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  1. hello all: I just bought this original lobby card from a 1925 Bebe Daniels film. Well, that Bebe Daniels on the right, but who is the man on the left. As far as I can tell, it is either Alfred Lunt, or Harrison Ford (Not Indiana Jones, there was apparently a silent movie star named Harrison Ford!). Anyone know? (and isn't this a great lobby card??) thanks. alan
  2. Terrific cover with Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant! This image of Rosalind Russell was on several movie magazine back covers in 1942.
  3. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. I loved MY FAVORITE WIFE. this is a bit later.
  4. some candid shots from 1942: *www.magazinefiend.com*
  5. early Frank Sinatra with Kathryn Grayson (film: Kissing Bandit) RIta Hayworth makeup ad ad for THREE MUSKETEERS with Gene Kelly *www.magazinefiend.com*
  6. this is a tough question because there are several FABULOUS directors. I am going to pick two: Vincente Minnelli and Billy Wilder. Vincente Minnelli started his career in New York as an art director first on Broadway, then at Radio City Music Hall. He went to Hollywood in 1940. He directed the animated fruit orchestra sequence in STRIKE UP THE BAND with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Subsequently, his first feature was CABIN IN THE SKY and this was followed by MEET ME IN ST LOUIS (1944). This film, starring Judy Garland, was the largest grossing film for MGM up to that time
  7. re: spellbound / Ingrid Bergman wearing eye glasses I also collect original movie poster material. Looked at all the original lobby cards from the film; Ingrid Bergman is on most of the lobby cards but none of them show her wearing eye glasses. I guess they wanted the audience to see her beauty on the advertising material. Its such a good film and she is terrific in it!
  8. hi Arturo: I think you may be correct about Linda Darnell in Unfaithfully yours. The film was released in December 1948, and this issue was from early 1949. So, the advertisement was probably photographed around the time of the filming. Never saw UNFAITHFULLY YOURS.... is it a good film? Here are a few more items: First, a shot of Judy Garland and Robert Walker from the beautiful church sequence in "THE CLOCK" directed by the wonderful Vincente Minnelli Next, a full-page ad for SPELLBOUND with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck (two BEAUTIFUL people!) *www.magazinefi
  9. *Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, 1945* *Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, candid shot during their 'separation'* check out: *www.magazinefiend.com*
  10. Bette Davis cover, 1938 (just around JEZEBEL). and... she's wearing a bathing suit! *www.magazinefiend.com*
  11. re: alan ladd in GATSBY. Yes, I agree. with the trenchcoat he kinda has that humphrey bogart look. never saw the film; do they ever show on tcm? Linda Darnell Makeup advert *www.magazinefiend.com*
  12. movie ad for GREAT GATSBY with Alan Ladd ("a love story to match the tensions of the time......") *www.magazinefiend.com*
  13. wow, the beautiful Montgomery Clift with Olivia DeHavilland in THE HEIRESS. fabulous film *www.magazinefiend.com*
  14. Here's an interesting photo: 6 female singers from the mid-1940s Judy Garland with Virginia O'Brien,Frances Langford, Dorothy Lamour, Ginny Sims and Dinah Shore *www.magazinefiend.com*
  15. I always liked Tyrone Power; he was always handsome and dashing. First saw him in ALEXANDERS RAGTIME BAND; a good film still. Great in MARK OF ZORRO, and quite good and interesting in RAZORS EDGE. And, lets not forget WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION; a VERY good film with Tyrone and Marlene Dietrich. Tyrone Power was a very good actor but he wasn't very lucky in life; he suffered a heart attack at the age of 44 and passed away before reaching the hospital! a shame. *www.magazinefiend.com*
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