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  1. That should read, "When Steve McQueen DIED" Man, I gotta get one of them "EZ reader" keyboards! Sepiatone
  2. When Steve McQueen sied, everybody made a big deal about how "cool" he was. My wife even said she didn't think he was extremely phisically attractive, but his countenance of "coolness" is what DID make him attractive. It was the same wih Dennis Hopper. Not really a great looking guy, but he had the "cool" or "hip" thing going for him. Even at the time of his death at age 75 or so, Hopper could be in a room filled with guys 1/3 his age and STILL be the "hippest" guy in that room. So, who today has that air of "coolness" about them? Not really hunky or handsome but with that edge tha
  3. That makes sense in that Twitty WAS groomed to be an Elvis clone early in his career. As were many others. Sepiatone
  4. How about Burt Lanchaster in *Sweet Smell Of Success*. Or Oilcan Harry in the *Mighty Mouse* cartoons?
  5. Well done! Your thread, mudskipper.
  6. Never seen "Ouy Of The Past" Dargo. Looks like I'm going to keep an eye out for it! Sepiatone
  7. Dargo's mention of the Colonel's involvement rings true. I don't know if Elvis had even been considered for the part, but if he had, Parker would have put the kaibosh on it. Why? Because "Bye, Bye Birdie" wasn't ABOUT Conrad Birdie. Conrad was an amalgam of different idols and their stereotypes, and the stage musical and subsequent movie was no doubt inspired by Elvis' own entry into the Army. I'm willing to bet Parker held a certain amount of animosity for it because HE didn't come up with the "One Last Kiss" idea. Plus, "Birdie" wouldn't have made a "proper" Elvis soundtrack LP.
  8. I'd have to go with Bette Davis in *Of Human Bondage.* Sepiatone
  9. Sorry...just a habit of mine... Next guess.
  10. Not a bad guess 6666, but not the RIGHT one. Hint: think about 30 or so years earlier... Sepiatone
  11. Never a big Houston fan here. Just not my kind of music. But I cannot deny the talent. Nor how tragic, at such a young age, her death is. May she now rest in peace. Sepiatone
  12. Disney is sacharrine? That was my group's conclusion for the most part, but that word wasn't used. I think pasteurized was bandied about. But that was in referrence to subject matter. We just felt the humor in Warner's was more edgy, and appealed more to us now old "hippies". But also, as old "stoners", we cannot deny props to Disney for "Fantasia", or the mind blowing "Pink Elephants on Parade" segment in "Dumbo". But that's just too few and far between. But as much as I go on about quality animation, there also has to be something to watch. I can on one hand diss the cheezy
  13. The twist that makes it more mysterious is both the scarf left behind and the old newspaper. Plus, if that sort of thing happened to me, I'd head for some kind of shrink. Or start keeping a window opened when using them oil paints. I was also annoyed with the butchered adaptation of Debussy in the score. Sepiatone
  14. Actually kriegerg, *I Am Legend* is a white-to-black remake of Charlton Heston's *Omega Man.* Sepiatone
  15. Sorry, that should have read, "A figment of a delusional artist's imagination". Sepiatone
  16. Concerning *Portrait of Jennie.* I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning watching this melodrama and recieved NO closure! WAS Jennie an apparition? A figment of a delusional artist? Was she Ethel Barrymore? HELP ME, please! Sepiatone
  17. Well, Dickinson certainly LOOKED good in "Rio Bravo". Acting is another matter. Clift as Dude? Well, we all know Martin's ability at acting drunk. Clift however, probably wouldn't be acting. Not at that point in his life... Sepiatone
  18. I'll try to change it up for you misswonderly, and "spew" my whole hearted agreement! Sepiatone
  19. Fred, if Eli Wallach, an American Jew, can play a Mexican, then certainly Charlton Heston, an American Christian, can play a Mexican too. By the way, my wife is a Laredo Texas born Mexican whose Webb County birth certificate states her race is "White". God only knows when she became "Brown". Sepiatone
  20. Sprocket, you say "Communism collapsed under the wieght of it's own inefficiency"? You mean it wasn't because of Ronald Reagan??? :0 Sepiatone
  21. Thank you... "Stuck In The Middle" Sepiatone
  22. To get back to the point Razor was re-emphisizing; I can choose, if I wish, to put up a 4:3 aspect ratio on my set. This will give me a picture with black bars on the sides of my screen. IF I had watched a "zoomed in" broadcast in this aspect ratio, it would've likely looked horrible. If TCM just played it straight, it would have appeared full screen on my set anyway. Probably true for anyone with a wide-screen TV set. They just should have left it alone. Sepiatone
  23. I'll go one better...I have a little composite-rubbery type figurine of the frog hanging on my keychain! And there he'll stay until he's pried from my cold, dead fingers!! Sepiatone
  24. That the daughters had blonde hair could be explained away by saying it was dyed. But the SON being blonde too, well, what's up with that? Sepiatone
  25. Many composers of orchestral music that today is performed by major "classical music" orchestras once wrote scores for what we here in these forums like to call "classic" movies. Aaron Copeland's score for "Of Mice and Men" is worthy of being included in the catalouge of his more "serious" works. I have a CD of the London Symphony Orchestra doing Bernstein's score for "On The Waterfront". And a CD of Wolfgang Korngold scores. To harken back to the Looney Toons thread, I had no objections to my kids watching "The Smurfs" cartoons back in the early '80's, in spite of the cheezy animation
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