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  1. On the other side of the coin, a man was erroneously identified as the man who threw a fire extinguisher at police during the fracas has been enduring harassing phone calls and some death threats . I don't recall the man's name, but he is a retired firefighter(as is the man who actually threw the extinguisher) whose city of service begins it's name with the letter "C", just like the actual thrower, who retired from the Chicago fire department. Can somebody hunt this info down? Sepiatone
  2. "Revenge politics"? That's funny. To infer Biden will use "revenge politics" during his term. And actually, it was your boy who came up with "revenge politics". He had no real issue with the ACA that he could intelligently identify except that it was called "Obamacare" (the silliest misnomer) and Obama made Trump look more foolish than Trump himself did over all that idiotic "birther" nonsense. So once Cheeto Christ got elected he set out to undo anything Obama did, NOT because he had something better to replace them with(or ever did) but simply because it was Obama that put it in pla
  3. At any rate, IMHO the newer ones were no way as good as the older ones. And one thing I learned from watching those cartoons was...... Never eat spinach. As it might make you stronger does no good when it might be ruining your eyesight to the point you wind up being attracted to and marrying a girl that looks like Olive Oyl! Sepiatone
  4. I can't find it anywhere, likely because I can't recall the brand, but there was an old TV ad in the '60's in which at the end an old lady said.... "It sure doesn't feel like(then she'd lean in and whisper...) toilet papah!" Likely the first time it was called that on TV. Up till then it was always referred to as "Bathroom tissue." Sepiatone
  5. So, just when was it Popeye went from being a nondescript merchant marine to a sailor in the all white U.S. Navy uniform, and BLUTO changed his name to BRUTUS? And why? Sepiatone
  6. JOHN WAYNE in THE GREEN BERETS telling a little Vietnamese kid, "You're what this thing is all about." Sepiatone
  7. Better than that there were NO cartoon bears showing off their clean HEINIES! Sepiatone
  8. UMMmmm....(D'OH!) Maybe it was because those places WEREN'T where congress was holding the electoral count and certification. Sepiatone
  9. Well, you wouldn't believe( or maybe you would) the trouble FaceBook postings have caused on my wife's side of the family. A people once so close water couldn't seep through them are now mostly connected jowl to throat. And mostly because( and as is typical with FB and other "social media") some postings were taken way out of context. The frustrating puzzle of it all is that none of them ever consider to stop wasting their time and just get OFF those damned sites. Sepiatone
  10. I've mentioned this before. But it was bad enough back in the mid '70s to pay $20 a ticket to see Bob Seger at Cobo arena(on one of the nights "Live Bullet" was recorded) when just not even ten years earlier we used to see him every other weekend at the weekly summer dances at AQUINAS high school. And for only $2 at the door! And I don't even know what tickets went for at his last concert. But when we saw him at Aquinas, he more or less appeared like this----- (except we were seein' him in '68) But not like this (and sadly, long time Seger sax player ALTO REED di
  11. And while on the subject, remember THIS ad? Sepiatone
  12. I can't ever recall a time when that was possible or so. But here's an interesting thing about that scene from WIKI---- Donald Trump, the owner of the Plaza Hotel at the time, allowed the crew to shoot scenes in the hotel lobby in exchange for a cameo in the film, in addition to the standard fee for film productions. Columbus said that Trump had "bullied" his way into the film. Columbus planned to leave his scene out, but kept it as test audiences cheered when Trump appeared. Sepiatone
  13. No, I didn't see the list, and wonder why YOU didn't post it as well? Sepiatone
  14. Well, PRINCESS Nip and other "Trumpettes" are all too familiar with the word "conspiracy" as their "hero" often invoked it whenever anything negative about him was seen or heard anywhere. There's ALWAYS been some kind of conspiracy against him. , and the "fake news" chant took precedent over straightforward discourse. And now, there's that "conspiracy theory" that most(if not all) the insurrectionist rioters were really ANTIFA members (of an "organization" nobody's really been able to clearly identify) disguised as Trump supporters in order to make him and them look bad. Always
  15. I was wondering, for the benefit of the uninformed, if we couldn't recommend this as a tuorial? Sepiatone
  16. My Mom would say that since cheese is known to bind it explains why so many men are full of sh*t. Sepiatone
  17. Couldn't bring up that linked image as when I tried I was informed I was "not allowed". Sepiatone
  18. After a quick search I found several places carrying this story.. And you know, Trump has such a brief scene in the movie, that it's inconsequential that he's even in it. Much as I don't care (and never did) for "The Donald", I say leave it be. It's just like my wife told my daughter once..... While looking over some old photos with her, there were several where my wife was shown sitting with or standing next to her first husband, whom she really grew to hate and divorced him because he was a physical and verbally abusive a-hole who molested a nine year old cousin of hers. My daughte
  19. Can you provide a source for your information? Without it you just sound like you're repeating barroom and barbershop gossip. You know.... "They say...."; "I heard....." ; "Some guy told me.....". Sorry kid. Nip's so immersed in "Judeo-Christian" moral righteousness to ever concede the existence of any length of evolution. Sepiatone
  20. I like that short jazz piece with the tasty guitar work they play in some cases. Sepiatone
  21. Of course. The planet on which it's believed that if it wasn't for all the testing, there wouldn't be as many cases of Covid as there are. And maybe most of those 300,000+ would still be alive if only they didn't get tested! Sepiatone
  22. And you actually BUY this "info" from what can scarcely be called an objective news source? You took a LOOONNNGGG guzzle of that Kool-aid, didn't you? I noticed your link didn't supply any access to any of that video "proof" it claims exists. How come? Sepiatone
  23. And you can BET this guy will be there! Sepiatone
  24. Most of MM's posts are poorly written. And equally poorly sourced, if sourced at all. Sepiatone
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