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  1. What am I watching this month? I play it by ear on a day-to-day basis. I plan no longer than a couple or so days ahead. And this first week of this month finds me wrapping up watching the last few discs of the box set I have of SATURDAY NIGHT's first five seasons. ('75-'80) . Been having a great time seeing a lot of that stuff again! Sepiatone
  2. Oddly, as I like all the actors that appear in this stinker, I thought it seriously lacked the luster of the '51 original. Thanks for the warning. Sepiatone
  3. Your posted link(and story) only mention that the "they" you allude to are the people who handle the Seuss estate. And since likely they're men of business, it's also unlikely they're liberals too. Sepiatone
  4. And without a drunken Ricky Gervais hosting, it just wasn't the same classy affair. Sepiatone
  5. First off, the images of Mary and others are usually marble or other materials that AREN'T gold. And of people refuted to have been real, according to their holy scripture. While I'm not a biblical scholar, I have sat through hours of confirmation classes(as an Episcopalian) and do not recall any mention of Donald Trump or some guy named Oscar. I assume those are golden symbols of something or someone worshiped by some other mindless cults. Sepiatone
  6. There are some of those here. For instance, a while back in another thread, there were a couple of people who griped about the '70's sitcom "Maude" as being "dated". Which anyone should have supposed any sitcom from 40 years ago would be. It's simple really; Nobody should really expect a movie or TV show from the distant past( or even recent) to be "relevant" to the times in which they are viewed. That they aren't is often the very reason why some people enjoy watching them. Those dismissive people LEIGHCAT mentions are of course, free to watch or refuse to watch anythin
  7. I'll join in on that! Wow. She managed to outlive CANDY BARR. Sepiatone
  8. Based on how your whole post reads, it appears they haven't Sepiatone
  9. Back to the dead horse If the U.S. wishes to refuse having imports come into this country that are mislabeled(ie: saying "made in Israel" when where in the region is in dispute) , then it would be up to that company(and Israel) to properly label such product if they wish to peddle them in this country. But my feeling is that it's NOT the task(or right) of the American government to command how those foreign businesses conduct those businesses. However... 1. Remember, "Caveat Emptor", though not infallible , is still a good rule of thumb. 2. I see nothing wrong wit
  10. There's also ... JOSEF SOMMER, who was the ill fated LARRY in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, and later in WITNESS and THE MIGHTY DUCKS and near 50+ other film appearances. On the younger side, JEREMY PIVEN can be seen in several character roles on TV and in films. Another favorite of mine is.. DAVID STRATHAIRN who did have a major role as EDWARD R. MURROW in GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK ('05) but has too, a ton of good character roles under his belt. Sepiatone
  11. RICK JASON always reminded me of a guy I knew back in high school. Or the other way around.... I was familiar with who Rick Jason was before meeting the other guy. But yeah, I getcha. Sepiatone
  12. Heh. And I'm still wondering if TCM will show Poston's '62 supernatural "thriller" ZOTZ. Poston has a rich history in many appearances on various TV shows and movies over his time, before AND after NEWHART. And Benedict managed 33 movie appearances from '65 until '08(his death). Along with his TV work. Sepiatone
  13. But mainly, my point wasn't what imports America will or will not accept and for what reason( we still don't accept products like cigars and sugar, although NOT mislabeled that are made in Cuba) but that no foreign country should require "permission" from The United States In order to import their products. Regardless of how they're labeled. That WE don't accept them in the United States is fine by me, and the reason is understandable. But if other countries Israel imports to don't mind, well..... Are YOU "getting it" now? Sepiatone
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