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  1. I saw two things(one I heard) yesterday I never thought I would in my lifetime. I saw a lawless mob of anarchist thugs breach security to trespass in the halls of What best symbolizes American democracy to interrupt such democracy in action to loot and vandalize precious artifacts all the while shouting that it was "OUR house!" But, it's also MY house too, and I don't recall inviting any of you traitors in. So..... THIS is what you mean by making America "great" again, eh? I haven't seen such a spectacle since 1959 when I was a kid and watched newsreel footage of Soviet
  2. With NO CGI?? You'll never find an actor who can (ahem) fill the role. Sepiatone
  3. I remember some made a big deal out of what some wags called the "Mersey Beat" as if it were a whole new genre or something. But, as Billy Joel might say, It was just still rock'n'roll to me. Sepiatone
  4. Looks like the ONLY Trump rally that wasn't a "superspreader". Either that or MM's family reunion. Sepiatone
  5. Sure, like TRUMP never placated or pandered to any faction of HIS party, eh" Sepiatone
  6. If you think you're that clairvoyant, then how come you never(to our knowledge) picked any winning LOTTO numbers? Sepiatone
  7. Hell, they can't even agree on ratings for movie quality, let alone anything else. I've seen cases where one movie might be given( by one channel) four stars as a quality rating, and some other channel give the same movie only two stars or just one. I don't like those sorts of things anyway as they impress me as them trying to tell ME how to judge them, or feel about them and not let me decide that for myself. Sepiatone
  8. I always thought the movie as entertaining a bit, not necessarily a "have to watch it again and again" meaning once was enough for me. And DEFINITELY not "TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES material as I don't consider it a "classic" in any sense. Sepiatone
  9. I do agree that Miriam is certainly deserving. Sepiatone
  10. Something for everybody, eh? Sepiatone
  11. And he wasn't a total "fairy" either( he was bi-sexual in fact). Hence, it wasn't really all that good of a pun. And if Bowie ever DID claim he was born in Liverpool I never heard of it, and if he didn't it makes the whole "pun" thing about him pointless. AND does no favor for the Liverpudlians, as it makes them look judgmental and narcissistic. Sepiatone
  12. I've never lived in an Eastern European or Slavic country either, but I'm of Polish descent and have been doing that New Year's thing for years. But I do know others who aren't of Polish or Slavic descent who do that custom because they've learned it from acquaintances who were of some Eastern European ancestry. Like thanks to me, members of my wife's family have been doing it too for the last 32 years. But all you really needed do was to ask what I meant, get the information and reply what you did. And BTW.... My wife's sisters( all Latino of course) also believe that itch
  13. Don't know where you are, but I'm in the metro Detroit area. And I don't see the less labor thing as most filling stations are also "mini marts" that sell anything from bottled water to cigarette lighters and small novelties( and one place I know of sells loose bananas). And the same person who rings up your pop/beer or candy bar/loaf of bread purchase is the same person who takes your money for gas purchases. Sepiatone
  14. I too, over a time, had three pedigree Shih-Tzus . One was stolen(we think) and the next two died. They did have pleasantly adorable personalities. Only one of them ever got mean, but only if you came anywhere near her when she was gnawing on one of her beloved pig's ears. She lasted 14 years and my wife and I returned home from somewhere one night in 2014 and found her lying dead on our bedroom floor. That was shortly after I had to postpone/cancel surgery for her to remove a uterine tumor because the vet discovered her blood wasn't coagulating properly. Buried her in the bac
  15. I asked(originally) if you put your money out New Year's Eve, and you replied you didn't carry any money, Which of course, wasn't my question. And even AFTER explaining what I meant by the question,( the whole Eastern European/Slavic custom thing) you STILL didn't give an answer. Except now you inquire if I was asking about your favorite song about money,, Now I gotta worry about the possibility of some kind of "early onset" syndrome . Sepiatone
  16. And now, through the "notifications" listings, I don't have "permission" to view the content of your original Tanya Roberts thread. And you DO know, don'tcha----- That you are NOT obligated to use EVERY black symbol in the Emojis list in EVERY FRIGGIN' POST? Sepiatone
  17. Yeah, there's that and the extra dime a gallon stations charge for using credit. OR a bank card. Which I prefer over a credit card as the exact amount is taken out of your account and there's no bother with getting a monthly statement with an 18-22% finance charge added on. And PRINCESS still hasn't answered my question! Sepiatone
  18. Here's an oldie but a goodie from whatIMO was one of the funniest shows on TV in the '80s'! https://youtu.be/o7w1jFJexyM
  19. But of course that had not much to do with Marsden and his band, as the song was "FERRY Cross The Mersey". Sepiatone
  20. I refuse to use a card for anything less than $20. But you still didn't answer my query, even AFTER I explained what I meant. But too, I'm constantly getting stuck behind some dolt at the check-out who HAS to fish in her purse FOR the card, and further wait while she runs though several possible PINs until she finally pulls out the cash to finally pay for her stuff. But that's only AFTER she takes the extra ten minutes(it seems) to put her card back in her purse. Sepiatone
  21. https://www.gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2021/01/03 Sepiatone
  22. I agree. I was never a fan either(I though the band was sort of milquetoast in comparison to other "British Invasion" bands) but that's not the point here. But what Ham's really guilty of here is a form of Americanism that reacts such ways to celebrity tragedy. For example: "What kind of wood don't float? NATALIE WOOD!" "ROCK HUDSON had his car insurance cancelled due to his being REAR ENDED too many times!" There's more, but I think I've gone far enough. And Gerry's death is another sad reminder of how every generation sees too often the loss of things that made their ge
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