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  1. TCM has to have a tribute to Burt Reynolds or they'll never hear the end of it. He was a true Hollywood star with a long career. Surely they can get a hold of some of his films some way. I know I've seen STARTING OVER and DELIVERANCE on TCM.
  2. If anybody knows about "assaults on our democracy", it's these clowns.
  3. Mike Pence, do you know what's really disappointing? It's you and the whole Trump administration.
  4. Even some Republicans are realizing what a wackadoodle Alex Jones is. Just ask Marco Rubio after his little dust-up with Jones in the Senate hallway the other day. ?
  5. The true majority of Americans do not approve of or support Donny. As far as God goes: kids can't be forced to publicly pray to God in public schools but they certainly can pray to God before they go to school. What's wrong with that?
  6. That's pretty much what Eve Arden said in MILDRED PIERCE. I guess she was right. Thanks for the heads-up on the remake. I'll stick with the original.
  7. She's toast in her state if she votes for Kavanaugh. The majority in her state support freedom of choice, healthcare, civil liberties, etc. There won't be any point of her running for re-election in 2020 because she won't make it. Her political life will be over.
  8. I like Richard Carlson. In addition to his monster/SF roles, he gives a nice supporting performance in THE LITTLE FOXES.
  9. Donald Meek who was in lots of films often playing a worried, timid type of guy. STAGECOACH (1939) is one of his most notable roles (Thomas Mitchell, another great character actor, drinks up his liquor samples) and he's in CAPTAIN BLOOD, too.
  10. Slate.com thinks John Huntsman may have written that NY Times Op Ed piece. They said it's in his writing style and he used some words like "lodestar" (Pence's word) to throw others off the track.
  11. "Plaid Shirt Guy" was replaced during the rally for not clapping enough. He says (source: Daily Beast) that he only made those facial expressions when Trump said disingenuous things. When some lady told him she was replacing him, he was led to security and told to go away and not come back.
  12. He always blames someone else. He never accepts responsibility for anything. Now if he gets impeached, it's the fault of his supporters.
  13. Really, TCM mods, you're censoring a scientific term for a certain reproductive thing with a tail on it?
  14. He also played a **** in Woody Allen's Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex. Talk about stretching one's acting muscles! ?
  15. I like De Havilland but she's not in my top tier of actresses. That said, her performance in The Heiress knocked me out. She is terrific! Yes, I agree Robert Ryan deserved more accolades than he received. I love him. James Cagney was AWESOME is White Heat. He should have been nominated. Can't argue with Broderick Crawford ultimately winning for All the King's Men, though. I love that movie and he's perfect in it. A Letter to Three Wives is another of my favorites from 1949. It was an excellent year for the movies.
  16. The Turtle keeps his head in his shell when confronted. ?.
  17. No point bringing anything to "the proper authorities" right now because "the proper authorities" ain't gonna do jack**** about it. VOTE!
  18. I'm glad somebody at the Academy came to their senses about this ridiculous "Most Popular" award. The reward for "most popular" is the box office tally.
  19. Nice reviews on the Amazon website. Congratulations!
  20. I remember his GUNSMOKE years. I also remember EVENING SHADE quite well. Hal Holbrook was in it, too, if I remember correctly (I haven't seen it since it was originally broadcast) and Ann Wedgeworth. Maybe she was the one crooning to TopBilled and friends. I remember his romances with Judy Carne, Dinah Shore, Sally Field and Loni Anderson. He had an affair with Inger Stevens before she died. He never spoke publicly about it. I LOVED that Cosmo centerfold and I probably bought that issue, too. He was great on the TONIGHT show. I saw SHARKEY'S MACHINE twice in the theater. I al
  21. Here's a fast, easy, tasty pasta recipe. For the chicken stock, I've been buying Better Than Bouillon (Walmart; around $3). It comes in jars, not cubes, and they make a low salt version. Refrigerate after opening; it keeps a long time. I cut the butter amount in half and use a little more pasta as 2 oz. isn't very much. Use fresh lemon. Serves one. Sue Kreitzman's Lemon Butter Angel Hair Pasta 2 tablespoons butter, 2 oz. angel hair pasta, 1 cup hot chicken stock, fresh ground pepper and lemon juice taste. Melt butter in small pot. Break pasta into 1-2 inch bites. Toss until
  22. I saw this too and Lawrence brought up several good points. Coats is older and at his last political job so he has nothing to lose and is a traditional Republican whose focus is tax cuts and defense spending. He's disagreed with Trump about Russia's involvement in our elections and Trump's infatuation with despots. jakeem is right about the 2/3 votes to impeach or remove via the 25th amendment. Pence will have to sit tight on that one.
  23. Yes, that's true. I still wonder if there's more. Maybe I'm going overboard with conspiracy theories today with the thought of toady Mike Pence and his looks of adoration at Trump possibly being the guy behind the NY Times op ed.
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