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  1. He's behind Cruz in the polls so he needs every nickel. It's a tight race and who knows what voter suppression tactics Republicans are plotting.
  2. This is an old Republican chestnut that keeps getting trotted out from time to time. Anybody who still believes it is an idiot.
  3. Maybe but technically she was correct about her ancestry. Please remember back in the day if a person had "one drop" of Negro blood they were considered Black. Now it would be nice if Trump coughed up the million bucks he promised to the charity of her choice (which he denies making but it's on tape) and both of them shut up about it.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by the way Carol and Illeana were lit but I'll check it out next time. Yes to the first part of your post. I am in total agreement. Way too much about Carol and her TV show and her lousy performance in THE FRONT PAGE. To the guest stars: it's not totally all about you. Keep your ego in check for a few moments and please focus on the movies being presented and who made them and why you like them.
  5. Eddie said Joan and Steve Cochran may have had a dressing room dalliance maybe to make Vincent Sherman jealous. Shame on Joan if she didn't - Steve was HOT! On a superficial note I like the longer hair on Joan, too. I don't know what it was about post-war hairdos around 1950 but a lot of actresses cut their longish locks around that time. On another superficial note, I liked Joan in her swimsuit and cover-up and I definitely liked Steve in his swimwear. I looked up the actress who played David Brian's wife. Edith Evanson also played the housekeeper in ROPE. Serena Royle as J
  6. He ain't exactly June Allyson or Edward Arnold, but to each his own. (Sorry; I couldn't resist.) ?
  7. Have you ever seen this show? No one kicks this guy out of bed. ?
  8. I've never seen THE DAMNED DON'T CRY and so I'm looking forward to maximum Joan Crawford and Eddie's comments.
  9. I LOVE Melvyn in NINOTCHKA. He's perfect and it's one of my favorite Melvyn Douglas performances. He was so good in comedies in his younger years and dramas later on. Irene and Greta were lucky ladies.
  10. I was surprised Carol Burnett didn't know that Carole Lombard and William Powell used to be married. She's such a fan of old movies and she said she was named after Carole Lombard; I thought that was something she would know but seemed genuinely surprised when Illeana mentioned it before MY MAN GODFREY. As for Illeana's grandfather the great Melvyn Douglas, I love him in THEODORA GOES WILD. He had the funniest lines. Of course, Irene Dunne was great. I've seen THEODORA a couple of times but it had been awhile. I think it's a wonderful, delightful movie.
  11. From what I read she had surgeries which resulted in nerves being cut around her upper lip. I also read that she did put tissue inside her upper lip and co-stars could tell during kissing scenes. She was very self conscious about her looks. It's sad that she felt this way.
  12. I think the paralysis of her upper lip she had from plastic surgery probably affected the way she spoke.
  13. And yet you watched it. You lost your monster cred with me if you haven't seen any of the old Universal 1940's era Mummy movies before tonight, pal. ?
  14. I think Miss Gloria's character was looking for some excitement from the tediousness of taking care of a baby and an inattentive husband. Then there's this dangerous manly Robert Ryan. As she says, "Just this once." You go girl, take that walk on the wild side just this once. ?
  15. Except if her dog was really sick, like take-to-the-vet-now emergency sick, she may have wanted to be with the dog herself instead of handing him off to an assistant. ("Here, take Fido to the vet and call me if he croaks.") Maybe instead of "loony pet-doter" it's "responsible-I-love-my-pet owner." She probably should have called Sam herself and explained what was going on or have the assistant do that instead of standing him up.
  16. I love The Lost Patrol. I've seen it a few times and agree the cinematography is superb plus my man Boris Karloff in a non-monster, non-criminal role. One of John Ford's gems.
  17. Even if the movie is lousy, I just love the artwork of these posters/lobby cards that LawrenceA includes with his reviews, especially from the early 1930's. They remind me of some of the old paperback pulp novel cover art.
  18. It's the old blame the victim act. Stale, Grassley, even for an old fogey like you.
  19. And a guy who won't admit anything about his teenage drinking. What's going on? He could have said that yes, he drank a lot in high school and college, like a lot of kids, but never assaulted anybody. Still, under oath he kept denying. Was it because he truly was a nasty, loud, obnoxious drunk who assaulted girls and he's afraid that info will get out? Trump is such an a***hole insulting Dr. Ford. I'm not surprised. Here's a guy who insults disabled people, Gold Star families, John McCain, brags about grabbing women, etc. But women holding up "Women for Trump" signs during this? T
  20. Belita was pretty and did a decent job lip-syncing that song (and whoever really sang it sounded like it could be Belita.) Yes, serviceable, and I liked her hair. She looked good in her swimsuit cover-up. I thought she looked a little bit like Gloria Grahame but without the talent or charisma. I had never heard of her before. Joan Lorring and Virginia Christine were much better and more interesting. Sometimes John Ireland is pretty intense and he certainly was here. His character was wound very tight. Gambling addiction is about as bad as drugs or alcohol. I really felt his desper
  21. Arturo, you know how it is: if you don't bow down to the sacred p e n i s of over privileged rich white males then you must be a radical socialist lesbian. That's the only logical explanation. ?
  22. GROAN! I should have seen this joke coming a mile away. ?
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