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  1. I vote by absentee and too, a valid driver's license/state ID was all that was required. Ours are too, but in the case it gets misplaced or otherwise damaged the city clerk here will gladly issue a replacement. And still all you need to vote. Sepiatone
  2. Take my word for it. If you haven't already, read "Youngblood Hawke" and pass on the movie. Although a very good actor, JAMES FRANCISCUS I thought, was terribly miscast. I'm not sure who, back at the time('64) would have been a better choice, but by Houk's description in the novel, I kept picturing a young JAMES ARNESS in the lead. Even then, Arness might not have had the talent(although too old by the time the movie was made) but he fit the look of Hawke better IMHO. Sepiatone
  3. Back in the day( it being '67-'68 in this case) my buddy's Dad had a 16mm reel of one of her smokers we found in what his Dad must have thought was a good hiding place and his projector too. There were times when nobody was home, except me and him down the basement watching the movie. Sepiatone
  4. You know, the closest I came to anything like this sort of thing was--- A few times(as photographer) taking wedding photos and attending weddings and baptisms in Southwest Detroit's HOLY REDEEMER CHURCH which was also used as a location for some scenes in '87's THE ROSARY MURDERS. And also(and several times before and since) having coney's at the somewhat iconic( for the area) DULY'S Coney Island diner located catty-corner from the church. A scene was shot of Donald Sutherland and Belinda Bauer having lunch there. Duly's is still there and going strong serving the best coneys you'l
  5. Sure. And a driver's license (or state ID) should be all that's needed at the polling place. Where I live all I ever had to show was my voter registration card, which in Lincoln Park can be obtained at the city clerk's office. Sepiatone
  6. Yeah, they've been tapping Michigan's fresh spring water reserves of millions of gallons while paying little to no compensation for it due to a "deal" struck with the Michigan GOP led legislation. I'm not sure of all the niggling details, but it was something that began in former Gov. Snyder's(GOP) term. Sepiatone
  7. ahem* That should be "Barr's". But no matter... Comic Jackie Vernon once quipped that she was his favorite film star. Sepiatone
  8. Must've thought the 2nd amendment read "The right to BARF arms." Sepiatone
  9. I always thought it was MARCH madness! Sepiatone
  10. Precisely! So, WHAT'S so "negative" about that book cover? OR the story inside? Sepiatone PS: I have the story in one of my several volumes of children's stories books printed in the '40's.
  11. It does get odd at times. I've read tons of Seuss while growing up. Plus LITTLE BLACK S A M B O. Yet reached adulthood without ever really having any racial and ethnic prejudices. And the bigger puzzler is the **** story. pulled out of existence due to African-American activist's complaints about it's "negative" portrayal of black people, it overlooks the positive imagery..... S a m b o, to avoid getting eaten by tigers, surrenders his new umbrella, shoes and clothing to three different tigers, who then in jealous fervor, chase each other around a tree in an attempt to get the clo
  12. You do tend to take some things a bit much literal JAMES. When Hibi said saints aren't worshiped it was correct. Now, I'm not Catholic, but my stepfather was(and his side of the family in which an older sister of his WAS a "sister". ) Saints aren't really worshiped per se, But they are revered. Even Episcopalians acknowledge some saints. As in the Episcopalian church I belonged to was ST. MICHAEL'S. But it does seem some regions or ethnicities choose different saints to hold in higher esteem that the others. Like in my wife's family, you often saw pictures around the house
  13. Y'need to cut down on the little symbols and be more discriminate in your choices in them. But I take it you're not familiar with Ms. Barr. So---- (if they don't mess with it) Sepiatone
  14. What am I watching this month? I play it by ear on a day-to-day basis. I plan no longer than a couple or so days ahead. And this first week of this month finds me wrapping up watching the last few discs of the box set I have of SATURDAY NIGHT's first five seasons. ('75-'80) . Been having a great time seeing a lot of that stuff again! Sepiatone
  15. Oddly, as I like all the actors that appear in this stinker, I thought it seriously lacked the luster of the '51 original. Thanks for the warning. Sepiatone
  16. Your posted link(and story) only mention that the "they" you allude to are the people who handle the Seuss estate. And since likely they're men of business, it's also unlikely they're liberals too. Sepiatone
  17. And without a drunken Ricky Gervais hosting, it just wasn't the same classy affair. Sepiatone
  18. First off, the images of Mary and others are usually marble or other materials that AREN'T gold. And of people refuted to have been real, according to their holy scripture. While I'm not a biblical scholar, I have sat through hours of confirmation classes(as an Episcopalian) and do not recall any mention of Donald Trump or some guy named Oscar. I assume those are golden symbols of something or someone worshiped by some other mindless cults. Sepiatone
  19. There are some of those here. For instance, a while back in another thread, there were a couple of people who griped about the '70's sitcom "Maude" as being "dated". Which anyone should have supposed any sitcom from 40 years ago would be. It's simple really; Nobody should really expect a movie or TV show from the distant past( or even recent) to be "relevant" to the times in which they are viewed. That they aren't is often the very reason why some people enjoy watching them. Those dismissive people LEIGHCAT mentions are of course, free to watch or refuse to watch anythin
  20. I'll join in on that! Wow. She managed to outlive CANDY BARR. Sepiatone
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