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  1. Thank you, Helenbaby, for the heads-up on John Loves Mary. I haven't even checked the January guide -- just check the channel daily. I'm still involved in Christmas, straightening out after flooding from Hurricane Irene, and still reorganizing after getting new kitchen cabinets nothing fits like it used to in the old ones -- it all happened one after the other. When the February issue comes I check it right away, but I wasn't worried about January dates. Thanks for that. I'm new to the message boards, etc. so I do thank you all for you input. You really can straighten a person out.
  2. If I was wrong about his being Star of the Month, I apologize -- I don't think I go back as far as 1995 with TCM, at least not tracking who and when they honor a star. However, I still think something should be done about his birthday. After all, when we have 31 Days of Oscar, there are often stars being honored because they were nominated, or in a movie that won an Oscar or with a star who won an Oscar. Certainly, they can schedule a Reagan movie on his birthday even if it is talking about an Oscar for something else. For instance, he was in movies with Bette Davis, Claude Rains, etc. If they
  3. Several times I have written about the fact that Ronald Reagan's birthday is not celebrated on TCM. At one time I received an answer saying the schedules are set up at least 6 months ahead of time and it was then too late to make any changes. In the summer that year, I wrote you to tell you that Reagan's birthday was coming on Feb. 6 and to be sure and remember him. That year I believe you gave him 2 or 3 movies (not my favorites). The next year he was forgotten again and I wrote complaining about it. How can you give so many stars a whole day on their birthdays, and ignore the ONLY s
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