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  1. I'm getting weary of people assuming they know what I mean and follow up with an "explanation" that's nowhere near what I meant when I stated it. And I'm sure in the issue of the relief bill it will be the right who obstruct and pull from any "unity", just as I'm sure if some other bill, brought forth from the right, will find the same blithe dismissal and pull away from "unity" from the left as both sides have wallowed in the muck of adversarial politics so long they've lost sight of what they've really been elected to do. So, which executive orders did Biden sign that leads you to th
  2. Never heard of Ben Colorized. What other movie has he done? Sepiatone
  3. Of course, I've always KNEW that Cookie Monster ROCKS! Sepiatone
  4. Loved Cicely, but was a similar tribute to CLORIS considered? Or did I somehow miss it..... Sepiatone
  5. Since first seeing this movie to even today I STILL laugh at this line from Cloris' Frau Blucher. Sepiatone
  6. Yeah. Where's THIS guy when you need him? Sepiatone
  7. While concern about Iran is valid, remember it was SAUDI NATIONALS who highjacked the airliners that slammed into the WTC. The same Saudi nationals as Bin Laden was, and came from the same Saudi nation Bush and Trump both had sucked up to( with Bush being photographed walking hand in hand with Saudi leaders during his terms) and Obama too had been amiable towards. Trump's ban was nothing more than a calculated ploy to play on American fears and prejudices about Islam and it's followers to garner votes and give the appearance of strength. Anyone with half a brain should know if Muslim
  8. I've heard that "make D.C. a state" attributed to both dems and the GOP since the mid '70's. Along with Puerto Rico. So until it happens I won't give the "accusation" much credence. Right now it's Biden pushing a pandemic relief bill. Let's see who makes it more difficult to get passed before we deign to pronounce who's lying about "unity". And just who suffers the most if it's not passed and then too, determine who twixt the two factions oppose unity. That seems to me a misguided perpetuation of the political immaturity that's been stifling the nation's progress and co
  9. So it can't be all that invisible, can it? Sepiatone
  10. Yep. And maybe NOW some might begin to understand why many are doing their best to preserve nature. And who don't think their concern or efforts are a "scam". Sepiatone
  11. The usual reactions from the GOPers here I notice are ignoring or dismissing anything negative posted about the right(as if they've never been flawed). And a lot of the tired, old "Liberals" this and that arguments. And somehow thinking it's OK for a republican rep to call for the execution of people because they belong to an opposing political party. The GOP aren't pathological liars. They're just pathological. Sepiatone
  12. And under the circumstances, very sad too. I was still reeling from the death of Cloris Leachman and now Ms. Tyson is gone! I tell ya. This year is NOT off to a good start. Granted, at bot Cloris' and Cicely's ages it should come as no big surprise, but that fact doesn't make it any less sad. Sepiatone
  13. I would substitute "abused" for "used" in that statement. Sepiatone
  14. Thanks. But my !*@#%@** spell check disapproved both spellings. And incidentally, you misspelled "misspelled". Sepiatone
  15. Denyers of "global warming" and "Climate change" all claim they're scams or hoaxes. Most who claim they're both facts point to them as the reason for the inordinate amount of anomalous weather we've been experiencing in recent decades. But I've given Those who deny the existence of both ample opportunity to give an intelligent explanation for those weather oddities and to list the sources of their information and have yet to get ANY response. Sepiatone
  16. WOW! THAT must've hurt coming out! Looks like everyone knows what Nip's news sources are worth! Sepiatone
  17. NEIGH-_EIGH-_EIGH-_E-E-e-e-e-......! What a treasure she was. Even at an advanced age she endured a turn on DANCING WITH THE STARS. My paper's AP source for her obit failed mentioning that, and her short stint as Ellen Degeneres' Mother on Ellen's short lived second sitcom. Or lighting up the tube with her spot on TWO AND A HALF MEN. Now two here can argue all they want about Cloris being the only good thing about "High Anxiety", but for sure, her turn as "Granny" in the horrid BEVERLY HILLBILLIES movie WAS the only good thing about that flick. With a filmography of rou
  18. Yeah, but as you well know, some people can talk a LOT and never really SAY anything. I guess it's a personal thing. While I like Dunkin' coffee, and most of their donuts, (especially the chocolate glazed) I never really cared much for powdered sugar donuts. But there was an independent bakery located on the service drive of I-96 on the way to GM's Livonia powertrain plant that all the team leaders( me included) would stop at each Friday morning for their donuts. DAMN good donuts! And after a while they got to know who we all were and where we were buying all those
  19. Yeah, on the surface one could(if tunnel visioned) make the argument that my sentiment appears like Utopian pie in the sky. But basically it boils down to "unity" as being American citizens. Which is what Biden's initiatives strives for. None of them seek Special considerations for race, age, etc., but moving people up (or down) to a level plane. Don't start taking me out of context. One guy here, in a thread I forgot the title of, when I posted that "Of the people, by the people and for the people" meant everybody, came back with some swill about me wanting to see the country overrun b
  20. I seem too , remembering he had an afternoon TV show in the '70's. for a short while. Sepiatone
  21. And where "lost boys" wind up being compromised. Sepiatone
  22. Actually, they never tell you much. Once a dietitian told my wife to avoid foods with high levels of phosphorous. She never did provide any info on just what foods they might be. Not even when asked. She just looked blank faced and repeated that line. If not for the internet we never would have found out that whole wheat, nuts and nut spreads, corn, broccoli and my wife's favorite, blueberries were part of the regimen to avoid. Sepiatone
  23. Actually no. The cheesecake I'm referring to was never round, topped with canned pie filling or chocolate shavings, or came in different flavors. This is the closest to it I could find on the Tube--- Sepiatone
  24. Unity is setting aside all considerations of race, age, party, income levels, gender and to begin thinking and acting in terms of working towards not what sets us apart, but in what we all have in common and improving that circumstance. The WHOLE country will improve only if everyone benefits. Sepiatone
  25. Actually, I never noticed that at all. I more see teens watching TV and/or movies on their phones(OY!) and with earbuds pushed in their ears. If not that, they're still "nosediving" into their phones while twiddling their thumbs( texting, etc.). As for music in film.... I usually thank the silent era for that. As the first era in movie history involved movies being shown soundless and with a theater pianist or organist providing music along with the movie presumably to help create the mood or atmosphere of the movie story due to the absence of film sound and dialogue . And when soun
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