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  1. Hi there! I'm Heather and I also just requested to join your fb group as well. I joined backlot and I would love to get together with fellow central fl fans!!!
  2. Gosh, I want to see this whole movie now. 1. Well again, I see Hitchcock using lens techniques to show us what he wants us to see. What he wants us to focus on. Using the screaming blonde immediately tells us that there is more coming but you've missed so much so far. He's bringing us into where he wants us to be. 2. Interestingly enough, for me I walked away thinking wow...this is the film where he laid out just how important music can be for a scene and a film. The music made me think of Psycho and the importance of it to that movie. The peaks and timing of the pieces in The Lodger
  3. Wow, that was a fantastic clip. 1. So yes, I can see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch", for me it was the different lens techniques. The lens burring when the older gentleman takes his eye piece of. The focusing in on something like one is looking through a pair of binoculars or a camera. He's directing the viewer to see what he wants them to see. 2. Yes. As odd as this might see...its the spine that I can see in his female leads. That was a running thing through out the whole of his film career. His female leads were never weak or helpless or spineless. You can see bits of that
  4. Somebody else mentioend it in here but I can see where Nightmare on Elm street got inspiraton from. The opening sequence initally you think it's just children playing a kids game, like Duck, Duck, Goose. Then you hear the song that they're saying while they play their game. That song sets the tone for what you know will be an ominous movie. I think beyond the children play I actually think one of the big things is the shadow of the man leaning down over the little girl with the rubber ball. That tells you she is the next one to go and all that just from a shadow looming over her.
  5. I also am looking for a roommate for the 2015 Cruise. I'd prefer female.
  6. I wish I could provide you guys with more information but this is all I can remember and I would really really LOVE your help. It was a silent movie that aired on TCM some time back. It's about a woman that is still in love with her ex? (i think) but she is married to this cold man. They end up have a party in her home and I want to say that her ex is dating someone that was apart of their "friend group" now. I wish I could remember more but I only managed to catch pieces of it before I had to run to work and I've been trying to track down this move forever. I would forever appr
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