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  1. So long since I've seen the picture, not sure about Olivia's close-up. I could only say that I wouldn't think a bad close-up of anybody would "compromise" any otherwise well presented and filmed story. And I can agree with that "above poster" and his "eye of the beholder" claim. I wasn't brought up in farm country, but my Mother's side were coal miners tuned farmers and I have many old photos from the early 20's into the early '30's of family members, And the women in those photos run the gamut from heart stopping to clock stopping. And can agree with Top's disdain for a stereotype o
  2. Kidman is probably up to the task. But I do have reservations as to Bardem pulling off the Desi role. But I'll wait and see. I might be surprised. And hopefully pleasantly. Sepiatone
  3. Hey, I do appreciate your response, and I'll thank you for the "bump". And where did you get the idea that I was arguing with you? Sepiatone
  4. "Schlock" in describing LSJTD is putting it mildly. I renamed it "Let's BORE Movie-Goers To Death". I also joked, When it came out, that BURNT OFFERINGS might have been a movie about my mother in law's pork chops. Long believing that not cooking them long enough would give people tapeworm, she'd fry them suckers until they had the consistency of a dog's rawhide chew toy. Sepiatone
  5. You mean, like; "Make America Great again"? What the Hell is a "racist" bridge? And that "neighbor borrowing $50 for food but buying a video game" tale seems as valid as Ronald Reagan's story of the guy who .." Bought an orange with food stamps and bought vodka with the change". BS. His water weak excuse for wanting to cut the food stamp program for the hungry. As far as that church allegory.... I too don't think a minister would require a donation of any size be put in the collection plate in order to "fight liberals". seeing as they're in the service of guiding peo
  6. Yeah, but.... TWENTY or more years AFTER seeing it? Again, HOW long after seeing it? Getting a tune stuck in your head right after seeing it or shortly after is one thing. As a kid, I spent a week or more singing and "head hearing" "Whatever Lola Wants" From DAMN YANKEES after seeing it with my folks. It's been 30+ years since I last saw it, but now, after mentioning it, I'll probably spend the rest of the day hearing it in my head. And note; This ISN'T a "favorite movie song" thread. Sepiatone
  7. In my opinion, any true coffee lover would never stoop to the swill Starbuck's tries to pawn off as coffee. I mean, if I want 31 flavors I'll stick to BASKIN-ROBBINS. Sepiatone
  8. Seems those MAGA caps are sized way too tight. Sepiatone
  9. THE SHINING? I wasn't too thrilled with it either. Sepiatone
  10. You know(I hope) that an "earworm" refers to a song or piece of music that gets stuck in your head. You hear it in your head for most to all of the day or maybe more than just one day. For me, I've been hearing the main title song to the movie TOP BANANA ('54) all day so far. Can't figure it out as it's been at least 20 or more years since I've seen the movie. So..... This ever happen to anyone else? and if so, what was the movie? Sepiatone
  11. Only on holidays?? Cripes. Most are surprised to learn( those who knew my family) that I didn't take up drinking coffee regularly until I was 15-16 or so. We're all coffee hounds in my family, and I often kid that my blood type is "M" for Maxwell House! Well, now at 70, I've cut down only by starting to drink a blend with the MEIJER brand on it called "Half Caff", which supposedly has only one half of the caffeine of regular coffee. Sepiatone
  12. I do drink coffee, but a fond childhood memory is the AROMA of coffee brewing when I'd wake up mornings at my Grandma's house(whenever I happened to spend a night there). That was back in the "day" when most people percolated it. That and the sound of the percolating coffee warms my heart. I still have my Grandma's old Corning Ware 10-cup percolator. I use it during power outages when I can't use my Bunn electric drip brewer. Sepiatone
  13. I get a bit tired of the Trump stuff too, but I was just trying to be funny in connecting the trainload of threads about Trump with the idea of there not being any threads about macabre stuff. Sepiatone
  14. Sure. Like I elaborated about my brother. I got that. Which is why I elaborated further with the whole "Eloise" story. Sepiatone
  15. Well KATIE, I couldn't care LESS about what Eddie likes or dislikes. Never could tolerate that buffoon. But THOMPSON'S claim of classical music being boring....? Well I like classical music but too, gotta admit quite a bit of it can be boring. Same with a lot of jazz. And a lot of rock music can be annoying and over formulaic. AND the same goes for country, hip-hop, rap and that pre-pubescent "pop" music that's the main feature of every Grammy awards show. But not all of those genres can be thus classified. Tell the truth, I don't think Sinatra was the greatest si
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