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  1. The phrase "fashion a nation more pleasing to his god and corporate sponsors" makes me a little anxious.
  2. He certainly hasn't gotten any less crazy since he's been in office. I'm also wondering about what's going on with Graham.
  3. Take this for what it's worth: I just read in HUFFINGTON POST that the use of the word "lodestar" used in the NY Times op ed is a word not used all that often except by one person in the administration: Mike Pence. Numerous examples were cited.
  4. He could resign. Then we'd all feel better including him.
  5. This shows you what kind of person Kavanaugh is. He wouldn't even shake an outstretched hand of a dad whose daughter died in a mass school shooting. Let that one sink in.
  6. I like both of these films, too. Juano Hernandez (INTRUDER IN THE DUST) was a great actor and always played characters with dignity. No stereotypes.
  7. I think Mitchum's character killed himself because he couldn't live with his guilt about not being straight with the cops re the shooting. Even though he said to the shrink that he had taken a sleeping pill and slept through the execution and all his guilt was now transferred to the shrink, he was glib and almost too mellow about the whole thing. But he couldn't live with himself. Sometimes with suicides they seem contented right before the act because they have made their final decision. We don't know for certain if Day killed Cortez but I think she did. She certainly didn't want to
  8. You are not criticized for your belief in Jesus Christ. You are criticized for being a homophobic sycophantic jerk who doesn't believe in separation of church and state.
  9. I'll read reviews but I'll keep the prejudices of the reviewer in mind. Example: some reviewers just don't like or appreciate horror. Some reviewer's opinions I'll take less seriously than others. I've heard of some getting kickbacks or something from studios for saying one-word superlatives that are used in ads and you know the movie is crap or just not very good. Speaking of which, if just about every review says a movie is crap, it generally is and I'll take that under advisement and watch something else. If anyone wants to read thoughtful movie reviews from days gone by, check out
  10. Katherine Emery, who played the mean rich mom, was in Val Lewton's Isle of the Dead (also RKO). The little girls' acting was very natural. I liked them, too. I think what works for me in The Locket are the performances and the flashback device which may sound confusing but isn't when you watch it. I don't know if it's true noir; it has noirish elements. Maybe more of a psychological drama. I enjoyed it and Eddie brought up an interesting question about the ending. Did Nancy know this was the same family from years before? Had she reconnected on purpose or was it fate or just we
  11. Susan Collins, the so-called moderate Republican, is full of it. She talk reasonable and then falls in line.
  12. No pardons for state crimes, Donny & Company!
  13. The fact that Cruz is still in Trump's pocket after Trump insulted his wife and insinuated that his father had something to do with killing JFK tells us what kind of person he is. Wake us up when you grow a pair, Ted. SAD!
  14. You wrote "up the people" - did you mean "up with people"? Either way, I think I like the "up the people" better because I can imagine "up the people's what?"
  15. Yeah, one of my earlier posts in this topic includes mention of Evelyn Varden and one of her scenes in NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. I like what you said that "Monica Breedlove" sounds like Tennesse Williams/Kubrick. Touche'. As for Vincent Price, one of my favorite early performances is his supporting role in the marvelous TOWER OF LONDON (1940) with Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff. TCM needs to run this again! (I think I've said this before - guess I'm getting a little bit like Nip and HOT SPELL on this one.) LOL! I don't know if I have a favorite BAD SEED scene offhand. The movie i
  16. Yes, I am a fan. Anybody who can give a good performance in any movie regardless of genre, can cook and digs art is tops with me.
  17. Clueless William Hopper doesn't suspect anything even when Rhoda says she and Monica are going to sunbathe on the rooftop where no one can see them.
  18. Good one, CaveGirl. Thanks. I'll scream and the Tingler will fall away.
  19. Looking forward to Joan Crawford and I agree with a lot of people who think her post-MGM career was her most interesting and some of her best work. I think SUTS was pretty good this year - nice inclusion of lesser-knowns and the under-appreciated along with the usual "stars."
  20. Will it matter if he insults Southerners? And people educated in Alabama? I wonder if his Southern supporters will just write that off, too, like all the other things he's said and done. But, Bogie56, it will be interesting to see how the evangelicals respond to any abortion stories. They don't seem to mind all the extramarital affairs but will abortion be the final straw? You know with all these women he was messing around with, someone was likely bound to get pregnant eventually.
  21. My late husband worked for DOD (Department of Defense) and he would **** a brick about this. Trump keeps telling us he alone is responsible for a great economy and the government can't afford 2.1% pay raise for its own employees?!? And yet there's plenty of money for all this other stuff plus tax cuts for rich people. What a load. Voters, remember this at election time.
  22. Thanks, Feego and everyone who mentioned the novel The Bad Seed which I just ordered from Amazon (only a couple new copies left). I've got to say so far I've ordered two or three books based on member recommendations and the first was a winner so I think this will be, too. Next I want to get one of Vincent Price's cookbooks.
  23. Yes and he's been in a lot of movies, too. He plays one of the first "tourists" in ACE IN THE HOLE and the husband who sleeps on the fire escape in REAR WINDOW.
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