a point not to show Debra Paget's feet because he thought they were too big! I think Debra Paget was hot in 1956 so I wouldn't have a problem with her feet. Big or small.
  6. Let me start off by saying I've been a Star Trek fan since the first film in 1979. I'm one of those serious Trekkies who saw all six of the original crew movies on first day of release and first showing. I used to go to Trek conventions but I don't think they have them in the downtown Seattle area any more. Anyway, I recently bought "The Magnicent Seven" on DVD (what a GREAT movie) and there is a scene at the beginning of the film where Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen try to take a body to the cemetary and they are confronted by a group of gunmen at the entrance. I swear that the gunfigh
  7. I own Deliverance and I can tell you that there is nothing CREEPIER than hearing McKinney's mountain man character say to Ned Beatty's character "You just get them pants right off." McKinney was in "The Outlaw Josey Wales" and Eastwood kills him in dramatic fashion and the end of the film. The #1 reason to own Deliverance (besides the fact that it is a classic of the drama genre) is that the film shows how COOL Burt Reynolds was (and is!). The best scene in Deliverance is when Reynolds kills McKinney with his crossbow and saves Ned Beatty and Jon Voight from GOD KNOWS WHAT!
  8. Don't tell me nobody remembers Alan Sues from the classic Twilight Zone episode "The Masks"?! I think of him from that! Not Laugh-In!
  9. Does anybody else share my love for classic horror movie host Svengoolie?! The Svenster is my favorite movie host since the great Joe Bob Briggs hosted "Monstervision" on TNT on Saturday nights from 1995 to 2000 (the WORST decision TNT ever made was canceling this classic). This coming weekend Svengoolie is showing the classic "Island of Lost Souls" which I have never seen because I haven't bought the new release of it on DVD. Svengoolie is the ONLY person on television that would show show such a classic (sorry to keep using this word but I'm forced too!). Svengoolie shows the movies
  10. In my opinion, Andy Dufresne from "The Shawshank Redemption". An innocent man who was sent to prison and never became bitter no matter how bad things became.
  11. johnm_001...THANK YOU! How did you know this?
  12. I know my chances of having this question answered are not very good because it would have to be answered by somebody living in Seattle and somebody old enough to have been alive in 1974! Seattle used to have many GREAT movie theaters in it's downtown area. The Music Box, The Coliseum, and most important of all the UA (or the "Gold Dome" theater as I've always called it and where "Star Wars" and "Alien" played in 1977 and 1979 respectively) all these theaters are sadly gone now (actually it's very sad). Until I get to the library to look it up on microfilm, here is my question. Does an
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