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  1. Any problems with all the flooding issues Arizona is having lately? Hope you're OK. Sepiatone
  2. Maybe. But couldn't say which movie. But he's played a priest a couple of times(BOY'S TOWN, ('38 and it's '41 sequel) and THE DEVIL AT 4 O'CLOCK( '61). Sepiatone
  3. Wonder what's meant by that? Hanged by the skin of an actual SHEEP? or... By the sheepskin in his WALLET? Sepiatone
  4. How about a series of "Faith-Based" movies focusing on movies in which actors who are/were Catholics actually played characters who were Catholics and so on..... Or actors and actresses who played roles "against faith". You know.... Protestant actors who played Catholic characters, etc. Sepiatone
  5. I find Ms.Malone's accent a bit irritating at times, But I have a personal infatuation with her NAME so I give her a pass. I've never noticed any obsession with 21st century sexuality or homosexuality on her part, but I don't watch TCM 24/7, so all that must have taken place when I was watching the Detroit Tigers play some nights. Or between movies that Didn't interest me so I didn't watch anyway. Whatevs..... Sepiatone
  6. Well, I at least got to see an hour or so of women's beach volleyball, so I'M happy! Oh, and Poland beating Italy in the men's volleyball competition. And no, They wouldn't necessarily be really good at POLE vaulting. Sepiatone
  7. Maybe it's Chaplin, maybe not. One would reckon he'd be drawn too with his signature derby and cane. And ED... Which do you reckon is Lloyd? Sepiatone
  8. OK, so what scripture explains all that? Or are you relating one mortal's interpretation? Which would make all that more opinion than scriptural fact. "resurrection" is really the wrong term in relation to reincarnation. https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/what-is-the-resurrection/ And I'm still waiting for the scripture that makes the claim that animals have no soul. Sepiatone
  9. Haven't time at the moment. But do they plan a performance of the great score CARMINE COPPOLA composed for the big tour of the revival of Abel Gance's NAPOLEON? I saw the film when it came to Detroit with the DSO performing the score live as the film played and it was conducted by Carmine himself! And tell the truth, The FSO seems to be more than adequate for the task. Sepiatone
  10. I became smitten with her while watching the movie SERENDIPITY. And Kate romping around in tight leather was the only reason I sat through those horrid UNDERWORLD flicks Sepiatone
  11. Ann-Margret did reprise her role in that sequel. And it was 1972 when she fell TO the stage from an elevated platform some 20 feet or so high. Sepiatone
  12. HMMmmmmm.... At times when I forgot some account's password and hit the "forgot password" option, I'm usually asked for a current e-mail address before being allowed to click on the "password reset" option. And that's happened a couple of times on this site. Sepiatone
  13. I can only make out Laurel and Hardy(of course) and the Marx Bros. Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor but others there are hard to make out, and not sure who the cowboy is. Maybe Mix or Rogers?(Buddy, that is) Sepiatone
  14. Is there scripture that supports this? What! Animals don't know right from wrong? Neither do humans. Until somewhere along the line they're TAUGHT right from wrong. And there have been many animals that HAVE been taught that. And what about reincarnation? Typically, Christians who have no true idea of the concept dismiss the idea or believe the folly that it means people will come back to life as a bug or an animal or some such crap. Nothing I've read or heard about the belief supports that notion. Most readings of the belief I've found indicate people(and some anima
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