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  1. I spent too many years I guess working for a living.  And in a union shop, and not aware of ANY union that would keep their membership in wage levels that low.  But then too, any business that only pays minimum wage ISN'T going to be a union shop(or offices) and will likely only offer minimum wage and no benefits package.  And besides, usually  office workers, typically covered by the OPEIU white collar workers union,  and also typically don't get paid hourly.    

    And no, I've never been management, who where I worked had no say whatsoever as to pay rates and such.   Unless you count my tenure as "Night manager" of a car wash i worked at in high school, and also had no say in what other employees there were paid.  THAT was set by both the minimum wage law and the measly 25 cents extra an hour I got as "night manager" was determined by the car wash's owners.    And I'd say that in this day and age, being paid a measly $5 an hour OVER the minimum wage is more like being exploited than paid what your work is worth.  And like I stated, I don't see any union worth a damn supporting those wage levels.  


  2. OK.   For Lemmon, a few might be





    The more recent  DAD.

    L&M(heh!)  Early....








    And for Matthau









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  3. Really.  A raise to $15 an hour minimum wage will still come no where near what skilled laborers are making.  Like, I wasn't even a "skilled" laborer when I retired from GM .  But when I did retire I was earning  $25.50 an hour.  Which I would still consider adequate.  So the raise of minimum wage to $15 wouldn't compel me to insist I get a raise as well.   I was thinking about some of this in this morning.  Like when I hired in at GM in 1971, minimum wage was $1.50 an hour, and my starting pay at Cadillac was a whopping $4.05  an hour!  :o  Heh... be still my heart!

    So, a $15 minimum wage isn't going to put anyone earning that anywhere near what a skilled mason, millwright or toolmaker earns.  Especially if they're union workers.  And by the way....

    Unions aren't involved with salaries.  Their main concern is wages.  And yes, there is a difference.  And unions always insist that wages need to increase.  It's what they do.  It's all contractual strategy.   Has less to do with the minimum wage than it does profit disbursal.  When automakers for example, record BILLIONS in annual profits, do you think it's fair for the people who DON'T build the products that make those billions when sold possible get the only recompense?    And another consideration----

    Someone earning a higher minimum wage might only need to work ONE part time job(which might be the only kind available to him) instead of two or three, leaving him more time with his family, and those other jobs open to others that need them and help lower the welfare rolls.  D'OH!   And I'd be hard pressed to think of any business that mixes skilled labor waged workers with a minimum wage level workforce.  Who's going to do the work found in most manufacturing plants for the same pay people make at Walmart or Applebee's?  Your "Joe" really wouldn't have anything to worry about.  Unless he works in a shop that makes both apples and oranges.  ;) 


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  4. I always saw that segment as Ilsa  using Rick's love for her in the past as a way to get him to hand over the letters of transport to her.  I never considered them as having anything physical happen that night.    As you might recall, it seemed she figured if the past LOVE  didn't work, then maybe the GUN would!


  5. 1 hour ago, Millenniumman said:

    Anyone besides me think Dennis The Menace is a great Walter Matthau movie loved that movie as a kid.

    Sure.  Matthau is usually an asset to any movie he shows up in.  From "A Face In The Crowd"('57), and "Strangers When we Meet"( '60)  to "Charade"('63) and even "Ensign Pulver"('64)  Walt showed he was always much more than just a rubber faced comic relief character actor.  Oh,  and MAGOO=====

    I've always liked "Charlie Varrick"  too. 

    And the Lemmon/Matthau  team also did a version of THE FRONT PAGE ('74) that was pretty good(I thought  ;) ) 

    Funny story...   In a Playboy interview with GEORGE BURNS, when Burns was enjoying his career rejuvenation  had a lot of praise for Matthau in relation to their working together in THE SUNSHINE BOYS ('75)  about how quickly and expertly Walt got into character.  "He was supposed to play a guy 25-30 years older than he was, and he got perfectly into that character as soon as the make-up girl got done with his make-up job.  I even had to help him into his chair!"  :D 


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  6. Yeah.  Ravel has given us a lot of beautiful music.  Like THIS old "Warhorse".  ;)  

    But y'know, for overall pastoral beauty I have to go with----

    But that the Debussy clip is of a DSO performance has nothing to do with my choice!  ;) 


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  7. As I see it, someone already making $5 more an hour than any current minimum wage(I'll admit I'm not aware of what it is now, having been retired since 2000 and not needing to know or interested in that info) really wouldn't need a raise if that $5 more provides an adequate standard of living.  And it seems various levels of "minimum" income would make it difficult for the country to achieve a more stable societal common ground.  After all, it's when the "have-nots"  start to outnumber the "haves"  is when any society's problems of unrest begin to fester.  

