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  1. I think I might have seen it on PBS a long time ago. It is available on YouTube, though one video has Spanish subtitles and the other has an added soundtrack. YT also has the version that appeared on Alfred Hitchcock Presents which is different from the TZ one, though it is based on the same story by Ambrose Bierce. The Encounter episode is also on YT, co-starring Sulu, who has been reduced to mowing lawns. Anything to get away from Captain Kirk.
  2. I believe that An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge was not sydicated. It was a French short film that was bought by the producers and could only be shown two times, which it was during the orignal run of the series. I think I saw it a long time ago on TV, but not as a Twilight Zone episode.
  3. Pavement, Here. I had heard of Pavment, a 1990s indie group, but never got around to getting any of their CDs. so I bought a CD over the holidays. Sounds more or less like your typical 1990s indie rock band, and that's a good thing. B-)
  4. I guess that could be so, though the "official" new wave stuff seems to have come along a little bit later, so Roxy might be a precursor. If I remember correctly, in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll they are in the Art Rock chapter. Whatever. I think Love is the Drug was their most successful US single. After all this time, I think their music holds up pretty well.
  5. The fedora doesn't do much, but I like the beret and glasses ensemble. Doesn't Depp live in France part of the year? That gives him a bit of an excuse for the beret. On occasion twerpy can be cool. Call it The Law of Urkel, so I still consider Depp to be fairly cool. I'm not that big on cool, because it's a pretty superficial and transitory thing. The cool person for one period isn't so cool a few years later. Like being a top movie star, it's hard to keep your cool.
  6. The White Stripes with a live version of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. Maple leafs on the friggin' amps? Maybe it was at Canuckapalooza.
  7. Can't Canadians make due with tube socks and Post-It notes like the rest of the world when it comes to covering up the naughty bits? Don't forget the Canada Dry beverage company. I think there was a country song way back when with a pun about drinking Canada dry. I'm glad when they get over the little jam session at the beginning and get into good old Roxy Music territory. What a great band. Too bad they never had much success in the U.S.
  8. I do think cool can be applied outside the realm of actors and pop music stars to other people. Naturally, people will disagree about who is cool, and that's perfectly fine. As for bin Laden, remember the character of George Minafer in The Magnificent Ambersons, who goes around bullying other folks and is a spoiled brat? Everybody comments that one day he will meet his come- uppance. Well bin Laden supplied that comeuppance for the U.S. That is 9/11 in a nutshell. Of course, that's a minority view, but that's the great thing about our republic, everyone is entitled to express
  9. I don't take it completely seriously, but it's interesting as an example of the malleability of words and the way they can be expanded beyond their usual definitions, especially in the case of a word like cool, which can be rather nebulous in its definition. It would probably be hard to find a person who met all the characteristics of a cool person in any case. One might also make the argument that a person like bin Laden, who went way beyond the normal bounds of cool is only made cooler by that fact, if one takes cooler as meaning more transgressive. Cool also seems
  10. A lot of Yiddish words come from German, and in German Mensch simply means man, without the added meaning that mensch entails. I might have seen the original movie a long time ago, I'm not sure. I like to read the book first, because the movie will always leave things out and fall short of the book.
  11. I could make a fairly serious case for Osama bin Laden's coolness, under these conditions. Coolness is not usually a moral judgement, but a superficial one. One of the significant factors of coolness is the transgressive, against the grain, giving authority a poke in the eye personality. Who gave the ultimate poke in the eye to the most powerful authority in existence? bin Laden. He planned what all the cool action heroes in the movies do and did it in real life. So that makes him, admittedly in a round about and bizarre way, cool. And being tall, thin, and fairly handsome never hurts e
  12. Now that the Hollywood hype machine isn't quite what it used to be, it's a little more difficult to pump out "cool" folks like it once did. And since "cool" is rarely timeless, "cool" types usually morph into the tiresome after a number of years. Celine was sorta cool. From a certain perspective, bin Laden was cool for a short period of time. Then, as the years went on, he became rather thick and ordinary. And getting killed diminished the little cool factor he had left. 'Tis ever thus.
  13. -Okay, er, let's see now...Doc Hollister's Ramrod and Prune Juice Bowel Relief Elixir. Hmmm...so, umm, this stuff is sort of...well ya know...give me some relief. Now is that so? -Sure will. Clean ya out like a stick of dynamite. -Like a what? Gee...um..well...I don't know about that. -What ya think I'm doing right now. -You mean...er...you're...Now wait just one minute here. *The Cheyenne Social Disease Club* Two old semi-grizzled cowpokes believe they have inherited a top flight bordello with a bevy of voluptuous "employees." But when th
  14. I haven't read Of Mice and Men since high school, where everyone did Lennie imitations, Gee George look at the rabbit. I'll have to read it again one of these days. It's too hard being a mensch. I'm just a Mensch.
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