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  1. Hello jamesjazz, The bottom line is Arness has been snubbed and until I see an explanation for that I'll assume it is payback time. However, I am not going to Hollywood to ask Carol Burnett and Norman Lear because I've got a bad back. lol. By the way,when the new Baseball Commissioner starts in 2015 he will put Pete Rose in Cooperstown with the condition that Charlie Hustle can not wear a uniform. Take that to the bank because Lane Temple said it and he said it here. Hello the House!!!!!!!! All the Best, Lane Temple
  2. Howdy jamesjazz, So you think I should follow the MONEY. That is a interesting theory but if it is true then the Television Hall of Fame has no meaning. I am going to stick with the "rabbi" theory and I will tell you why. Many years ago, actually 1981, Arness was interviewed and said that he refused to appear on comedy and variety shows because he would not stand still for anything derogatory about the image of Matt Dillon. Anyway, I know that 10 years ago the Committee to elect people to the T.V. Hall of Fame included Carol Burnett, Norman Lear and Edward Asner. I would imagine that Ms B
  3. Well JamesJazz, it depends on what you mean, for example, there is the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City and the Television Hall of Fame in Hollywood.In Hollywood, they have a Committee and they vote on who will be inducted into the Hall and I believe they do it yearly. Now we know that Arness, John Meston, and Dennis Weaver don't have a GOOD rabbi. Yes, I wrote to the Committee several years ago but I NEVER got a response. Lane Temple
  4. Hello Wagon Train, You and I know the reason why Pete Rose is not in Copperstown even though he belongs there. However, we don't know the reason why Arness is kept out of the Television Hall of Fame even though he belongs there. I think he probably ****#d on the lawns of Carol Burnett and Norman Lear. I am, Lane Temple, a man who's teeth were cut out of branding iron. Ah!...THRILL of it ALL!!! Lane Temple
  5. THINKING OUT LOUD...I wonder if I can post a trivia question on this WESTERN Thread or do I have to post it on the Thread called TRIVIA....the question pertains to James Arness and I do not think that anyone will be able to answer it. I sure hope that Kid Dabb sees this comment. I am, Lane Temple, another man who became a legend in his own time. Lane Temple
  6. I agree wouldbestar, the Oasis Saloon in Dodge City's cowboy "Heaven" must be a fun place to be. Yeah, Buck and Burt are still around and so is Roger Ewing. So are Andy McLaglen and Vincent McEveety but most of them are gone now and may they REST IN PEACE. Lane Temple
  7. The is a fair point, Fred. Hopefully I can call U Fred. And speaking of Dennis Weaver, he created one of the most iconic characters in the history of early television, Chester Goode. Jim Arness should be in the T.V. Hall of Fame by himself, however, I would have no problem if Jim and Dennis went into the Hall together. All the Best! Lane Temple
  8. Well, well, well Kid Dabb, AT LEAST you like me. LOL, LOL. Ah!...the THRILL of it ALL!!! Lane.
  9. THINKING OUT LOUD....It is hard to believe that it is ONLY wouldbestar, roverrocks, Kid Dabb, and myself, who think that James Arness SHOULD be inducted into Televisions Hall of Fame. Mr Arness deserved better. I am, Lane Temple, a man who's teeth were cut out of branding iron. Lane Temple
  10. Thanks Kid Dabb, you do good work. Anyway, if Andy Griffith, Alan Alda, William Shatner, Bill Cosby, James Garner, Carroll O'Connor, Edward Asner, MIKE LANDON, and SHERMAN HEMSLEY are in the Hall then James Arness certainly belongs there also. Lane Temple.
  11. Well Kid Dabb,....I am assuming that the Academy did not answer your question. I think it is plain to see that James Arness did not have a rabbi on the Board. Thanks anyway, Kid. Lane Temple
  12. Thank you Kid, I just knew I could count on you. Please let me know if the Academy responds to your question, etc.....and I have an idea that might work also. Thanks again, Kid Dabb. Lane
  13. Well Kid Dabb,...I have been reading your posts here for about 2 years and normally you make good sense. However, Lorne Greene does not belong in the T.V. Hall of Fame in my opinion. If you put him into the Hall then you would have to put into the Hall actors like Richard Boone, Chuck Connors, etc. It's my opinion that James Arness should enter the Hall by himself. Kid, please re-think your statement and let me know how we can get James Arness inducted. I have a few suggestions. I remain, Lane Temple, no brag, just fact. Lane Temple
  14. HOWDY roverrocks, I agree and it is despicable to boot. I think that ALL fans of the Western Genre should band together and right that wrong. Lane Temple
  15. Hello wouldbestar, I would not say that he produced Gunsmoke, that was done by Charles Marquis Warren/Norman Macdonnel, then Norman Macdonnel, then Philip Leacock, and then John Mantley. However, it boggles my mind why they did not induct him into the T.V. Hall of Fame. He must have peed on someones lawn. Thanks for your imput on the matter. Lane Temple
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