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  1. I meant to thank you a while ago for posting this photo mongo. Thank You. Any time you post any photo with my favorite John Garfield in it I am grateful. He is so damn forgotten and underated IMHO. He has been on my mind a lot with the revival of Golden Boy opening on Broadway. I guess it is a "hit." To me, John Garfield is the true "Golden Boy" even though he didn't get to play the part till 1952. Then on May 21, 1952 God called him home. I guess some other "big guns" are in the photo as well, e.g. Lancaster and Huston,and they deserve their iconic status, but so does Garfield,
  2. I agree with you Arturo, Linda should have been nominated for her performance in "Now Way Out," she was quite wonderful in that role. I also liked her very much in "Forever Amber" too. Lori
  3. I would be fine with Linda Darnell being the SOTM in October. She was a beautiful woman and a very good actress. Although it was not a glamorous role for her, I really liked her in the "No Way Out" 1950 with Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier. I read she stated "No Way Out" was the only good film I was in," but I don't think that is true at all. Very sad the way she died and so young at 41 years of age. Is "No Way Out" considered to be a "film noir?" Lori
  4. I really enjoyed that special docunmentary on Baby Peggy. What a life she had, but what a beautiful and intelligent lady she is now. She is an inspiration. I got interrupted for a few minutes and missed on who took all her money, and robbed the house? Please someone let me know. Lori
  5. ginnyfan, I was just wondering if you have done internet searches for WWII sites? I know the USO has a site and I am pretty sure there is some history there and maybe you can find something related to Ginny's war work. There are also certain "troops" that were sent overseas that have articles written by soldiers on the entertainers who put on shows for them. I have come across some fun and interesting info and there might be some on Ginny too. Just a thought. Keep up the good work. Lori
  6. Well if she volunteered at the Hollywood Canteen I was wondering if a solider might have been involved in the murder. Horrible to say, but one never knows. I tried to leave a comment at the site that reviewed the book and listed the the celebrities that volunteered at the Canteen but I couldn't. Thanks
  7. OK, I guess I will have to visit her FB on a more frequent basis. That is a sad story, and the murder has never been solved? I didn't realize too that she worked at the Hollywood Canteen. A new book on the Canteen has just been released and suppose to have a lot of photos, maybe Virginia is mentioned and pictured in the book. Title is "The Hollywood Canteen, Where the greatest generation danced with the most beautiful girls in the world." One of the author's Bruce Torrence notified the JG fan club I belong to. Oh and I just made a comment about the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Ginny's F
  8. Wait now you lost me. Virginia Weidler was involved in a murder investigation in 1944??? I thought I kept up with all your post but I must of missed something, some where along the way. Lori
  9. Hi. I just read your little write up. "Ours will be much nicer." really, that is too much. Oh well, I guess Ginny survived that "comment." 6 years that is so young and she was so cute! She really was a natural wasn't she? I read your little write up it is very good and I left a comment. I am jealous, all I have time to do is send out "tweets" every evening, "U a fan of _______Please sign etc, etc, Thank U. I am getting some "bites" though. Any ways, keep up the excellent work you are doing, and I am looking forward to reading the questions you asked Mr.Dix and his replies.
  10. Hi just thought I would copy this photo for you. mongo over at the candids thread, under Film and Filmmakers posted this photo. 1939, Mickey and Ginny entertaining Mr.Mayer at his birthday party. Regarding your announcement of the film with Ginny being uncredited. I thought if an actor or actress had a speaking part they had to be credited? Just asking. Any way I hope you like the photo and you can thank mongo for it. Lori
  11. Two hours, wow that is really something. I look forward to reading your questions and Mr.Dix's responses. I am still curious though, have you heard from either of her sons? You are really doing a wonderful job in bringing the legacy of Virginia Weidler back to the forefront. I think you should be very proud of yourself and I am sure "Ginny" is feeling the love and admiration you clearly have for this wonderful and talented actress. I know I will never forget Virginia Weidler because of your efforts. Lori
  12. Hi mongo. Thanks for posting the Garfield / Turner photos. In the first photo you posted, Robert Nott, the author of the most recent biography on Garfield (2004) stated he believes one of the brunettes in the background is actually Mrs.Garfield "keeping an eye" on her husband. I guess she (Mrs. Garfield) visited the set of "The Postman Always Rings Twice" quite often. I think she might of sensed something was going on with her husband and Miss Turner and I think she was right. Lori
  13. Well ginnyfan I can't wait till you let us know all about the conversation you had with Mr. Dix. That is very exciting news and now another "child star" is being added into the mix. Wonderful job you are doing, and please keep us informed of your progress. You have come a long way since April. Congratulations! Lori
  14. Thanks Tom for the info. My husband will be thrilled to know he can watch a few of the Errol Flynn classics that are in the line up this month. I guess I should buy him the "Errol Flynn" box-set for Christmans this year huh? Any ways, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Lori
  15. WOW! What a great e-mail you got back from Mr.Dix! I don't know what to say but, "You are blessed." He sounds so willing to share with you any and all memories he has of Virginia. Outstanding job ginnyfan!!! Please let us know when you phone him and what questions you have for him. I am very happy for you. Lori
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