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  1. The Third Man Bridge on the River Kwai White Heat La Grande Illusion 8 1/2 Double Indemnity Vertigo Psycho The Music Man Yankee Doodle Dandy Some Like it Hot Superman The 400 Blows Casablanca Now Voyager The Grey Diabolique Wages of Fear The Maltese Falcon Notorious Iron Man Bourne Supremacy The Killing Kiss Me Deadly The Manchurian Candidate High Noon
  2. I watch too much tv. Some of my favorites past and present. In random order Sci-Fi/Fantasy 1. The X-Files 2. The Twilight Zone 3. The Invaders 4. Lost 5. Heroes 6. Supernatural 7. Smallville 8. Lois & Clark 9. Forever Knight 10. The Dead Zone Comedy 1. Married with Children 2. Bewitched 3. Family Guy 4. The Brady Bunch 5. All in the Family 6. Mr Ed 7. Modern Family 8. Soap 9. The Golden Girls 10. My Three Sons Cop Drama 1. Third Watch 2. L&O Criminal Intent(Vincent D'Onofrio) 3. L&O SVU 4. CSI 5. Hunter 6. Homicide: Life on the Street 7. NYP
  3. I would love to see Ride the Pink Horse again. TCM hardly ever ever plays it. A very under rated film. It's not my favorite RM film, but it's his best.
  4. I personally would love the month to feature character actors.
  5. Good tribute except they forgot Phillip Carey who died in February.
  6. Joseph Cotten as Star of the Month- Yes! About time. I'm also looking forward to seeing Das Boot, Mr Hulot's Holiday and Mafiso
  7. Yes. I've been on a DVD buying binge Recent purchases: Classic: An Affair to Remember Rock Hudson/Doris Day Collection Destination Tokyo Grand Hotel Modern Classic: Edward Scissorhands Dave Recent: 3:10 to Yuma The Good German On order: The Lady Vanishes Touchez Pas Au Grisbi The Red Shoes Nights of Cabria
  8. Yes- Claude Rains. I'm so happy. Nice to see that Richard Widmark and Charlton Heston each get a day
  9. Wages of Fear, 8 1/2, Bicycle Thieves, Wings of Desire, Wild Strawberries, Fanny and Alexander, Diabolique, Cinema Paradiso
  10. I love W.C Fields. Do you have his boxsets? If not they are worth the money
  11. James Cagney would be good. I'd like to see a month devoted to Joseph Cotten. What would have been his 100th birthday was in May and TCM didn't do a day of his movies like they've done for James Stewart, John Wayne, Janet Leigh and others. Others I'd like to see a month, week or day devoted too: Claude Rains- I don't think he's been featured since 1998 Barbara Stanwyck Alan Hale The Barrymores Glenn Ford Sidney Poiter Rosalind Russell Walter Matthau Agnes Moorehead Edward G Robinson
  12. My favorite director. I love his movies. All time favorite has always been Dial M For Murder His best is Rear Window and Pyscho My top five after Dial M and Rear Window for me is 1. Shadow of a Doubt 2. Notorious 3. Lifeboat 4. The Birds 5. The Man Who Knew Too Much
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