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  1. I'd go with the "against type" concept because it's not only hard for many actors to get out of that trap, but it might also mean them getting out of their "comfort zone", which makes the performance brave. like; SYLVESTER STALLONE in COPLAND both MICHAEL DOUGLAS and ROBERT DUVALL in FALLING DOWN TONY CURTIS in SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS JERRY LEWIS in KING OF COMEDY. PETER SELLERS in BEING THERE Any other choices I can make have been made already. Sepiatone
  2. BOB NEWHART is fun in "Marker" too. Sepiatone
  3. And speaking a bit earlier of DEBUSSY, I like this electronic treatment by Tomita. If you can recommend a recording of the piano version(which I could never find in a store for some reason) I'd be appreciative. Sepiatone
  4. S'ok. Sure, the Ravel you posted is not of the "warhorse" group. But "Daphnis" is. After all, I was a novice when I first heard it, and even then it was referred to as a "warhorse" by the announcer on the local classical music station. And indeed, you know not ALL "warhorses" leave novices cold. In Ravel's case, his "Bolero" is one that even people who claim to hate classical music like, probably because they associate it with that silly Dudley Moore movie. And due to that, I'D say the "Bolero" is Ravel's definitive "warhorse"> Oh, and thanks for the posting of tha
  5. So, nobody liked LITTLE MISS MARKER('80)? I thought it was kinda cute. But like I stated earlier.... Matthau was an asset in any movie he was in. Sepiatone
  6. From what I understand, "green" energy made up only 10% of all energy use in Texas. And most(if not all) power plants in the state that crashed due to the winter storm were operated on fossil fuel. It's just that Texas, being Texas, wasn't adequately prepared for the situation because they arrogantly figured they didn't HAVE to be. Now, people are suffering because of it, and many might die trying to shovel themselves out of the deep climate conspiracy. Or freeze to death in the sub-zero temperature hoax. Sepiatone
  7. UHhhhh........ I believe the reference was to JABBA. Sepiatone
  8. I see it's that time of month for HIGHWAY! But I say it's best folks get their angst out of their systems here and not bring it to GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. But you're right TOP. There is too much mean spiritedness in this arena. And most of it is reactionary. You know, someone says something mean, nasty or condescending to someone else and that someone responds in kind, and on and on. It's mostly human nature. And it would be best if some or one of US, and not the mods, would... Sepiatone
  9. Initially, I could simply say, "Good riddance". But of course, like him and his ideology or not, the man probably does have family and other people who will be deeply saddened by his passing. And really, my sincere condolences go out to them. And though, only six months OLDER than me, I'd still say he was too young. Sepiatone
  10. Well, it's Texas after all. A place not familiar with that kind of weather. You can tell that by the footage of all the DRIVING MISHAPS down there. They just got too big for their britches, with their own "grid", not part of any national power grid system. And besides.... How does anyone figure ice storms, heavy snow and high winds pulling down power lines has anything to do with "green" energy wind turbines? Those blades don't spin THAT fast, do they? Sepiatone
  11. Not familiar with those movies, or the idea of "Western noir" in general. So, are you claiming these movies follow THIS definition's guidelines? Film noir (/nwɑːr/; French: [film nwaʁ]) is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. The 1940s and 1950s are generally regarded as the "classic period" of American film noir. Film noir of this era is associated with a low-key, black-and-white visual style that has roots in German Expressionist cinematography. Sepiatone
  12. JOY IN THE MORNING is the only Chamberlain movie I ever saw in a theater. I was 14 and interested to see him do anything else besides Dr. Kildare. Sepiatone
  13. I never thought AVANTI was as good as most other Lemmon solo works, but not as bad as some think it to be. But at least IMHO, much better than "Yum Yum Tree" Sepiatone
  14. Relax. The term "warhorse" in reference to classical music means a work that is long well recognized by those who have an active interest in classical music and those who just hear it passively. The term is in no way a critique on the music's quality. Other examples of "warhorses" are BEETHOVEN'S 5th symphony, TCAIKOWSKY'S Nutcracker Suite, DEBUSSEY'S La Mer AND the clip of "Faun". and his CLAIRE De LUNE. to name but a few. Still timelessly beautiful, but in this sense, "warhorses" nonetheless. Sepiatone
  15. OK.... 1. I mentioned that when I started at GM the minimum wage was at $1.50. It's now at $9.65 in Michigan. But I also stated my starting wage at GM in 1971 was $4.05, and at my retirement I was earning $25.50 an hour. That seems to be quite a disparity in earning power, eh? And yet the minimum wage has increased over the years without causing people to run in panic at the possibility of losing their jobs as a result. So why the big fear now? Since leaving GM over 20 years ago, I'm not aware of what the hourly rate is these days. Look.... Corporations and other businesses
  16. I like "Ambersons" but it is a chore to sit though. I imagine most people didn't care HOW it ended, but were thankful that it finally HAD ended. Funny how that works..... A movie like LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, at 227 minutes can still seem much shorter than "The Magnificent Ambersons" at 88. It reminds me of two occurances.... Several rolls of unprocessed 35mm film taken by a noted candid photographer( I'm mad at myself for not remembering the name) were discovered. The initial idea was to have the film developed and printed for display at an exhibition. This was dismissed as thos
  17. I spent too many years I guess working for a living. And in a union shop, and not aware of ANY union that would keep their membership in wage levels that low. But then too, any business that only pays minimum wage ISN'T going to be a union shop(or offices) and will likely only offer minimum wage and no benefits package. And besides, usually office workers, typically covered by the OPEIU white collar workers union, and also typically don't get paid hourly. And no, I've never been management, who where I worked had no say whatsoever as to pay rates and such. Unless you count my t
  19. Really. A raise to $15 an hour minimum wage will still come no where near what skilled laborers are making. Like, I wasn't even a "skilled" laborer when I retired from GM . But when I did retire I was earning $25.50 an hour. Which I would still consider adequate. So the raise of minimum wage to $15 wouldn't compel me to insist I get a raise as well. I was thinking about some of this in this morning. Like when I hired in at GM in 1971, minimum wage was $1.50 an hour, and my starting pay at Cadillac was a whopping $4.05 an hour! Heh... be still my heart! So, a $15 minimum wage
  20. Another old Lemmon fave of mine is GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM('64) My only disappointment(to me) was UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE('63) Sepiatone
  21. Well, my favorite maxim about revenge is---- "Revenge is like a water vessel with a hole in it's bottom. It holds nothing but the promise of emptiness." Sepiatone
  22. Oddly enough, she thought Speedy was "cute". Sepiatone So.... ANOTHER chubby pawnbroker? Sepiatone
  23. I always saw that segment as Ilsa using Rick's love for her in the past as a way to get him to hand over the letters of transport to her. I never considered them as having anything physical happen that night. As you might recall, it seemed she figured if the past LOVE didn't work, then maybe the GUN would! Sepiatone
  24. Sure. Matthau is usually an asset to any movie he shows up in. From "A Face In The Crowd"('57), and "Strangers When we Meet"( '60) to "Charade"('63) and even "Ensign Pulver"('64) Walt showed he was always much more than just a rubber faced comic relief character actor. Oh, and MAGOO===== I've always liked "Charlie Varrick" too. And the Lemmon/Matthau team also did a version of THE FRONT PAGE ('74) that was pretty good(I thought ) Funny story... In a Playboy interview with GEORGE BURNS, when Burns was enjoying his career rejuvenation had a lot of praise for Matthau
  25. Not by PIXAR I hope! Then they'll have to change the title to "Finding Ambersons" Sepiatone
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