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  1. I know this thread's been dead, no pun intended actually, for a while, but I was excited to see it. I became a fan of the DEKs ever since I saw them in Angels With Dirty Faces which, I too, think is my favorite of their movies. I have seen Dead End, They Made Me a Fugitive, and several movies of the boys by themselves and am looking forward to seeing The Angels Wash Their Faces on TCM here pretty soon. But there's one movie with Bobby Jordan that I would greatly like to see, but have no success finding it anywhere. Do you know if they ever show it on TCM? It's called Off the Record with P
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  4. The Invisible Man of a Thousand Faces Next: Rain
  5. Yeah, I don't know why, james, but I've always loved that movie since the first time I saw it. It does have that old movie vibe, but several parts of it touch soft spots for me. I'm a pianist myself, and the piano parts were great. I grew up around an old Warner movie theater so just the idea of restoring one in the movie had me hooked. It's also one of the few Jim Carey movies I like and Landau is awesome in it! And maybe the reason why critics didn't like it is because it harps too much on what America's all about. Who knows.
  6. 10 of my favorites, as of right now and not in any particular order, are: Casablanca (1942) Singing in the Rain (1952) The Majestic (2001) Each Dawn I Die (1939) Call Me Madam (1953) Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) Now, Voyager (1942) Ball of Fire (1941) The Incredibles (2004) The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941)
  7. I'll probably get a lot of flak for this, but I really do believe that O'Connor was the better dancer. If you watch Moses Supposes in slow-mo you'll see O'Connor's lines are much straighter, his steps are cleaner, and his balance remains practically perfect. Granted it might have just been him trying to show off more, but Kelly at one point is almost bent over sideways while O'Connor's straight up and down. From a dancer's POV it I don't think it's so shocking for O'Connor to be able to 'keep up' with Kelly. If you compare the two, it appears as if Gene's trying to make it look hard and fl
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