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  1. Hold on,I'll try that... OK, THAT works, but until today, that wasn't necessary to do. And as known, I use a desktop PC with a 15" monitor. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Sepiatone
  2. Nice list Darg, but for me (and chronologically) 1950's-- I LOVE LUCY, THE BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW, YOU BET YOUR LIFE, CANNONBALL(Canadian show) DECEMBER BRIDE, THE GALE STORM SHOW, THE ANN SOUTHERN SHOW, SKY KING, FURY, THE LONE RANGER, THE ADVENTURES OF WILD BILL HICKOK-JIM BOWIE-WILLIAM TELL, BAT MASTERSON, THE DINAH SHORE SHOW, Not to mention time with having; LUNCH WITH SOUPY, KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE. CAPTAIN KANGAROO and THE PAUL WINCHELL SHOW (yep, spent a lot of time at the tube!) We won't get into ALL those westerns.... 1960's ;-- (with some held over from the '50's) LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE ALVIN SHOW, THE FLINTSTONES, MY FAVORITE MARTIAN, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, THE OUTER LIMITS, THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, ONE STEP BEYOND, THE OUTER LIMITS, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW(their one season sitcom '65-'66) and their COMEDY HOUR of course. MY THREE SONS, and yeah, I liked---GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, and PETTICOAT JUNCTION. COMBAT, THE FUGITIVE, and IRONSIDE. And THE MONKEES mentioned here out of order. 1070's(and too with '60's holdovers)-- THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, ALL IN THE FAMILY, SANFORD AND SON,, M*A*S*H, BARNEY MILLER, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, WKRP, TAXI. MORE than enough fornow, but anythingI missed here is already on DARG'S list. And it's getting too late in the day for me to go on with this. The more recent years may come shortly. Sepiatone
  3. Just yesterday, the column on the right-hand side of the topics page would show the AVATAR of the person who made the most recent post of any certain thread. I notice today it's no longer so... I also don't recall that this advent was announced. Seems to be an "overnight sensation". Anyone here know it was going to happen? Sepiatone
  4. It just strikes me as "pseudo" respect. As in doing it because people somehow THINK it's respectful. Like telling relative strangers, "Your in my prayers" when said stranger relates some tragedy that the other shouldn't really be that affected by. Like when my wife died, many people I KNEW never prayed except when a cop pulled them over regaled me with that phony epithet until I thought I would puke. Got it NOW, Champ? Sepiatone
  5. Huhn; As he played basically the same type of character in two other movies(Magnificent Seven, Ace High) that makes three then. Definitely Bogey for SIERRA MADRE. or at least PETRIFIED FOREST. And I thought CARY GRANT's work in ROOM FOR ONE MORE was Oscar worthy. ROBERT BLAKE for WILLIE BOY IS HERE and IN COLD BLOOD(couldn't find info on if he ever was nominated for these) JOHN WAYNE for THE COWBOYS too. DICK VAN DYKE for THE RUNNER STUMBLES OLIVER PLATT for THE IMPOSTORS And don't laugh, but MARILYN MONROE for (take your pick)BUS STOP, or, NIAGARA . Sepiatone
  6. Don't forget that tiny after dinner mint causing him to explode! Saw this news in another forum earlier this morning. Brought down my mood for today. Rest In Peace, Terry... Sepiatone
  7. It would seem to me that proper respect would be shown by keeping the memory of their ACCOMPLISHMENTS perpetuating rather than mentioning their middle names. Sepiatone
  8. Those were known as BALING hooks, as you see a lot of them too, used in ON THE WATERFRONT. which brings up another fight... Sepiatone
  9. Now, tell me this ........ What does it MATTER now, 39 years after his death, WHAT William Holden's middle name was? Notice too, how people do this idiocy with other dead celebrities? From Frank Sinatra to Prince, both who(along with Jimi Hendrix) couldn't have cared LESS if anybody knew what they were. Sepiatone
  10. There was a pretty good fight in last night's EDGE OF THE CITY. Sepiatone
  11. You're quite welcome. But as SCHINDLER'S LIST and THE GREAT ESCAPE tell stories that take place DURING the war, I consider them more of "war pictures" before CWYW, which covers the Antebellum south and the post war reconstruction. And too, BOAN is more about post civil war than during. And by that criteria too, and since BILL HOLDEN was the only statuette winner for STALAG 17, had the movie won, it would have qualified for this poll. Sepiatone
  12. Y'know, this is all as silly as the old "Beatles or Stones" arguments. There are aspects of both "Trek" and "Star Wars" that I like. As for Star Wars, yep, the first three are all I like. And too, the original series('66-'69) of Star Trek. But not one more than the other. They are after all, much different from each other in scope, premise and era in which they were created and filmed. It's like asking, "Do you like prefer musicals from the "30's or the '50's?" Sepiatone
  13. Depends whether or not you consider a "war picture" to be contained TO a particular war instead of the periods BEFORE the war, DURING the war and AFTER. And PATTON('70) won best picture, but is listed as a "biography", but IMHO, since it only covers George Patton's life during WWII and not his entire life, I never thought of it as a biography, but a damned fine war movie. Sepiatone
  14. Someone a few posts ago mentioned GREEN ACRES and HOOTERVILLE. Ever wonder about the town being called that? Was it because it sounded typically rural to the producers?. or was it a "nudge and wink" reference to the mostly female cast of PETTICOAT JUNCTION on which the town originated? That WAS still back in the days when writers could surreptitiously slip in covert sexist inferences. Sepiatone
  15. Oh, yeah...... like; "There goes the neighborhood!" And, ask me,that last sentence does sound a bit "pod people"-ish to me. Sepiatone
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