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  1. Nice place. A couple years older than a gem we here in Detroit are proud of--- http://foxtheatredetroit.net/ The one in ST. Louis is an exact replica and where CHUCK BERRY had HAIL, HAIL ROCK and ROLL filmed. Sepiatone
  2. Well, for some of us, what some see here as "classic" movies were(when we were kids) not really all that "classic". I started watching "old" Johnny Weissmuller TARZAN movies on TV when they were just a mere 22-23 years old. But welcome to the boards. The more, the merrier is how I see it! Sepiatone
  3. Yeah, it do look like it can dust an ENTIRE PIZZA instead of just a mere cookie. Sepiatone
  4. That's more or less MY spin too. I never liked it much, but that shouldn't have anything to do with how YOU regard it.
  5. Just HOW BIG is this curve we're supposedly going 'round? Sepiatone
  6. ??? Y-y-y-you mean THIS was CHRISTOPHER LEE? Sepiatone
  7. I thought it odd, back in the late '60's, that a rather new UHF channel in the Detroit area( WKBD; est. 1955) had a show that featured nothing but The Three Stooges, and shortly after it's debut had to have a station exec. come on the air stating a disclaimer and warning the kids watching that the antics the Stooges did in their movies were "studio tricks" and to not try to copy them at home. ACH! Seems many kids DID try to do what the Stooges did and got seriously hurt! I mean, how DOES one raise kids who think, after seeing it done in a comedy film, that it's OK to whack someone els
  8. I can understand your disappointment. I thought JOHN C. REILLY and the make-up team deserved lots of special credit. I've seen plenty of Laurel and Hardy impersonators over the years, but STEVE COOGAN and Reilly were by far miles above all the others. Sepiatone
  9. Does Donny think we'll finally get 'round that curve before it hits 250,000? Sepiatone
  10. At one point, I thought Welles could portray RAYMOND BURR and vice-versa... But my favorite BIG GUY is still..... Sepiatone
  11. Sure. It would incite riots of prisoners demanding more humane treatment. Sepiatone
  12. I "outgrew" those guys by the time I was 12 or so, and did tire of each short being mostly a not much variation of the same old theme. Ordinarily, one can take only so many home demos and pie fights before reaching a saturation point. But when I DID like them, I was no different than any other kid and liked CURLY better than Moe or Larry. And never did take much to Shemp either. As well as CURLY JOE and De Rita. And there IS a bit in one of their shorts I still think is funny, but I won't go into describing it here. All I'll say it involves a very attractive woman who's a mind reade
  13. GREASE 2 was not only HER worst movie, but probably one of THE worst movies ever made. Sepiatone
  14. I was more drawn towards Nat King Cole. Not that I didn't like Frank too, but just preferred Nat's style and smoothness. And SPENCE: You're welcome(concerning informing you of Ma Rainey and her music. ) Sepiatone
  15. Now, I've heard jazz played on saxophone, flute, piano, organ, guitar and even Toots just whistling, but having heard about this guy more than 40 years ago, was recently brought back to my attention. Sepiatone
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