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  1. Some maybe, but not all. In fact, those folks are in the minority as I really don't often run across people who say "warsh" much anymore. In fact, saying "HORSHradish" is a common slop up to make and hard to avoid normally. But, "sherBERT" should be done away with altogether.( and please, no "Bert and Ernie" jokes.) Sepiatone
  2. But you can't party with it like AJAX! Sepiatone
  3. DANG! I forgot to stock up on sausage to celebrate GROUND HOG day! Sepiatone
  4. Well, that's primarily how I survived the Detroit riot of '67. Sepiatone
  5. Gosh, I remember how popular that theme was when I was a kid! (I was 6 when it came out) Sepiatone
  6. I haven't seen everything those men had directed, and a couple of them I've never heard of or knew they directed a movie I saw and liked. So..... Pass. Sepiatone
  7. I'm with you on the "You're welcome" matter. And too, did you notice how easy it is to call horseradish "HORSHRADISH"? I do try to call it "horse" which does take some diligence . But the "no problem" matter deals with popular vernacular, which I sometimes have fun with. Like when someone(usually a cashier) says, "Have a good one." I'll respond with, "I'll try for TWO." And in places like this forum, I'll limit my "text" usage to those matters that have no corresponding emoticon. Like, BTW(by the way) and IMHO( in my humble opinion) And will use a laugh or "wink" emoticon
  8. SCTV's parodies were great. Like this Godfather send-up---- Sepiatone
  9. Actually, that shot of Ms. Bennett up there somehow reminds me of LUCILLE BALL. Sepiatone
  10. Please do not do the injustice of judging the entire decade based on some pizz-poor movies( which admittedly the '70's did have a fair share of) and/or DISCO( yechhh!). Both some very good movies and music came out of that decade. And, IMHO, FAR more of each than the '80's. Sepiatone
  11. Is that teacher still living? (he asked not really knowing just how old Hoganman is) And maybe not if he/she happened upon FaceBook, which would have killed him or her once seeing "Hear" be "here"{, and "There" be "their" and "they're". and etc. over and over again and again. Sepiatone
  12. OK. Like I said, subjective. One movie critics and other people really panned that I kinda liked was ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. Probably because it was intended to be and look so stupid. A fairly done satire of cheap horror flicks. And this exchange which I thought was amusing---- Holding a conference in a room that was taken up with a huge round table that many of the world's leaders had to croawl over the top of to get to their seats, the discussion of how to destroy the tomatoes takes place. The leading scientist from Japan opens with concern that conventional vegetable
  13. For a short while AntennaTV was broadcasting in a wide letterboxed aspect that made everybody look twice as wide as they were normally. And normally heavyset folks looked ridiculous. Sepiatone
  14. Plus too, one might consider Biden's plea for unity had nothing to do with politics and politicians. Certainly you realize this country isn't only divided on matters of political issues. Sepiatone
  15. I've run across that kind of problem. Right now my fairly new 50" flat panel monitor is set at a 16:9 aspect ratio. On TCM most movies made up until the very early '50's fill the screen. And it depends on how some stations are broadcasting. Example--- MeTV now broadcasts in a ratio That not only gives me thick bars on top and bottom, but on both sides too. Giving the effect of viewing old TV shows on an old 26" diagonal TV screen. And AntennaTV, which used to show the old BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW in an aspect that filled that screen now switched to one that does that too. And
  16. So, it seems it was HEARST and not KANE that effectively ended her film career. But then Hearst couldn't have foreseen that 80-90 years later people WOULD remember her as a star. Sepiatone
  17. What's funny is this is so subjective that some are gonna find movies they always thought were "great" among those some obscure panel decided were "turkeys". Sepiatone
  18. I always dug BLUES SINGERS! Sepiatone
  19. Indeed. I've not heard or read anything about the effect of Covid-19 on a pregnant Mother's fetus or the effects of treatment medicines on the unborn. Sepiatone
  20. Since WHEN??? Anyway, if anything about Trump gets chiseled on Mount Rushmore, best let Trump do it himself as he's proven to be an expert chiseler. Sepiatone
  21. Amen! Anyway..... Thanks for the link. But it still doesn't answer my query as to which executive orders that Biden signed that YOU thought weren't aimed at unity. But I think we've beaten this poor dead hose sufficiently. Sepiatone
  22. So, who's arguing? It's just that I've never heard(or read) anything that came close to making that claim. So, where or how did you come to that? Maybe some newer publication about Citizen Kane than the one I had that was published in the '70's? I'm just curious. I always figured Ms. Davies' career ended when she outlived the public's interest. Sepiatone
  23. That conclusion never occured to me. How did you reckon that? Sepiatone
  24. True, but now that he's gone they might not want to wait to see if Biden keeps the status quo or makes it worse. Sepiatone
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