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  1. "Unimpressive" as in the amount of work available for consideration. Unless too, you'd think TCM should also include any of the TV work Ms. Hughes did. In that case we'd have to add BILL KENNEDY, HOWARD McNEAR, ALAN YOUNG and JOHN FORSYTHE as well. And why not? At least it would create a pause in all the frequent showings of the same movies only a week apart from their previous viewing. Sepiatone
  2. There was a difference between Ford filming for propaganda purposes, and Wayne fighting on the front lines. As for Stewart: Stewart became the first major American movie star to enlist in the United States Army to fight in World War II.[110] His family had deep military roots: both of his grandfathers had fought in the Civil War,[111] and his father had served during both the Spanish–American War and World War I.[112] After first being rejected for low weight in November 1940, he successfully enlisted in February 1941.[113][N 1] As an experienced amateur pilot, he reported for induction
  3. Y'know, this reminds me of something a friend of mine brought up. "Words that sound like they should mean something else." But sadly, it was long enough ago I could only recall one example.: (and thanks to the previous posts) "Ignoramus" Meaning someone who is basically ignorant of a lot of things, but could also describe someone who seems to ignore a lot of things. Sepiatone
  4. But, we're discussing CELEBRITIES here, and not MM's family! And it's obviously not taboo in HIS neck of the "backwoods". But as to John Wayne, racist he may have been, but that's certainly no kind of "scandal" worth the bother of covering up, and his not serving in WWII was not due to any "cowardice" but a lot to do with him being in his mid 30's by the time Pearl harbor was attacked. AND his movie studio's efforts to maintain his 4-F status . And what's with this attack on the lack of "realism" in "Father Knows Best" TV series? I thought LEAVE IT TO BEAVER was the "go to"
  5. ??? As Jane WAS a member of the original"Not Ready For Prime Time" players, it really couldn't have been that much of a surprise, eh? But I vaguely recall that PBS series as at the time I thought it disinteresting to watch the daily goings on of some "average" family, just as I thought if it was MY family involved it would be just as disinteresting. The SNL sketch was good, as was ALBERT BROOKS' parody REAL LIFE ('79) with Charles Grodin. But I am sorry for the loud family's loss, and past losses of family members and hope the best for their survivors. And know I don't bl
  6. And that'll just open the door for more threads complaining about frequently shown movies. And too, not EVERY person who had small and bit part "walk-ons" deserves a day dedicated to their mostly small and unimpressive filmography(as Kathleen Hughes). And...... you SURE your meds don't need to be adjusted? Sepiatone
  7. They may have been "eligable"(as in appearing in movies) but the majority of those on the list( andIMHO) weren't good enough to be worthy of oscar nomination. Even the ones that might have been. Sepiatone
  8. A good guess anyway, but I knew many kids in my hometown of LINCOLN PARK, MI. whose Dad's worked for Ford's. Sepiatone
  9. That's always changed with each passing period of my life. From LUNCH WITH SOUPY as a tyke, to CAPTAIN KANGAROO when a bit older, then SHARI LEWIS on a variety of shows she starred on. Prime time by then was when I coveted Western TV series' like LAWMAN, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, WAGON TRAIN, THE RIFLEMAN and all those. "Must see" depended on which night it was. As I got older I shifted from comedies to dramas and back and forth twixt the two. In more recent years, it was comedies like MODERN FAMILY and THE MIDDLE. The dramas were any of the LAW AND ORDER franchise shows. Sepiat
  10. Nah. But it was amusing whenever she was visiting because it was the onlytime I'd see my Dad sit uncomfortably silent and work up a sweat trying hard not to say even the mildest of "cuss words" in her presence. But she was a delightful person with a quit wit and sharp sense of humor. And yes... She WAS the principal of a Catholic parochial school in a neighboring city. SAINT ALFONSUS in Dearborn, MI. Which is why I found the old Zappa tune "Saint Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast" particularly amusing. Sepiatone
  11. Tell all that to Darg's neighbor. As for the "saint and Christian" thing..... I once asked my Stepfather's older sister, who WAS a "sister"( as in NUN) how she thought about praying to some of the saints in her church, like SIMON, SIMON/PETER, JOHN, LUKE and MATTHEW, all of whom if you follow the scripture were Jewish and didn't ever think of themselves as "Christians". And being a good natured person, she just smiled and said, "Every time I'm asked a question like that I wish I was given another dime." Sepiatone
  12. Mention "drive-in" to most youth these days and they'll only think of "fast food" or root beer. The now defunct TV comedy THE MIDDLE once did an amusing episode about it. Tried to find a clip but couldn't. Sepiatone
  13. A few of those DID have their days Ari. Sepiatone
  14. Heh.... Most men would also say Ms. Russell was THEIR kind of woman too! But seriously, it is a very good movie. Sepiatone
  15. Not without proper instrumentation, which those involved in the study probably used to arrive at the conclusion. D'OH! Sepiatone
  16. No sh*t Sherlock? WE thought they were in jail for jaywalking! Sepiatone
  17. And notice too, we all also notice YOU have no explanation for the weather anomalies we've had for the last couple of decades. You and the other nay-sayers to science will go on blithely believing that no amount of filth we pour in our water and spew into the atmosphere will have any consequences. Sepiatone
  18. I'm wondering why that neighbor of yours would give that worn out "Christian country" chant before the 2012 election, except maybe he was one of those right-wingnuts who actually believed Barack Obama was Muslim because of his " Hussein" middle name. Just like a lot of other right-wingnuts believe that democrats who often promote and endorse many social programs makes them "socialists". Using their twisted logic, we could argue TRUMP is a "socialist" due to his heavy use of social media. As this is a part of a "classic movie" message board, I began to think Trump saw himself as
  19. Oh, and I'd be surprised if this WASN'T previously posted! Sepiatone
  20. I rest my case. Compare the flow of that "animation" to that of the average Disney, Looney Toon or Terry Toon and you should see it's way outclassed. Sepiatone
  21. Really, The Chipmunk's debut with their "Chipmunk Song(Christmas Don't Be Late) " won three Grammy's in 1958, four years before The Beatles even formed as a band. And even then didn't release a single that would be considered Grammy worthy for another year. Sepiatone
  22. In both construct lyrically and musically, I thought "Somewhere Out There" from AN AMERICAN TAIL('86) was FAR superior to the top 40 "pop" tripe of "Take My Breath Away" from TOP GUN('86) which, between the two, wound up with the statuette. Heh.... And even today, they STILL try to sell us on the lie that movie popularity( which rarely translates into quality) never plays into who or what wins an award. Sepiatone
  23. And DID that transaction take place on a Tuesday? Sepiatone
  24. Sorry, but I last saw it in the '70's on a late show broadcast. And as that was in the days when I partook of a variety of South American smoking preparations, I regrettably don't recall much about it. Sepiatone
  25. Far as I know, that stuff about Flynn, Garland, and Crawford wasn't covered up. It's always been pretty well known. But as Raft's biography marks him as a professional dancer before his movie career took off, his association with mobsters may or may not be true. Especially with the mention of his oft given roles. It would be like saying John Wayne was a real cowboy. Sepiatone
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