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  1. https://www.gocomics.com/speedbump/2021/01/21 Sepiatone
  2. It seems to be a serious enough disease you'd think it would be self mandated. Nobody knows if it'll kill them until they catch it, and by then it's too late to stop. People will have to rely on their own judgement and common sense which means hundreds of thousands more will die from this disease. Sepiatone
  3. WHAT! With over 400,000 dead in the U.S. and 2 million+ deaths worldwide, you don't think it a "high mortality" virus? Plus considering it's FAR from being done with! And you also add "wasn't" as if you're talking about something long gone and in the past! Sepiatone
  4. I somehow can't reconcile democrats endorsing the people that seek to destroy democrat party headquarters. Unless they were hired by democrats to destroy an insured to the hilt building so they can get money to build a new one. That sounds just zany enough for MM to believe. Sepiatone
  5. HA! Couldn't find a clip, but it's currently used to intro the "TCM original productions" segments. Would LOVE to know who's playing that guitar! Sepiatone
  6. Thus proving you CAN get too much of a good thing! Sepiatone
  7. Ah, but the one point you're missing is that the word was used by both parties to describe persons appointed to certain positions in the administrations of BOTH parties. MM is trying to make it sound as if Biden uses the word because he's erroneously thought of as a socialist and wants to turn DC into some kind of Gulag. And it was YOUR boy Donny that wanted to be "Czar" in the original sense of the word. Sepiatone
  8. One of the last things he did was to commute the prison sentence of former Detroit mayor KWAME KILPATRICK, Son of former DEMOCRAT representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. Not sure Trump really knew who Kwame is, but first guess would be the Trump commuted his sentence because he was convicted of many of the charges leveled at Trump as well. (Obstruction, abuse of power, not to mention the sex/text scandal). Sepiatone
  9. I would imagine in most cases real food might be used. Possibly not what's supposed to be on the plate, but something palatable so the actors can be seen putting food in their mouths and swallowing, so i wouldn't think it'd be some faux tidbits made from Styrofoam or plastic. But one thing I've long noticed too.... I don't know if it's real coffee they pour into those cups, but it's always barely a full cup, and nobody ever drinks all of it anyway. On one TV show there's one thing that goes on that really annoys me..... On "Two and A Half Men" Alan Harper( Jon Cryer) is alw
  10. I think Jennings is doing fine. And JEOPARDY is to me like FAMILY FEUD in that I generally don't care who the host is( on Feud anyway) I just like the game. And I want to guess the Jeopardy clues too, and the show has given me the mix of being surprised at how much I know, while at the same time reminding me how much I DON'T know! And I give Jennings credit for having the courage to step into those enormous shoes Alex left behind. Anyway( on the "just watched" front.....) The other night I watched this excellent episode of AMERICAN MASTERS on PBS. https://www.pbs.org/video/dia
  11. Soon as Trump can figure out if "Pardon" is spelled with an "e" or a "u". Sepiatone
  12. The "Czar" term to refer to anyone in charge of a post committed to policy making or overseeing an initiative began back in the turn of the 20th century. Both republican and democrat presidents appointed several people as "Czars" of various cabinet posts and programs. So evidently McCarthy will be overseeing the activity of an initiative that addresses the issue of Global warming. Others can be considered an "energy Czar", or a "drug Czar" or the head of any other department that exists(and has existed for years) solely for the purpose of protecting people's lives and well being. And t
  13. Actually Nip, they only lowered their pettiness to just a hair or three above the level TRUMP'S pettiness is. Sepiatone
  14. WOW! A baldish guy with a goatee wearing a BALLCAP with a severely bent bill. How ORIGINAL! Just like the three or more MILLION guys that look like that! Good thing he isn't a "sheeple" with a face mask in a public place! Sepiatone
  15. Maybe. But then, in EASY RIDER he reminded me of a cross between MICHAEL NESMITH and JAMIE FARR! And I'm wondering if that wasn't the real thing instead of "prop coke". Sepiatone
  16. Funny you mentioned Clinton in all that. I remember( must have been more than 20 years ago) that right-wing pundit ANN COULTER was whining about how Bill Clinton, "Failed to take us to war!" Like not going senselessly to war was a bad thing. And now here YOU come, calling Clinton a "warmonger". And just what war WAS that? I mean---- What's it all about, RALFY? Sepiatone
  17. notice how you don't hear the msm giving trump any credit for getting covid and then beating it. nothing! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hell, they didn't even give credit to my two grandnieces and the thousands of OTHERS who were fortunate enough to test positive and beat it as well. So what? Sepiatone
  18. Well, I'll apologize, but only when she comes to my house PERSONALLY to demand one. Oh! WAIT!! She's ONLY A CARTOON! Gotta wonder what's up with Mario if he "Feels offended" for someone who doesn't actually exist. Unless, he eats a lot of spinach and actually HAS a girlfriend(or wife) who closely resembles Olive. Sepiatone
  19. With all that smoke being blown up this country's a s s. Sepiatone
  20. I really thought "River Deep, Mountain High" was pretty good. Spector too thought it was one of his best, and close to being his favorite. And I actually think there was no "rivalry" between The Beatles and The Beach Boys, except( far as I perceived) between their respective fan base. And then there were those like me, as in the Rolling Stones/Beatles "rivalry" that refused to participate in such idiocy. It was like arguing, "What 's the better fruit, Apples or oranges?" It wasn't really a rivalry between producers, songwriters or performers as it was a clashing of egos. The liste
  21. And if ya wanna talk about "revenge politics", then whaddya think all them PARDONS are about? Sepiatone
  22. Another consideration..... I had seen the movie when it came out, as I liked the first one, but really? Until Nip posted this thread I forgot all about Trump's scant appearance in the flick. Sepiatone
  23. Awww..... He ain't hurting anyone. LET him have his bromance. Sepiatone
  24. As iconic to music in the '60's as Spector was, I noticed how much improved The Beatles' Lp LET IT BE is , released as LET IT BE....NAKED ,is with all the "Spectorisms" removed. It was tragic how his life ended up considering all he was able to accomplish leading up to his conviction and prison term. A great mind gone sideways. Sepiatone
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