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  1. I thought it might have had something to do with brother DENNIS portraying former California governor Ronald Reagan in an upcoming movie. I really don't understand MM's apprehension... because Quaid's an ACTOR? That means he'll be running his campaign from Area 51? And too, wasn't former governor(and president) Reagan ALSO an actor? So WHAT'S UP WITH THAT, MM? And DARGO! What about Randy's role of LESTER MARLOW in THE LAST PICTURE SHOW? or seaman LARRY MEADOWS in THE LAST DETAIL? I dunno... I never considered Randy as a "big, troubled idiot". But, once he become
  2. Besides, it wasn't until the '80's that people started using the phrase "hate crime", so it would be odd for a detective 40 years earlier to think of the case in that term. Sepiatone
  3. The only person from that movie( and wouldn't it be cool if TCM showed it once in a while?) whose name I ever knew and remembered was STUBBY KAYE. But at 96 she did have a good run. I hope she is resting in peace. Sepiatone
  4. Still have it on tape. But what I liked(and my wife too) about the original was that we each knew people who were like some of the kid's characters in the movie. And other kid's parents who were close to the movie's too. And remembering too... TV teen dance shows like the movie's parody "Corny Collins" show.... Big "ratted" hair-dos, that weren't really too exaggerated in the movie The downplay of "colored" dance and music on the late '50's-early '60's top 40 pop music and dance. The newer remake? Well, I though Travolta in drag was a hoot. And the young actress
  5. Just in time for the commemoration. Been 51 years already. What those people could have achieved over those years. Sepiatone
  6. Even as kids we all liked Johnny. Thought he had the best job in the world! This is the first I've heard about his passing. Jakeem must be slipping, or is too wrapped up in choreographer's deaths to keep on the ball. Ach! Another treasured part of my childhood is gone. That's happening too much too often lately. Just makes that line I'm in shorter. Rest In Peace, Mark. Sepiatone
  7. So, there's a tip for ya, Muddy; If you wanna get a handgun on board of any flight you happen to be taking, be sure that flight is in a movie in the '70's! Sepiatone
  8. Just down the road from DETROIT! But actually, a nudist colony would be an ideal place because nobody's gonna look the same as anyone else! But I think the Michigan Society of Exhibitionists have exclusive rights to the place. Sepiatone
  9. Sure. People do want to be individuals, but at the same time, don't wish to not "fit in". And despite this.... I'm STILL having trouble getting anyone to join my NON-CONFORMIST club! Sepiatone
  10. No argument really. I too have had issues with the Wayne County, MI Friend Of the Court( an oxymoron if I ever heard one! ) so what happened to my buddy didn't surprise me. And I'm not really dissmissing what happened to your friend. I get the angst. Maybe if police were busier going after or responding to more real crimes rather than pulling people over for minor traffic infractions or hassling kids gathered outside of buildings and not really doing anything more people who should be in jail would be there. Like someone I know once said--- "They can't patrol the streets from the
  11. First, my buddy DID pay his child support. Couldn't get out of it since his payments were payroll deducted. But someone at FOC didn't enter the payments properly into the court's computer files, and even him going in with his employer's payroll records didn't sway anybody there. And the bite was when his lawyer finally obtained his release, FOC offered NO apology or restitution. Second, there's a HUGE difference between "CANNOT" pay child support, and "WILL NOT" pay. And what does your friend's rape have to do with any of this? But then you mentioned the rapist did go to priso
  12. Yep. And I have friends who were falsely imprisoned. And a few others who went to prison for non-violent crimes(car theft, breaking into closed stores, etc.) Then there was the buddy who spent two years in jail for non-payment of child support that turned out to be a "glitch" in the FOC's computer files.. Sepiatone
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