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  1. I got my info from the HUFFINGTON POST interview but, yes, I made a couple errors and I'll fix them if I can. David Kennedy OD'd in 1984. Brother Doug was class of 1986 and hosted many of those parties. The point I was trying to make was that this school, before it got its act together, was a major party school for over privileged and entitled boys who think they can do anything and get away with it. My apologies for the confusion.
  2. From what I've been reading Georgetown Prep was a school for rich, entitled and privileged boys and there were plenty of parties with alcohol and drugs. The local cops and other so-called adults let the kids run wild. It was a "free-for-all" according to an interview with someone who went there around the same time as Kavanaugh (source: HUFFINGTON POST). Doug Kennedy, a student at the time and one of RFK's sons, hosted the biggest parties. The school decided to get its act together after another one of RFK's sons, David Kennedy, died from a drug overdose a few years after leaving Georget
  3. I recorded this year's telecast but I haven't seen the whole thing and I don't think I want to. The hosts were boring. The banter between Maya Rudolph and Fred Armison (sp.?) was plain dreadful. There's all the patting-on-the-back for diversity and guess who gets the bulk of the night's awards: white people. Yawn. At least there was more diversity for the craft and guest performance awards earlier. The high points for me were the wins for one of my all time favorite shows: THE AMERICANS winning for writing and best actor. Very well deserved. I would have liked to see them win for
  4. Losing Ground was really good and I think it's the second time it's been on TCM. So original and the ending left me wondering what happened to the characters. Excellent performances. I loved Duane Jones (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) in his cape and hat. It's a gem of a film that's deservedly being rediscovered. This is great but bittersweet because the screenwriter/director passed away a couple of years later.
  5. Plus it co-stars the great Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead! Must-see TV for me.
  6. Too bad that sweet old lady didn't say you looked like Bogie56, Richard Farnworth's co-star in The Grey Fox. ?
  7. I saw Merritt Weaver in a LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT episode years ago and she was terrific. She played the "alpha dog" of a pair of teenage girls who commit a murder.
  8. Murkowski says she is open to a delay regarding Kavanagh according to CNN & Huffington Post.
  9. Murkowski says she is open to a delay on Kavanaugh (source: HUFFINGTON POST and CNN).
  10. If you are 17 years old you should know that's it wrong to physically restrain someone with the intention of sexual assault. Not the same thing as pulling pigtails in grammar school.
  11. I don't think preppy boy is quite on his own, Princess. Chicken**** Republicans want preppy boy to get through, and quickly, to secure that right-wing Supreme Court which will OK things they and Trump want.
  12. It seems to me that this Rob Lowe version is so different from the original (different names, changed characters) that I don't see why they even called it THE BAD SEED or that it's based on THE BAD SEED.
  13. No surprise with tight-lipped Susan. Yesterday or the day before I heard she spent an hour on the phone with Kavanaugh. I still say she's political toast if she votes for Kavanaugh and I bet she won't even run for reelection if she does because she has to know this. She may well retire to "spend more time with the family" as the pols like to say.
  14. It is interesting that the two Republicans who are not running for reelection are willing to hear from Ford.
  15. Trump sees conspiracies everywhere except where Russia is concerned.
  16. Eddie said there he had thought of the 5 greatest femme fatale noir performances of all time including Jean in Angel Face. I'm thinking of Barbara in Double Indemnity and Gene in Leave Her to Heaven for two of those top 5. Any opinions on who Eddie said they were (I'm not on Facebook so I don't know his top 5) or who they should be? Jane Greer? Lana Turner?
  17. Lorna, I didn't know Dark City was in the Carolinas. I wish you and all our members impacted by Florence best wishes and I hope you all are able to stay safe.
  18. This movie might stink (and I've never seen it) but this pix of the monster and the severed head is one of my favorites in all of monsterdom. I've seen it in several horror/SF books and magazines. Love it! Thanks!
  19. I said it was a rhetorical question. "Stick with" means go along with, stand by with. It's just a commonly used term, not silly or bogus.
  20. Preach! Plus all those FEMA natural disaster funds diverted for more baby prisons at the border. There are so many things wrong about Trump but his cruelty is truly mind boggling.
  21. A few rhetorical questions: Is it possible that Trump's schtick is finally getting old with some of his supporters? How low do his approval ratings have to go before his sycophants starting bailing on him? Republicans, you got your environmental deregulations, tax breaks for rich people and corporations and you'll probably end up getting your right wing Supreme Court guy. So how much longer do you stick with Donny?
  22. I like your comment about Joplin, CaveGirl. I think it might have been interesting if the roles were reversed and Joplin played the almost-washed-up singer but just speculation, of course, since she had already passed away by the time filming began. In fact, I would like to see a gender-switch version where a woman plays the actor/musician on the career down slide and a man plays the neophyte. Or a gay version could offer a lot of storyline possibilities. Let's take the basic premise and switch it up some for modern audiences. I'll probably watch this newest incarnation when it comes
  23. It may be a time waster but it's kind of fun. It's been quite a while since I've seen it, but I seem to recall the implication that newlywed Bill isn't terribly interested in consummating his marriage which is the reverse of what is usually portrayed in films - if anybody is apprehensive, it's the wife.
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