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  1. And what MM also seems to not realize.... (and probably chooses not to...) It was a COP who had his knee on George Floyd's neck, NOT the democrat mayor or any other democrat politician. And for all we know, that cop could be a republican voter, or even an INDEPENDENT voter. And too..... Here in Detroit, we had a similar incident in 1992, in which two white undercover cops beat a young black man(Malice Green) with their mag lights so bad Green died of blunt force trauma. And sure.... the mayor was a democrat... But also BLACK.(Coleman Young) So would MM say Young was complicit in this killing of a young unarmed black man because the mayor was a democrat? Or that two rogue cops lost control...? Incidentally, the two cops responsible were prosecuted and got 40 years for 2nd degree murder. Sepiatone
  2. Me? I liked 'em both, giving the edge to SPARTACUS due to him being an actual person and the film was a Hollywood type attempt at a biopic. And you might have trouble absorbing this, but----- I DON'T JUDGE any movie on how many Oscar wins or nominations it ever received, or box office receipts it amassed. There are many movies I really like that were given NO Academy award consideration, and several BIG Oscar winners that I though absolutely STUNK! So-------- Sepiatone
  3. Well....THIS adult( pushing 70, and with stenosis) could barely do a DEMI PLIE' with out sounding like I'm preparing popcorn while reciting a hissing-like "Aieee!" or "OY!" Sepiatone
  4. Could be his reason for fearing "they might have been captured alive" (or however) was that the torture that would have been given them by the Japanese was believed to have been so heinous as to make death more preferable. And movie audiences at the time( Just barely a dozen short years removed from the actual war) probably would have thought and believed that easily. Some people(many I'd say, like a lot of my buddies' Dads) held deep resentment of the Japanese WAY past the war's end, and for YEARS past this movie's release. Sepiatone
  5. Sorry, but "Uncle Milty's" TV debut in 1948 beat out Gleason's debut as Chester X. Riley, in THE LIFE OF RILEY (replaced later by WILLIAM BENDIX) by a year. More if you figure in Gleason not getting a show of his own, and under his name until '52. Berle got the "Mr. Television" moniker due to the industry(television manufacturers) determining the popularity of Berle's show helped skyrocket TV set sales in the fledgling market and entertainment factor. And he was also known as "Mr. Tuesday Night", as his show was broadcast on that night. And as an aside .... On the '60's variety show THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE, he was introduced by the host one night(I forget who) with the introduction; "Here's the man who was once known as "Mr. Saturday Night" an is STILL called that by his WIFE......." Sepiatone
  6. I'd say as much as STOMP THE YARD is! And while we're at it, let's SHOW those of us shy of any ballet training and knowledge( and interest) what y'all's talking about! (and like most instructional YouTube clips, some time is wasted in the beginning with needless gab) Sepiatone
  7. Next time, just try English. Thought maybe your fingers got flubbed up from typing too fast or something. It happens to me sometimes too. Sepiatone
  8. Oh, RUDY? Sure bet that ANY music in "Ice Station Zebra's" soundtrack has GOTTA, just by default, be WAY better than the movie! Sepiatone
  9. Who's taking bets that Tarantino will retire as many times as Sinatra did.... or more? Sepiatone
  10. CRIPES! That COSMIC DEALER is pretty rank. I feel better now about how the "basement" bands I was in sounded. As to the other group; BIG STAR------ There were probably a few to several '70's bands that were fairly good to great but for whatever reason didn't make it. I posted some of the stuff from one I really liked back then, but put out only two LPs, of which I only have their first( on vinyl) and which had no CD reissue. And that band was RATCHELL . The DJ on the station where I usually heard their music pronounced the band name like the woman's name RACHEL, so-------- It was formed by a former STEPPENWOLF guitarist LARRY BYROM I'll post another clip for y'all----- And such a mixed bag of styles on the LP it's hard to pin them to a specific genre. For example, here's another from same LP---- Sepiatone
  11. Y'know what bugs me about this too.... Every clip of footage I see of the incident shows not only the cop with his knee on the man's neck, and his hand in his pocket, but several times he's seen looking directly into the camera recording it all! He HAD to know it was being recorded and that no good would result from it. So.... Was that gross ignorance, or gross arrogance? Or both? Sepiatone
  12. Long loved Mae. You can bet I'll be perched in front of the tube that night. Sepiatone (who still calls it the "tube" although no tube is any longer involved in television screens.).
  13. I heard she sold them out of the back of a truck that had (*groan*) Rubber baby buggy bumpers! Sepiatone
  14. MAN, I dug that guy! This is bummer news. I didn't notice the previous posting either. Hope he rests in peace. Sepiatone
  15. QUENTIN directing FIDDLER? I'd bet he wouldn't do a "straight" version, which means really, doing FIDDLER as it's always been done. MY bet would be he makes some changes. To even some of the songs. Like the opening number "Tradition" would be changed to "Perdition" or something on that order. And Tevye would instead sing(while sporting an AK-47)--- "If I Killed A Rich Man!" Or, in this case; "If I Killed A Chechnyan." Sepiatone
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