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  1. Given the spelling in this thread's title, I thought perhaps it was something about English actor MATTHEW GOODE. Sepiatone
  2. MeTV also shows an hour of cartoons starting at 7:00 am weekdays. Replacing GILLIGAN'S ISLAND and moving MY THREE SONS to 6:30 am. Sepiatone
  3. I can only think it was to draw the viewership from other channels as CMT shows it quite regularly. But of course, with commercial interruptions. Sepiatone
  4. That's not written in stone. For example; The house I'm living in now was built in 1948 and is a ranch style house. As was the house we moved into when I was 12(and from an older story and a half frame house) which was built in 1952. But another interesting thing about the Dick Van Dyke show----- MeTV is currently showing the earlier episodes. And in them, MTM's character was referred to as "Laurie"( or Lori?). I don't know the when or why it changed to "Laura". But you gotta admit The show never lost it's edge or level of quality despite the two main leads(Ms. Moore
  5. Thing is, I remember when WORKING GIRL was out, most of the talk about it surrounded BALDWIN'S appearance. And he was, when young, a noticeably good looking guy. And too remember..... Not a lot of the ladies became fans of BRAD PITT after his limited role in THELMA AND LOUISE because of his ACTING TALENT.. And we all know "stars" don't always become so because of their THESPIAN qualities. Several do become better as they go along and gain experience, but by the time they're "good" or "great" actors they're no longer "stars" because they aged out of the thing that made them "star
  6. Yeah. N we dnt speak txt here either. Sepiatone
  7. Back in the '60's, yeah. Some thought TZ and OL were interchangeable. Remember the discussion ALBERT BROOKS and DAN AYKROYD had in the beginning of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE? Sepiatone
  8. Funny, but I thought BEETLEJUICE, MARRIED TO THE MOB and WORKING GIRL , all earlier movies than "Red October, AND bigger "hits" made Baldwin more of a "name" in the biz. Sepiatone
  9. You must not have ever gone to the "OFF TOPIC CHIT-CHAT" page! But glad to have ya here. The more the merrier! Sepiatone
  10. It's a good thing you included that last sentence and put it in bold, or someone might have really taken you to task. Even though Mitch's comment IS "ASININE". I really didn't need the first $1200 payment. But I knew some who needed more and I cashed my check and gave them each some from it. But I doubt many, if any, other people who might do that with the $2,000. And I'm sure you do realize the number of people you refer to in the first half of your post are FAR OUTNUMBERED by just the opposite. Sepiatone
  11. I can't recall (off the bat) if it's COMET or CHARGE that shows OUTER LIMITS reruns, but they're mostly showing the not so good( IMO) more recent episodes from the '95-'02 revival try. Sepiatone
  12. OY! Who said anything about CARRYING money? I'm referring to the old(and many varied) Eastern European/Slavic custom of putting money outside your home's door before the new year comes and bringing it back in after the new year begins. The idea being you'll always have money coming in and will go without want. Another variation is to simply throw a small amount out the door as the clock is still striking the midnight hour. Anyway, I still do it as an old family tradition. The rest is just superstition, which I don't believe in because it's bad luck. Sepiatone
  13. Some examples of Laura Petrie saying and doing "Jewish wife" stuff would be welcome here, or have you fallen prey to stereotyping? MTM's role in the show, and the way her character was portrayed was sort of "liberating" for housewives before "women's lib" became a major thing. I do recall, since the show began and became so popular, more and more women(my Mom included) like my buddies' moms wearing slacks around the house. And too, while perhaps not being husband Rob's equal in providing financial contribution to the household, she was certainly his intellectual equal, if not at tim
  14. I look forward to the marathon every year. Got to get my helping of A STOP AT WILLOUGHBY , Donna Douglas thought of as ugly, Captain Kirk seeing the gremlin on the plane's wing, Billy Mumy wishing things into the cornfield, Or talking to his Grandma on his toy phone, or as another "Pip" charging through the amusement park with dad Jack Klugman. Or SEBASTIAN CABOT as that other "Pip" telling Larry Blyden "This IS the other place!" and laughing maniacally. Or Arthur Hunnicutt wandering in the hereafter. Too many to mention. Sepiatone
  15. You should pass on DEEP THROAT unless you're doing a study of cheezy '70's pornography. It has nothing to do with WATERGATE. An episode of THE DICK VAN DYKE show is advisable, but just one episode of LOST and THE WEST WING wouldn't give you any hint at how good or bad you might find the shows overall. The original STAR WARS('77) might give you more perspective on the more recent franchise releases, if you've seen any of THEM that is. The only other movie on your lit I too have seen is TERMS OF ENDEARMENT('83) which i thought was only so-so. Oh, as for the "Ring" and
  16. Actually, if you watched the show close enough, Jeannie wasn't as subservient as her "master" would have found helpful. And for a bit of chauvinist "pigism" ....... Many might have voted in favor of Samantha, at least until they caught this rerun of an ANDY GRIFFITH episode---- Sepiatone
  17. Might be THIS operator---- Sepiatone
  18. I'd just like an explanation as to how, since rich people make up a much smaller(by comparison) percentage of the population, that giving $2,000 to people in desperate straits, about to lose their homes, or if not then lose power, water and heat to those homes and need to put SOME food on the table, and yes, even in KENTUCKY Mitch, can be seen as "Socialism for rich people"? Sepiatone
  19. It's amazing how some people, when receiving more information than needed still don't get it. I never said I should get my deceased wife's benefits IN FULL. Personally, what I'm getting now is sufficient. But, that's ME, and not anyone else who might(with similar expenditures) not find it sufficient. That's why I see nothing wrong with still paying a surviving spouse (regardless of that survivor getting SS monthly payments) some percentage of the deceased spouse's payments( Just as GM gives survivors 65%) In another case(and not knowing the dollar amounts involved)........ My w
  20. But in the latter case, it was---- "JEANNIE or SAMANTHA?" Sepiatone
  21. But you still didn't say if you put your money out..... Sepiatone
  22. I'll bet that sign and pole were knocked over by some "nosediving" idiot, walking while twiddling his thumbs on his phone and WALKED INTO IT! Sepiatone
  23. Seems you too, are basing your arguments on assumptions. For the last two years my wife was on a liquid protein diet fed to her through a PEG-tube in which the "food" provided was entirely covered by HER OWN BC/BS medicare plus PPO policy as a GM retiree. And with only one car to insure(plus no extra gasoline expenditure) The reduction in "expenses" when she passed were FAR less than the reduction in SS benefits. And clothing? By the time my wife had her stroke she had long before accumulated enough clothing to last her well into her 80's. Any clothing bought since then would have bee
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