    And for the record, I'm not suggesting a conversion to a socialist economy.  I don't think everybody should be "entitled" to the same level of comfort, but I also don't believe anyone( especially in what's supposed to be the "wealthiest nation" on Earth)  should have to  be given no choice but to live in any level of discomfort.  


  8. 12 hours ago, hamradio said:

    Number 2 has it right, no debate. :D

    (ever see a man wear one just below the chin?)

    Well, THESE days my "debate" would be just WHICH chin to wear it below?  ;) 


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  9. My wife HATED that movie!  Said she's never seen so many otherwise good actors do such PIZZ-POOR imitations of Mexicans.  Said even the "little jew" Eli Wallach did Latino character CIRCLES around the cast of "Tortila Flats".  ;)   And you know, both Anthony Quinn( Mexican) and Cesar Romero (Cuban/Spanish) were active and recognizable actors when this movie was made, and likely a few other actual Latino actors, enough to NOT make the undoubtedly insult to Hispanics this stinkbomb (IMHO) is.  

    But, what else is to be expected from a business run by "Whettoes"  in 1940's Honkeywood?  ;) 


  10. I might be oversimplifying, but----

    Higher wages seems to mean more money to go around, more money to be taxed at a higher rate,  And sure, some businesses might have to raise prices on their products or services, but if everyone is paying higher wages, then the raise in their prices for products and services will be on par with everyone else's, and the higher wage means the same or more people would be able to afford them.  And might too, take more people off the welfare rolls, which should appeal to the right, as welfare programs have always been a bane to them.  So, whaddya want?

    More consumer activity and tax revenue?  or----

    More people on welfare?


  11. Y'know, I always liked that big house they showed as being the Cartwright place on the Ponderosa.  Yeah, I know it was likely a variety of "sets" when filmed were spliced to give the impression of one big house, but still....

    Wouldn't mind having a real house based on that design.  But hey, I'll settle for being able to AFFORD a house like that!  :D 



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  12. My issue with backlot members "co-hosting" a movie feature is that their impressions of the movies shown during their time on the show were so WAY off base with mine they impressed me as either being too rehearsed, or otherwise dimwitted.   And I really wouldn't be a good fit for that type of theing because...

    1.  I'm just a film "buff", not an "expert".  and.....

    2. I don't even have the wherewithal to pretend to be.  ;) 


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  13. Yeah, when I was a kid(let's say, "pre-tween")  there were no special matinee showings at the Park theater in Lincoln Park, MI.   And admission for kids under 12 was 25 cents.  Usually two cartoons and trailers for two movies, usually what was coming up that coming Monday. No ads, trivia games or other nonsense like that.  Other theaters in the area did have those "kiddie matinees" that showed a bit older children's fare and animated features, but not the Park.    But over a little bit of time my Saturday movie viewing expanded to theaters in neighboring cities like Allen Park, MI and Wyandotte, MI when my Dad would agree to give me a lift.

    The Wyandotte theater was the first "multi-plex" theater I knew of.  But it was two screens, divided in the huge building the theater occupied with the "Main" theater on one side, and the "Annex" on the other.   And each with separate concession stands.  :huh:  And it wasn't until the early '80's('82 to be exact) and finally had access to cable in my community that I finally started seeing those "shorts" I've always heard about on Oscar night and earlier touted in various old movies and some TV shows as "Selected shorts".  Was always wondering what the hell was meant by that.  ;) 


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  14. Y'know, the watching of "old" (or classic) movies sparked another interest in me.  For instance....

    I'd keep seeing the same men or women in various older movies and in several differing genres.  And my curiosity was piqued.  "Who IS that guy?"  I'd ask myself..  "I see him in so many different movies and I've even seen him in a lot of TV shows when I was growing up!"   

    And thus began my interest in all those wonderfully  talented(oft times more so than the "star" of the movie) CHARACTER ACTORS.  B)  I'll sometimes sit through some studio era flick or some '50's and '60's TV show on the lookout for who might show up!  ;)   Who will it be?  FRANK McHUGH?   AL JENKINS?  CHARLES LANE?   Or the occasional PERCY HELTON?  Well, mostly on TV I'll spot DABS GREER in a variety of roles and in a variety of genres.  ;)  And I've seen these guys(and more) in more movies that many of the "stars" I've seen plenty of over the years.  I've grown up with THEM more than Gable, bogey or Jimmy (either one) .  Oh, and BURT MUSTIN too!  ;) 


  15. Actually, "rice-wise" I'll often use either the MAHATMA or the VIGO brands of yellow rice.  ;)  And in the late '80's into the early '90's I used to eat a cereal called UNCLE SAM which had flax seeds in it.    I liked it.  But haven't seen it on ant shelves for a long time.  :(


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