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  1. I would love to see a night devoted to fashion trends in the movies. some of the old movies I watch have some outrageous outfits worn by the women. I try to read in the credits who does the designs. All I can catch is onetime "edith head?"
  2. If you are hoity toity, it's "Rosebud", but if you are blue collar like me it's "your gonna need a bigger boat". come on, you know it's true.
  3. Mae West is not my favorite actor either, but she sure had some great sayings. I love Cary Grant and just watched them in "I'm no angel". Maybe I just imagined this, but it sure seemed like Cary Grant was really enjoying Mae West's quips during that movie. Does anyone know or read about those two when this movie was being made? Did they become great friends..or more?
  4. oh I forgot the part where she grabs an imaginary strand of hair and smooths it back in a final "OK I'm all made up now". Did that twice that I caught. I loved that.
  5. are you kidding? The use of the rice powder makeup was one of the most brilliant decisions I've heard of. It reflects the true cold nature of Regina, and also shows that she is no longer a young and beautiful woman, and needs to apply lots of makeup. Her cold steely eyes, the tight red lips , her painted white face reflected against the netting hanging off her hat when she came in and found out about the bonds from Horace,,,oooo what a moment. I actually held my breath! When that movie ends, I just feel like the world needs to be silent for 5 seconds before just saying "what a great movie". H
  6. I noticed that when Ronnie Howard was singing Gary,Indiana on the porch, at the end of the song Shirley Jones hugged him, then there was some smiling and laughter and a playful pat on his behind as he went inside that just didn't look rehearsed. Shirley truly looked like she found him adorable in that song. I wonder if she has ever said how many takes that song took, and if that's why the congratulatory hug and pat, or if they really had a fun time doing that song like it looks like they had.
  7. WOW ,thanks a lot, now I will get nothing done today. Gotta read all about this.
  8. As this is Academy Award month, thank you for that information. I have wondered how actors get nominated for supporting and lead roles when there are two or more great performances within one movie. Can a director be nominated for directing and another category, say screenwriting ? Does a Best Picture always have a Best Director too? I can't see one without the other.
  9. I am laughing so hard at all these posts! And I think Odes Bodkins does mean odds fish. Will somebody please tell me the answer before I die of laughter.PS Bette Midler in Beaches. Just as frizzy as Barbara Hershey's was sleek
  10. What is the 1947 HUAC hearings please? I have never heard of this.
  11. One of my favorite directors. I am watching 'America , America' . Besides the basic bio's I've read on Elia Kazan, can anyone add any obscure or little known info on him? I would call this any ditty's. This movie is really good.
  12. yes it's a real miracle. it just made me feel so darn good and happy to be alive to watch it for the first time. Going My Way is why I watch TCM. Thank heaven for little gems and all that schmaltz that goes with it.
  13. I know they were just friends, but that kiss between Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Cliff in "A Place in the Sun" sure was a doozy. What's your favorite kiss ? Tell mama...haha Edited by: karenkdempsey on Feb 23, 2014 3:04 PM
  14. Wow...just a thought...maybe "rosebud" from Citizen Kane was the ultimate swear word....
  15. I wonder...list what other old time oaths have been used in movies which, of course, would be acceptable to say now. And on the message board.
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