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  1. I think I might have seen it on PBS a long time ago. It is available on YouTube, though one video has Spanish subtitles and the other has an added soundtrack. YT also has the version that appeared on Alfred Hitchcock Presents which is different from the TZ one, though it is based on the same story by Ambrose Bierce. The Encounter episode is also on YT, co-starring Sulu, who has been reduced to mowing lawns. Anything to get away from Captain Kirk.
  2. I believe that An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge was not sydicated. It was a French short film that was bought by the producers and could only be shown two times, which it was during the orignal run of the series. I think I saw it a long time ago on TV, but not as a Twilight Zone episode.
  3. A lot of Yiddish words come from German, and in German Mensch simply means man, without the added meaning that mensch entails. I might have seen the original movie a long time ago, I'm not sure. I like to read the book first, because the movie will always leave things out and fall short of the book.
  4. -Okay, er, let's see now...Doc Hollister's Ramrod and Prune Juice Bowel Relief Elixir. Hmmm...so, umm, this stuff is sort of...well ya know...give me some relief. Now is that so? -Sure will. Clean ya out like a stick of dynamite. -Like a what? Gee...um..well...I don't know about that. -What ya think I'm doing right now. -You mean...er...you're...Now wait just one minute here. *The Cheyenne Social Disease Club* Two old semi-grizzled cowpokes believe they have inherited a top flight bordello with a bevy of voluptuous "employees." But when th
  5. I haven't read Of Mice and Men since high school, where everyone did Lennie imitations, Gee George look at the rabbit. I'll have to read it again one of these days. It's too hard being a mensch. I'm just a Mensch.
  6. Hey, mind your own damn business. My daughter will listen to whoever she pleases. And by the way, my other daughter's skirt length is age and height appropriate. Busybody. *The Effects of Martha Raye on Men Who Moon Marigolds* A lonely child with an embarrassingly eccentric mother tries to find solace in her school science project. She observes that when Martha Raye's v
  7. Thanks. Just like the real movies-some hits, some misses, and lots of in-betweens. :|
  8. C'mon Pete baby, you'll dig this tune. Who can take some grass, Sprinkle it with dust, Sort out all the seeds and stuff, The Reefer Man, The Reefer Man can, The Reefer Man can, Cause he mixes it with love, And makes the world feel good. *Pepper and Salt of the Earth* Rat Packers Sammy and Peter head down to New Mexico where they hear they can score some primo weed just across the border in Mexico. They use a miner's strike to cover their real activities, and get their smoke in time. Peter is happy, Sammy too, "Yeah man, soli
  9. Just give him one more chance. Wait until you hear the riff he does on Cherry. You'll laugh your a s s off. *Redd River* After a hard day on the trail, the cowhands like a little entertainment, but they're tired of some gap-toothed old timer playing the harmonica. So Monty decides to hire Redd Foxx, making him the first African-American comic to play the Chisholm Trail. When Redd does some of his raunchier material it upsets the Duke, and after a tangle with Monty, John is sent packing.
  10. I've been watching noirs on YT, which isn't the best way to do so, but TCM doesn't fit my schedule and I can watch the ones on YT when I have the time, and the choices are better. Saw Framed (1947) with Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan and Edgar Buchanan a few days ago. It's nothing very orignal, but it's a good solid cozy noir. Glenn and Barry look like teenagers, and Janis Carter is quite beautiful, playing a relatively soft-edged femme fatale. It's said to be low-budget, but since it takes place in a small town, you really don't notice it a
  11. Say, is it really radioactive out here, or is it just me? *The Amazing Colossal Bore* Not your father's movie monster, some tall guy in a diaper crushing toy cars and miniature electrical grids. This fiend uses his incredibly pedestrian conversation to bore all kinds of people to death. Among his most deadly remarks: Gee, looks like rain today, Anybody up for the lunch special, Wow that's exactly what happened to me, Ya know, I was thinking the exact same thing, Have a good one.
  12. You know you're right, that is Joan Crawford. I'd recognize that coat hanger shaped birthmark anywhere. *The Night They Raided Manky's* The LAPD receive an anonymous call from a man with a pleasing, sonorous voice complaining that some of his personal collection of classic movie erotica has been stolen and that he suspects a hipster coworker of the theft. The police raid the coworker's home and find the treasure trove of "adult material." Case closed.
  13. Well folks, I'm off to Sun City. Now don't worry friends, you're in good cla...I mean hands. Just one thing, he does like to get boiled on the weekends. *Crawdad-United States Marshall* Aging lawman Wayne, his physical and mental powers starting to wane, realizes it is time to retire. To the surprise of all, he appoints a crawdad to take his place. Unfortunately, just days after the small crustacean is sworn in, he is accidentally stepped on by a citizen and dies. Undeterred, Wayne next selects a lobster to take up the duties of chief law
  14. I haven't seen the original Star Trek episodes in years, but I have them in general outline in my memory banks. Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a Victorian skinflint!
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