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  1. I like him, too. I read an article somewhere (can't remember where) that the author thought he over-acted but I think he gave some excellent performances. He never became a major star, though. He was one of those reliable, workmanlike performers who always came through and didn't disappoint.
  2. rayban, I like that photo of Bogarde. He looks quite handsome in it and maybe a little bit naughty. Fashions of 1934 - I haven't seen this one in years but watched it because of Bill & Bette. I didn't know her hair was a wig; I just noticed she was "glammed up". By the way, I think the title was shortened to just Fashions later on.
  3. Totally agree. If TCM is going to continue the Oscar month, I agree to keep it to night time so birthdays can be celebrated during the day. And let's mix it up with some nominees from the other studios instead of just the usual suspects. I also like the idea of presenting overlooked talent that has never been nominated and/or never won. Use your imaginations, TCM programmers!
  4. Flake does sit on the fence a lot and then goes with the Republican flow. I thought to myself earlier when I was watching him with the women at the elevator, Jeff, why can't you do the right thing? You're not even running for reelection. So he gets half a bravo from me. A week isn't very long but the FBI has a lot of manpower and I imagine they've already started. As for Graham, yikes, pal, tone it down! You've got your clip for your next campaign commercial, Mr. Single White Guy from South Carolina. Or was that your audition to be the next Attorney General?
  5. Thanks so much, LawrenceA, "Today" is another great love song. Much appreciated and I love that photo above it, too.
  6. Well, it's something at least. I couldn't post yesterday or even read posts I was so upset. Kavanaugh, white rich son of privilege who naturally could do no wrong because, after all, he went to private school and Yale. He wouldn't even answer questions about his drinking or about wanting an FBI investigation. If you've got nothing to hide, wouldn't you want the FBI to clear your name? He was so rude - not an even-tempered unbiased person we need at the highest court. And blaming the Clintons! Were they at your teenage drinking parties back in the 80's? Was he drunk yesterday or is he j
  7. I just read that Marty Balin, original member and co-founder of Jefferson Airplane, has passed away at age 76. He had heart surgery in 2016 and apparently suffered many complications and he sued the hospital but no official cause of death yet. Our older posters (like me, ahem) will remember his wonderful voice. His song, "Miracles" from the Jefferson Starship "Octopus" album in the late 1970's is one of the loveliest (and sexiest) songs I've ever heard. I'd post it but I don't know how but you can download it off the Rolling Stone Magazine web site. Rest in peace, Marty, as you join the a
  8. Lots of books by Crowther on Amazon if that's what you're looking for. Some decent prices, too.
  9. This Cosby mess started before the Me-Too movement but, yes, this is the first thing he will be remembered for. This is his legacy and he's responsible for it.
  10. It's difficult to make your country great again when it's run by a dictator, your sons are being kidnapped to be turned into thugs, your daughters are raped and you're constantly on the run for your lives.
  11. What's the hurry? There was no hurry when Merrick Garland was nominated. Afraid more nastiness about BTK is going to come out? This is a job interview for a lifetime appointment.
  12. Plus his alleged assaults didn't result in any penetration that we know of so technically maybe he was a virgin. Nobody, no matter how drunk, apparently wanted BTK's private parts shoved in their faces or elsewhere. ?
  13. Is being a sex deviant a job requirement for Trump and Republicans? I would think they could find some conservative judge who has had a relatively clean history and isn't a total embarrassment. This whole "I know the best people" shtick is a bad joke.
  14. Anybody who sees a photo of Ronan Farrow can tell he's the perfect meld of Mia and Frank Sinatra.
  15. Yeah, the remembered list is going to be shorter than the forgotten list. Spielberg will be remembered. Although he's put out some schmaltz, he's directed enough good movies that will withstand time like JAWS and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Ditto Goldie Hawn.
  16. What's wrong with people is that we have a coarse, racist, womanizer as President who has given license to all the like-minded crazies that it's perfectly fine now to believe and behave this way. In Trump world, there is no shame in being an all-around ignorant ***hole.
  17. In a few years 9/11 will be ancient history to those not born then, if it isn't already. I find this lack of curiosity about history kind of disheartening and depressing. Even if "history" is boring to some, cultural history including art forms like cinema or music, is fascinating. To work in the film industry but have no interest in even seeing a black and white movie, like Bogie56 said, shows a lack of imagination about one's own career and learning about where all this began. Well, some younger people must be interested in classic cinema or the future of TCM would be in real t
  18. Good. Let's see how the old ***** Hatch & Grassley handle themselves for everyone to see. Did they save their notes from the Anita Hill inquisition? They were certainly there for that one.
  19. Now that's interesting. I haven't seen Darro's work as a grown-up that I can recall but I really like him in his teenager roles from the 1930s especially WILD BOYS ON THE ROAD.
  20. Yes. The play has had a recent revival and her character is portrayed as someone who doesn't want to be defined by gender roles or stereotypes.
  21. I watched Flaxy Martin last night which I had recorded off TCM when Virginia Mayo had her day in Summer Under the Stars. Zachary Scott's character kept razzing on Elisha Cook's character's youthfulness and this movie was from 1949.
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