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  1. I've had the pleasure of seeing this film on the big screen in a theater with an excellent sound system. Luckily more than once. Point a gun to my head and demand I single out any segment as my favorite, and you may as well just pull the trigger. If I HAD to single out anything, it would be the slow tempo Stokowski gave "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies". It sounds SO much better at that tempo.


    What I would find to complain about would be the way theaters used to advertise the showing of it. Newspaper ads would simply show a still shot of Mickey Mouse from "Sorcerer's Apprentice". So many parents would bring their four and five year olds to the show. AND of course, THEY got bored real quick and would start getting fidgity. Between their whining and the parent's shushing, it made it hard to fully enjoy. So I started going to the later showings.


    But what's also delightful is that many people I know who detest classical music (my kids included) simply LOVE this tribute to hand drawn animation. I defy the makers of Anime to TRY and top it!




    I too, am a music lover. Of all kinds. And I pay closer attention to the ENTIRE score of a movie than just the main theme. This has been ever since a friend of mine turned me on to the music of Franz Waxman by having on an old movie he scored on the TV in another room, and we were able to pay attention to the music without the distraction of the action on the screen. (Hmmm...sounded a little Johnny Cochran there...) That was nearly 40 years ago. And since that time, I've been disappointed with the Oscar winning scores several times. Past AND present.


    I never COULD figure out how, and WHY, Harold Arlen's magnificent work on *The Wizard of Oz* was beat out by the score for *Gone With The Wind*, a syrup oozing, melodramatic, over produced score if I ever heard one. Many years later, the Academy gave the nod to that silly pop tune "Take My Breath Away" over the much better written "Somewhere Out There", probably, I thought, because *Top Gun* was a more popular movie than the animated *An American Tale.*



    Some of what I thought were great scores never even get consideration. One of the best scores to underline a film that I ever heard was David Morse's work on *Ocean's 11* (2001). Completely ignored. My favorite John William's scores, in SPITE of his usual "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones' " bombasts was the work he did on *Arlington Road* , which was FAR uncharacteristic of what we were familiar with from him. And got ignored as well.



    I long gave up trying to figure it out. So I hit the head when the category comes up on the broadcasts.







    What I was meaning, misswonderly, was that over the years those two have let what made them "cool" fade away. Around the time Bergen did *T.R. Baskin* she was considered one of the "hip" and "edgy" young actresses. Now, she's just an actress. For example, Lily Tomlin was a personality that had the "cool" thing going, and still does. Meaning her mind and heart are still intact with that which made her "cool".



    How can you think I meant getting older made you NOT cool anymore after I claimed that at age 75, Dennis Hopper would still be the coolest guy in a room filled with guys 1/3 his age?



    But this puts me to mind that what's "cool" really does change over the years. In a movie I thought was stupid, *Joe Dirt* , The title character goes around looking like a leftover from the '70's rock group STYX, with his mullet haircut and all. When a car inadvertantly sprays him with gravel, the driver stops, gets out of his car and asks Joe, "Are you OK?", Joe replies, "I'm cool". The driver replies, "No, Joe. You're NOT!" Maybe back in the '70's, a guy like joe WOULD have been considered "cool", but in the '90's, he wasn't.



    But there ARE those guys, and gals, that one looks at and thinks, "Man, don't THEY look cool!" And don't fully realize why they think that. And in some cases it's not really how they LOOK. Some of the "coolest" people I know would give somebody the first impression that they're dorks. And it's only when you get to know them do you realize. AND vice-versa!






  4. Well, Dargo, the genie DID say "living or dead".


    But, hey! We covered just about everyone that would do "Lincoln Portrait" proud (except Alec Baldwin) So why NOT get comic with it.


    And in that spirit, Dargo, Berra and Crosby are good picks. So is Chico.


    If any of you are familiar with that piece, imagine it narrated by...GILBERT GOTFRIED!



  5. Have to admire Shatner for his willingness to poke fun at himself. And to do so while still coming off like one on an ego trip.


    Now, back to the subject.


