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  1. Y'know what bugs me about this too.... Every clip of footage I see of the incident shows not only the cop with his knee on the man's neck, and his hand in his pocket, but several times he's seen looking directly into the camera recording it all! He HAD to know it was being recorded and that no good would result from it. So.... Was that gross ignorance, or gross arrogance? Or both? Sepiatone
  2. Long loved Mae. You can bet I'll be perched in front of the tube that night. Sepiatone (who still calls it the "tube" although no tube is any longer involved in television screens.).
  3. I heard she sold them out of the back of a truck that had (*groan*) Rubber baby buggy bumpers! Sepiatone
  4. MAN, I dug that guy! This is bummer news. I didn't notice the previous posting either. Hope he rests in peace. Sepiatone
  5. QUENTIN directing FIDDLER? I'd bet he wouldn't do a "straight" version, which means really, doing FIDDLER as it's always been done. MY bet would be he makes some changes. To even some of the songs. Like the opening number "Tradition" would be changed to "Perdition" or something on that order. And Tevye would instead sing(while sporting an AK-47)--- "If I Killed A Rich Man!" Or, in this case; "If I Killed A Chechnyan." Sepiatone
  6. I'm with TOP. WAY too many shows over too many decades to make a limited list. And since the thread title mentions "classic" TV shows, some have taken "classic" to mean something other than old. Now, ME? Well, I took the "old" route, as it's the more common "classic" path most follow. I can't speak much to this century, since my interest in TV fare is(was) mostly comedies. Two in particular, and both ABC shows... MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE Plus the last few seasons of a '90's series,... THAT '70'S SHOW Then also the remaining seasons of the LAW AND ORDER line-up. (including SVU and CI). BURN NOTICE and IN PLAIN SIGHT filled some of the drama void earlier in the 2000's. Along with SYFY's GONE GIRL and BEING HUMAN for the few seasons they lasted. And SYFY's game show TOTAL BLACKOUT was gone sooner than I liked if you ask me. Sepiatone
  7. GAD! Late start, or WHAT? The first LP I ever bought myself was----- But, the FIRST album I ever owned, but was bought for me by my Grandmother, was ANOTHER Nelson! And a couple years earlier Sepiatone
  8. Sorry, but no source I've checked show either Dabbs of John Anderson among the cast of THE STING. IF that's the movie you referenced. Sepiatone
  9. I'm gonna back up a bit here... With the earlier posting of BASS PLAYERS, I'm shocked all you musical "sharpies" let THESE guys go without mention! And while STARSHIP TROOPERS is a long favorite of mine by YES, my liking it goes back before YESSONGS. And another well liked Yes tune on my list----- Sepiatone
  10. Silly me! I used to use the more expensive PRESTONE anti freeze. Sepiatone
  11. HA! There's not really all that much jazz in the movie ALL THAT JAZZ, mostly contrives show tunes for the sake of the story. Now, if you DO want to hear good JAZZ in soundtracks---- Sepiatone
  12. Tell the truth, I've first seen this flick when it came out and several times over the years on TV somewhere, and never noticed if that speech was subtitled or not. You might have to record the movie and show an interpreter that part of it. And, WELCOME to the boards. Sepiatone
  13. I was of course, too young to watch it from it's beginning, but did catch the last few seasons of... First ran from '51 to '59 And I was a huge fan of all them Warner Brothers westerns(SUGARFOOT, CHEYENNE, THE LAWMAN etc.) and a few others, like HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, THE REBEL and WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. Not to mention THE ADVENTURES OF WILD BILL HICKOK THE ADVENTURES OF JIM BOWIE THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP And other non westerns, like..... THE MILLIONAIRE THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW YOU ASKED FOR IT And as 'yall know... THE GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN SHOW. and I'll throw in... THE AMOS 'N' ANDY SHOW which was in syndication when I was watching it on Sat. afternoons Sepiatone
  14. That comedian could have been TIM ALLEN, who coincidentally(for here) back in his earlier stand-up days in the Detroit area, did a gag about how he hated the Pillsbury dough boy, and had a desire to..."BAKE the little sucker." Going on (and politically incorrectly ) "He'd bake to a crisp, dark golden brown, pop out of the oven carrying a little boombox on his shoulder. THEN he'd be known as.. THE PILLSBURY SOULBOY!" Tim was much funnier before his "men are pigs" routines and animal grunts. Sepiatone
  15. Thanks. And having had more lattitude, would have added those three and much more. That was a very short-lived show (39 episodes) called THE SMITH FAMILY. from Jan.'71 to June '72. I only recall it stunk to high Heaven. Sepiatone
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