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  1. It does get odd at times.  I've read tons of Seuss while growing up.  Plus LITTLE BLACK  S A M B O.  Yet reached adulthood without ever really having any racial and ethnic prejudices.    And the bigger puzzler is the **** story.  pulled out of existence due to African-American activist's complaints about it's "negative" portrayal of black people, it overlooks the positive imagery.....

    S a m b o, to avoid getting eaten by tigers, surrenders his new umbrella, shoes and clothing to three different tigers, who then in jealous fervor, chase each other around a tree in an attempt to get the clothing items proffered by the other tigers.  And run around the tree so fast they somehow turn into butter and melt down.  Which S a m b o's father gathers up so the mother can make pancakes.  My problem with the complaint about the story is....

    Nothing bad is said about S a m b o or any other person in the story that is supposed to be black.  And S a m b o is threatened by TIGERS, and since it was African-American activists making the complaint, it's overlooked that S a m b o couldn't have been African as there are NO tigers in Africa.    As for Seuss......

    I laugh at this because of a favorite story concerning my wife(please don't groan).  Born in Texas of Mexican parents, she (for some reason I can't excuse) didn't start learning to speak English until she started school. (I've told this story before, eh?)  By third grade she told a friend of hers she wished to learn to speak English better and the friend suggested she get a book from the school's small library, and that reading will help her in learning the language better.  So my wife said she went to the library and wound up checking out two or three Dr, Seuss books!  :D   To learn ENGLISH better!  :lol:  She said she really was drawn more towards the Seuss illustrations than the text.  ;) 


  2. You do tend to take some things a bit much literal JAMES.

    When Hibi said saints aren't worshiped it was correct.  Now, I'm not Catholic, but my stepfather was(and his side of the family in which an  older sister of his WAS a "sister".  ;) ) 

    Saints aren't really worshiped per se,   But they are revered.  Even Episcopalians acknowledge some saints.  As in the Episcopalian church I belonged to was ST. MICHAEL'S.  But it does seem some regions or ethnicities choose different saints to hold in higher esteem that the others.  Like in my wife's family, you often saw pictures around the houses of 

    Seems Mary is held in high esteem in Catholicism, higher than the others.  Just look to the Rosary.

    The prayers associated with it's use are "Hail Marys"  and "Our Fathers"   But no Saint this or that.  And I'll bet my next house note that even in Italy, most(if not all) Italians who practice the Catholic faith  go to mass NOT to worship padre Pio,  but instead, you know whom.  ;) 


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  3. Y'need to cut down on the little symbols and be more discriminate in your choices in them.  But I take it you're not familiar with Ms. Barr.  So----  (if they don't mess with it)


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  4. What am I watching this month?

    I play it by ear on a day-to-day basis.  I plan no longer than a couple or so days ahead.  And this first week of this month finds me wrapping up watching the last few discs of the box set I have of SATURDAY NIGHT's first five seasons. ('75-'80) .  

    Been having a great time seeing a lot of that stuff again!  ;) 


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  5. First off, the images of Mary and others are usually marble or other  materials that AREN'T gold.  And of people refuted to have been real, according to their holy scripture.  While I'm not a biblical scholar, I have sat through hours of confirmation classes(as an Episcopalian) and do not recall any mention of Donald Trump or some guy named Oscar.  I assume those are golden symbols of something or someone worshiped by some other  mindless cults.


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  6. On 2/27/2021 at 8:43 PM, Leighcat said:

    I wasn't specifically meaning your aunt, but people who do imply that things from the past are not relevant to their or anyone else's edification or entertainment. We've all met them. And they usually do say it like that--with a diminishing tone.


    There are some of those here.  

    For instance,  a while back in another thread,  there were a couple of people who griped about the '70's sitcom "Maude" as being "dated".   Which anyone should have supposed any sitcom from 40 years ago would be.    It's simple really;

    Nobody should really expect a movie or TV show from the distant past( or even recent)  to be "relevant" to the times in which they are viewed.  That they aren't is often the very reason why some people enjoy watching them.   Those dismissive people LEIGHCAT mentions are of course, free to watch or refuse to watch anything they please.  But should not expect everyone else to jump on their bandwagon.   


  7. Back to the dead horse  ;) 

    If the U.S. wishes to refuse having imports come into this country that are mislabeled(ie:  saying "made in Israel" when where in the region is in dispute) , then it would be up to that company(and Israel)  to properly label such product if they wish to peddle them in this country.  But my feeling is that it's NOT the task(or right) of the American government to command how those foreign businesses conduct those businesses.    However...

    19 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    So true.    This is why for inexpressive products it not worth having one.

    Anyhow are you calling for more Federal government consumer protection like what Warren has been asking for?


    1.  Remember, "Caveat Emptor",  though not infallible , is still a good rule of thumb.

    2.  I see nothing wrong with federal consumer protection that prevents corporations from profiting by misleading consumers.  Not everybody has the time to thoroughly investigate every mundane day-to-day items they regularly buy.    I say it's better that some taxpayer bucks go towards that instead of the many pork barrel items congressmen have lined their pockets with. 


  8. There's also ...

    JOSEF SOMMER,  who was the ill fated LARRY in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, and later in WITNESS and THE MIGHTY DUCKS and near 50+ other film appearances.

    On the younger side, 

    JEREMY PIVEN can be seen in several character roles on TV and in films.

    Another favorite of mine is..

    DAVID STRATHAIRN  who did have a major role as EDWARD R. MURROW in GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK  ('05)  but has too, a ton of good character roles under his belt.


  9. But mainly, my point wasn't what imports America will or will not accept and for what reason( we still don't accept products like cigars and sugar, although NOT mislabeled  that are made in Cuba) but that no foreign country should require "permission" from The United States In order to import their products.    Regardless of how they're labeled.  That WE don't accept them in the United States is fine by me, and the reason is understandable.  But if other countries Israel imports to don't mind, well.....

    Are YOU "getting it" now?  ;) 


  10. First, we gotta get straight on what time span is covered by "today"( in the threads title)  as I haven't seen many movies of late and don't also watch a lot of the TV fare produced in the last decade.   But responding to some posts----


    19 hours ago, TikiSoo said:


    remember seeing BABE '95 for the first time & being delighted to see James Cromwell who played recurring charactor Stretch Cunningham on All In The Family:


    I've seen Cromwell doing various roles on many TV shows in the '70's.  From NIGHT COURT to BARNEY MILLER  and beyond.

    One guy I liked often seeing him in commercials and then eventually getting bigger roles on TV and then in some movies is 


    19 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    A few more character actresses I have to mention from classic 80s/90s television:

    Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 1.47.32 PM

    Alice Ghostley played rambunctious Bernice Clifton on Designing Women. Producers Linda Bloodworth & Harry Thomason also gave her a recurring role on Evening Shade


    And Doris Roberts was Mildred Krebbs, girl Friday for Remington Steele.

    Ghostley was also known as the sly, inept maid for a short "spell"( no pun intent) on BEWITCHED, named Esmeralda.  I've also seen her pop up in small roles in several movies.

    And ROBERTS was seen in a wide variety of TV shows and some movies for a long time.  Some here might have recognized her as the mayor's wife in the '74 flick THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3. 

    PAUL BENEDICT, once too known as "The Painter" on SESAME STREET also had many character parts in several movies over the years until becoming a regular in the cast of THE JEFFERSONS  as their British neighbor  Harry Bentley. 

    More to come whenever my sleepy memory wakes up.  ;) 



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