    Some say a "Thriller" is the type of movie others call "Horror flicks". MY definition is: If the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat not knowing what's coming up next, and shocking last night's dinner into your pants...THAT'S a "thriller". needn't be gross or gory, just super suspenseful.


    I've seen plenty of them in my time, but one I remember that was a surprise. A bunch of us went to a local drive-in to see the movie "Let's Scare Jessica To Death", which we found out should have been called "Let's BORE Jessica To Death". But on the same bill was an unheard of flick called "Daddy's Gone A-Hunting" which starred Paul Burke. MAN, That flick had us jumping in our car seats several times. Nothing paranormal or supenatural, just good writing and pacing.



  6. As far as women go, there was a time Candice Bergen could have been considered "cool". And Gena Rowlands. Most of the actresses that might have fit the category are hitting or have hit middle age and beyond. Seems the females have gone back to being "starlets" instead of oozing "coolness" anymore...



  7. Duryey(sic), I agree.


    Maybe Bergman was nodded to because "For Whom The Bell Tolls" was from Hemingway, and the acadamy wanted to appeare "Literary". I don't know.


    As for Bernadette, I've seen it only a couple of times, and wasn't impressed. I did think Jones' work was rather melodramatic, which is common for movies about religious topics at that time. Just as was wrapping female accident victims up to look like nuns( a complaint Bette Davis once made). More melodrama was added by the way too syrupy music score. Anyway, all was done to play up a simpathetic tone towards the unjustly treated girl. And I agree a younger actress should have been considered. As for the apparition of Mary, why NOT show her? Maybe without all the fol-de-rol, which would strike too much of realism, which Hollywood was dead set against for some reason.



  8. All I know is that the Disney channel was broadcasting at 3:00am, and the show WASN'T any adult level sitcom. Although...


    Back in the early days of cable TV(around THESE parts, anyway), I would be up at midnight on a workday watching "Burns and Allen" on Nickelodeon. About 1982. My youngest daughter, then seven, would wander out and watch it with me. When it was over, she'd saunter off back to bed. She LOVED Gracie. Still does!



  9. For Darkblue:


    Sam Jaffe would be good for "Lincoln Portrait". He would deliver the distinguished sound the words of Lincoln surely deserve without sounding "bombastic".


    Character actor Royal Dano would also do well. He too, had a good baritone sound, and Dano once played Lincoln in a small film some years back.


    I have an old LP of "Lincoln Portrait" narrated by Henry Fonda. Fonda had, like all of us, a distinctive voice, though not "distinguished". It lent a sort of "everyman" or "common man" tone to it, which would have thrilled Lincoln, who once said, "God must love the common man. He made so MANY of them!"


    Let's please leave Kevin Costner off this list. He's a good actor, but in any movie in which he's done narration, it always sounded stilted and lifeless, like a high school kid doing an oral book report.



  10. Darkblue, if you're gonna add Cox to the list, you might as well also go with "Cuddles" Sakall!


    Actually, Cox would be great for "Peter and the Wolf". I once had this notion, back in the vinyl days, that instead of putting the usual "Carnival of the Animals" on the B side of "Wolf", to do BOTH sides with PATW done by two different narrators. MY choices were Fred Rogers on one side, and Paul Reubens as Pee-Wee Herman on the other! Cover almost the entire child spectrum.



  11. Sometimes a member of my family will host a "card party" where we all chip in $5 and play Texas Hold 'Em. I mention this only because these games are often long. My wife and I sometimes don't stumble through our front door until 2:00am or later.


    I can't go right to bed. I'll sometimes have a "last cigarette"( no lectures, please)and do a bit of channel surfing. And I'll run across something on the Disney channel. THEN I start to wondering, since the Disney channel is targeted towards an audience of children, WHO'S children are still UP at that time? Maybe in China, where some of the kiddies are just knocking off the afternoon shift? But here in America? Just HOW MANY kids are UP at 2:00am watching "iCarly"?




    You know, I've been going over some of the(or, MOST of)posts in this thread and thought, "MAN! Don't WE all sound like a bunch of judgemental, chauvanistic creeps!"


