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  1. I doubt if the dead ones or their families and friends feel this way.
  2. Will there ever come a time when all this in-your-face racism, nativism and sexism finally plateau and then start going away or at least go underground?
  3. Can I watch FilmStruck on my desktop computer or do I need some special device? Thanks.
  4. Nancy Kelly's performance is "pitched to the balcony" and this sometimes happens with Broadway actors who don't tone it down for film or TV. Yes, the director could have reigned her in a bit. I've seen The Bad Seed many times and I've always liked it and how the story develops. Although overwrought, I've come to appreciate Nancy's performance. Her character gets more hysterical as she realizes what a psycho her kid is. It gets harder to pretend to act "normal" and maintain appearances when everything around you is going off the rails. That said, Patty, Henry and Eileen are all very g
  5. WOW - someone else who remembers HE & SHE. What a fun show; I was totally bummed when it was cancelled. Great cast.
  6. Look at some of the knuckleheads at all levels of government and tell us again how "the system keeps on working." It might work better if more people educated themselves on the issues and participated in the voting process.
  7. Who knew the "Information, Please!" was the wrong board to ask questions? ?
  8. Read the comments in the General Discussion thread. Oops! Just read that you also posted in General Discussions, so never mind...
  9. It's a 24 year old white guy from Maryland so don't expect Trump to tweet anything about the Jacksonville shooting.
  10. The author is asking someone with no dignity to show dignity. Ain't happening. John McCain, flawed human like all of us, served his country and loved his country. I wish him and his family peace and love at this time.
  11. I'm sick of these evangelicals deciding how everything should be for every one of us. What ever happened to separation of church and state? Pence can take his "holier than thou" attitude and shove it up his ***.
  12. Yes, his Straight Talk Express just kinda folded after that W. "black baby" attack which was seemed inspired by Lee Atwater from beyond the grave (creator of the Willie Horton ads when Bush Sr. ran). Republican campaigns have been using race-coded ads since Goldwater because they work.
  13. One would think since Trump hugs and wraps himself in the flag so often he would at least get the color scheme right.
  14. Christmas Noir is fine right around Christmas but November 24?!? We're inundated with Christmas movies, commercials, promotions, decorations, etc. the second Halloween ends and sometimes before. Please, no Christmas Noir on November 24. Can't we wait at least until December?
  15. Classy guy. Figures he'd be a Trump supporter.
  16. Vera Hruba Ralston was married to Herbert Yates, the boss at Republic, which probably explains her appearance in many Republic movies despite notable lack of acting talent.
  17. Maybe that explains what's going on in Trump's head. Seriously, I think he's sounding crazier by the day. Maybe it is getting closer to 25th amendment time although I can't stand "pray the gay away" Mike Pence. Are there any normal Republicans left?
  18. Vautrin, your reply was so good I wish I could have given you two "haha"s. Touche'.
  19. I noticed today that Sarah wore less eye shadow. Is this her "defiant and defeated" look? Earlier in her job she wore so much eye shadow I commented on it - maybe she was more confident then. So, Princess, it is six months more lies regardless how much shadow Sarah sees (or us). Power to the eye shadow! ? It tells us everything - and nothing.
  20. Two comments on your comments: the undocumented worker (or whatever one wants to call him) who murdered the young lady in Iowa worked for an Iowa farmer active in the GOP. Republicans aren't mentioning that fact much. Re impeachment is doomed: your possible answer lies at the end of your last sentence. It could finally get to the point where Republican senators want to get rid of Trump because he has become too much of a liability and they'd rather deal with Pence. Even if they still want to suckle at the teat of Trump, Americans deserve to see this play out in public and have votes
  21. I watched Brides are Like That on Anita Louise night. The story was kind of cute and Anita and Ross Alexander were an adorable couple. Ross' character is a charming neer-do-well who Anita marries instead of the boring doctor she's engaged to. Money's tight and Ross would rather dream and play golf than keep a real job. His rich uncle won't subsidize him anymore but everything turns out OK in the end when Ross comes up with an idea that will earn money. It was nice to see Anita and Ross as a young married couple who really love each other and support each other emotionally. I had seen
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