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  1. So---- HERE'S a couple of "forgottens" for ya! Looks like this was from Robin Seymore's "Swingin' Time" TV show in '66 And dig THIS guy's hair! Hell. They might have both been on the same show! Sepiatone
  2. There are different classes of drivers(like irons) that have numbered designations. Some golfers figure a different driver(I've only seen them go from #1 to #3) would better serve the purpose for different holes, as they're often different lengths of yardage. And then some use the same driver for every hole in the course. And the only other name I know drivers by is some call them WOODS. And nobody I carried for used only one club for all purposes. Sepiatone
  3. I don't check the schedule that far ahead. And since I've got all my Christmas favorites on tape or disc I don't worry about whether TCM shows them or not. Of course, a couple(or so) you mention never get shown on TCM due to rights issues. And it seems every year we get a thread in which we all list our favorite Christmas "classics" and like you, I don't see several of the other member's choices as "classic" Christmas fare. In fact, there was a movie last night(and DANG, I can't remember the name!) that had about 30 seconds of a Christmas scene and I thought, amusingly, "This will pr
  4. Sad to learn this. Been seeing a lot of her since AntennaTV started showing old JOEY BISHOP SHOW reruns. Rest In Peace dear lady. Sepiatone
  5. Interesting. I remember Devito and Co. spending lots of time in Southwest Detroit(where I was living at the time of filming) and using many locations seen in the movie. There's an early scene that takes place under the Ambassador Bridge that was actually shot under the Ambassador bridge, (actually, a couple scenes were shot at the bridge area) and the Fort St. truck terminal at the corner of Green st. was used for that "Kregar" (or was it KREEGAR) which was a wink-nudge towards KROGER. Me and a small crowd of people were standing across Fort St. when that scene was being filmed. You c
  6. Naw.... LOVEJOY don't work for me. I'd more confuse him with CHARLES McGRAW. Or in some cases EDWARD BINNS. Sepiatone
  7. TERRYTOONS was also a Saturday morning favorite with such "stars" as--- And.......... And who can forget some of those cartoon VILLAINS? ( since they mostly looked alike) Like_ DISHONEST JOHN ( Beanie and Cecil) OILCAN HARRY( Mighty Mouse and other Terrytoons) SNIDELY WHIPLASH (Rocky and Bullwinkle's Dudley Do-Right 'toons) And of course, BORIS BADINOV and NATASHA! Was many years later I discovered that Boris' name was probably a play on the name of the Russian 17th century Tsar and MUSSORGSKY opera BORIS GODINOV (pronounced GUDINOFF
  8. Never confused Sullivan with Wendell Corey. However, I've often got Sullivan mixed up with WARREN STEVENS. Sepiatone
  9. WELCOME to the boards, Twokeets. And a great way to come in here. Sepiatone
  10. Living in the Detroit area, I can't fathom what you're complaining about, TIKI. But WELCOME to the boards Rob. My family(on mom's side) hails from the Pittsburgh area(Hermanie) and had lived in the city proper for a time. And a few even worked for HEINZ for a while. Was only there once myself(when I was 😎 and don't recall it being anything to make fun of. As for Pennsylvania cities, I'd think ALTOONA got more classic movie laughs than Pittsburgh. Sepiatone
  11. Are you talking late '50's/early '60's here TIKI? Apparently, your family was doing MUCH better than the blue collar/ steel mill and autoworking Dads in my neck of the woods, who 'round then were pulling down $80-$100 a week for 40 hours, TOPS! (and the mill workers only got paid every TWO weeks). And even then 89 cents wasn't much, but most of us had those parents who grew up during the depression, and we'd get a history lesson any time we asked for as little as a dime! But, like DARG, I too was(and still am) a Rocky and Bullwinkle freak. Never hador wanted the Mr. Bubble containers
  12. "Sleepy Joe". Did YOU come up with that? Oh, that's right. We know who coined that. And your use of it proves you "Trumpites" really can't think for yourselves. Sepiatone
  13. I read a short item in my Sunday paper about it. But it didn't give much info on what it possibly is. ersonally, I think it's some kind of instagram gag. Sepiatone
  14. Something tells me you already know. So why do you ask? Sepiatone
  15. According to WIKI it's running time at it's 1951 release is 101 minutes, so I have no idea what's going on with your movie sources. Sepiatone
  16. From what I can find out(on IMDb) Morgan plays both phases( and faces) of the Wizard. I long thought it was somebody else too. Sepiatone
  17. The only theater in these parts that has an organ that rises not from the basement, but up from the orchestra pit is the old ROYAL OAK theater, which quit showing movies years ago but became a popular rock and music and entertainment venue. I saw plenty of favorite music groups and artists perform there. And comedian GALLAGHER. But the "jazz/fusion" band WEATHER REPORT was the last time I saw that old Wurlitzer organ rise out of the pit. The band's co-founder and keyboardist JOSEF ZAWINUL was playing it while it rose. There's a few other theater's that still have their old organs i
  18. Stick with this for 2:02 and see what they're talking about! Sepiatone
  19. No thread for this, but my wife's youngest sister's birthday is Dec. 7th! But she was born years later('52). But each family does celebrate Thanksgiving with their own "traditions". I remember when I was still somewhat a new hire at Cadillac, a black guy I worked with thought things like roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie was not only ludicrous, but unappetizing too. HIS family's "traditional" Thanksgiving(he said) consisted of--- Chitlins; Macaroni and cheese; Potato salad; Sweet potato pie. I had never heard of sweet potat
  20. A lot of that "top 40 editing" had been done for years before the 12" extended mix records came about. Remember..... Or------- And then---- Sepiatone
  21. As long as none of the TOP of her head was showing. Sepiatone
  22. Cartoons did change over time. What I watched Saturday mornings differed greatly from what my kid sister(13 years my junior) watched. One of her favorites was one called "Grape Ape". I remember one morning waking up and while lying there in languid drowsiness, heard what to me sounded like--- "RAPE APE!" You know, from the TV in a room ten feet away and through a closed door. Made me wonder, "What the hell are kids watching these days?" Yeah. Kids. And at the time, I was 17. Sepiatone
  23. Well, as they say.... "To each........." There's no accounting for taste. OR lack thereof. As for the first part of the quote------- Sepiatone
  24. HA! Looks like ANOTHER TURKEY hoping for a pardon! Sepiatone
  25. Awwww.......... And as Nip would say----- "Fair is fair." Sepiatone
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