    It all started with this thread that stated Gene Tierney is ONE of Hollywood's great beauties. And she is. Some say THE greatest of beauties, which is always up for arguement I guess. But somebody went on about her "overbite". Truth be told, if a woman of Tierney's league and class showed any interest whomever posted that, He would say, "the HELL with the overbite!". Or, "WHAT overbite?" Or in MY case, it would be the day the Devil needed an overcoat!


    Yeah, I know I'm as guilty as anyone else here. No lectures, please. But it does remind me of something funny that happened WAYYYY back in the plant I used to work.


    There was a guy in my department we all called "Hagar" because he looked like the comic strip character of the same name. Except he wore a knit cap instead of a viking hat. You always knew when Hagar was coming around. He was the type you smelled two minutes before he came into sight.


    Anyway, some guy had a Playboy magazine opened up to the centerfold, and a bunch of us afoementioned creeps were standing around ogling it when Hagar sauntered up and looked at it and said, "*I* wouldn't kick her out of bed!" We all looked at each other, then at Hagar, THEN we all burst out laughing. Obviously, it would have been HER doing all the kicking!



    Of course, I'll humbly admit that any of the ladies mentioned in this thread would, in my case, do a fair amount of kicking, too. So I'll respectfully make this my last post in this thread.






  13. OK, misswonderly, I'll agree with Tommy. But not the other guys.


    Otis? Take away the beret, fedora, and tinted glasses, and Depp looks kinda TWERPISH to me. No disrespect for Depp, high on the list of the best out there today, just my perception.


    An aside: Judging by his body of work, I think Johnny Depp should change his last name to DEFT!



  14. No, NOT the silly vocal competition TV show...here's a scenario;


    You're a producer for the recordings of a major symphony orchestra. You want to record Aaron Copeland's "Lincoln Portrait" and are looking for someone to provide the narrative. Suddenly, a genie appears and claims to be able to provide ANYONE, living or dead, to provide that voice.


    Who would you like to get?


    Someone with the preferred dramatic timbre no doubt. But WHO would it be for you?


    MY short list is:


    Orson Welles

    James Earl Jones

    Roscoe Lee Brown

    Charlton Heston

    James Mason

    Sidney Poitier

    William Conrad

    Kirk Douglas(middle age)

    John Huston

    Jose Ferrer


    Who else do you think would do?




    Just saw *The Day of The Jackal* recently on TCM, and it appears Edward Fox as "The Jackal" was as villianous as it gets. Methodical, remorseless, determined, resourceful with no hint of emotion. Couldn't call him "cold" because that would betray at least some level of conscience. The idea that he can make love to that rich woman, then kill her so matter-of-fact makes him a chilling entity.






  16. Dargo, your post a few down reminded me of something that came to mind while watching "All The King's Men" the other day.


    John Derek certainly had the looks, and was a good actor to boot. Yet he never achieved the level of "stardom" that less good looking and less competent actors have. Ya gotta wonder why. Of course, there is a certain level of politics that play into some of these reasons. Perhaps Derek refused to "play the game" the studio execs wanted him to. Maybe he got too fussy as to which roles he would accept. Maybe, as in Johnny Fontain's situation in "The Godfather", he screwed the wrong producer's girlfriend. I really couldn't say for sure.



  17. "Chops up the butt" simply means she was very good at what she did. She may not have been the BEST actress, but she WAS very competent, and no ham.


    AND we get back to conjecture...the earlier poster thinks Ava Gardner was one of the "great beauties". I don't agree. It boils down to one of those old "Ginger or Mary Ann" type discussions. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is probably one of the truest old saws in the toolbox.



  18. I think too much is being made about that party Clive Davis was having while the police were swarming over Houston's hotel room a few floors below. They made it sound as if everyone was living it up. Maybe, maybe not. Everyone there could have been sitting somberly around, reminiscing about the good times they shared with Houston. If nobody FROM that party talks, anything that happened isn't truly known.


    At least one good thing came out of Houston's tradgedy...maybe NOW, people will come to realize what a truly first-rate JACKASS Bill O'Rielly is.



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