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  1. I enjoy watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit...and one of my favorite cartoons is Daisy Duck.
  2. Hahaha I dont know... maybe it's really awful and I have the worst taste, now I'm curious about what you think! I really like Jean DuJardin but Ive heard a lot of people who can't stand him so maybe its very subjective, because I don't think it can be enjoyable for people who despise him, because it's basically all about him And I remembered that in the Oscars the theme of the night was why we go to the movies and I think that's why the Artist won because it's so much fun to watch it in a movie theatre to me it represents that perfectly, so I don't think the others especially Money B
  3. You haven't? You have to!!! it's great because it's not trying to compete with classic films, it's just very lovely to watch, It's the best time I've had in a movie theatre in my life, I went alone and i was curious to see it and it just keeps getting more and more and more intriguing. And It's just this great story where you get to go inside the film industry and really get to know this actor, it feels like you're getting this chance to go inside their lives, it's a great experience. I went to see it after i saw the oscars because I saw the commercials but didn't understand what it
  4. haha that's true! and they should seize that opportunity before it's too late! Also portraying a classic actor is not an easy thing, there was a thread here about Michelle Williams as Marilyn and I think most people agreed that she did ok or pretty good, and someone said that Marilyn had that quality on screen they called it flesh impact or something close to that that no one has ever achieved, and Michelle Williams had a year to prepare and she's also a good actress has been nominated for oscars and so forth. I think that it's not a small task and Elizabeth was I think a complic
  5. I'm a bit younger than her so I've seen her movies when they air on tv and I haven't liked her in any or any of the movies, I don't think it's her fault, she has the same training as all of those Disney child stars out right now, all they do is be an exaggerated and louder version of themselves, it's annoying. All you have to do is turn in the disney chanel and you'll get a headache. And as to compare her to classic stars that were similar to her, chald stars also etc.. well some classic stars also did not have a formal training in drama some of them had just done some plays but not a rigorou
  6. Yeah...she doesn't look that bad, with photoshop, look at her here! trashy is not even the word! I felt bad for her the last couple of months of her trial, as I was going through one myself and know what that feels like, but I don't think this will do her any good..
  7. I don't think she has talent as an actress, Lohan struggles on camera, and she hasn't had any former training in acting, just like megan fox who is equally hard to watch, I don't know why it's so hard for them to take drama in L.A. where the some of the major technique academies are, and they are such wannabes Marilyn Monroe as if Marilyn was like them!, Marilyn studied The Method with Lee Strasberg for almost eight years of her life.
  8. I cannot believe that I am even saying this but as much as I hate Tim Burton Uh..I just came back from the movie theatre where I saw that "Lincoln" vampire film (my brother was depressed and he wanted to see THAT)...omg...I have never seen such a thing as awful, I studied politics so I was throughout trying to get some correlation with something, but it was just insulting to humanity..I have no idea what that was or why anyone would ever make something like that..I don't know if there was a book or a previous film that they copied but wow an awful experience.
  9. Ok, I have one! MARILYN MONROE!!! In Bust Stop and the Prince and the Showgirl, she was amazing, I;'ve read many books on her and am always blown away with the complexity she possesed and that she brought through in her characters, I think those two were great in my opinion!
  10. For me it's very easy, go on the web and find the pic you want, and I just right click right on the picture itself, choose copy and then come here and paste it! (Here on the message box I have to choose plan text above to be able to write or paste anything, I don't know if it's the same for everyone) River of no Return (1954): h2. h2.
  11. Ugh this film is so uncomfortable to watch, my mom and I rented it a while back because she said she was a huge fan etc.. we started watching it and we could not bear it. The characters have no chemistry together and her character is written as if she's based on some insane woman with no rational responses to what she's feeling, I studied politics and have opinions about history etc.. but the way she gets extremely defensive about a subject with the minimum provocation only that her boyfriends' friends are more ignorant about the subgect is strange, I don't see where this explosive arguments
  12. Great Topic!!!!!!!!!! SOUNDTRACKS: Exactly at this moment the "Drive" soundtrack, I loved that film. I love listening to it, because the film blew my mind. One of my all time favorites is "A Single Man" soundtrack, just breathtaking, this music will take all of the sadness in your soul out of you as if it can read your mind, my favorite two: Swimming: & Stillness of the Mind: I love Las Vegas Philarmonic playing James Bond themes album, it's amazing! And I always check out MAD MEN soundtracks because it has been introducing me to some great songs
  13. I have'nt seen it, But in BlueRay it would be amazing, especially for Marilyn fans because the artists look even more real as if they were right there in the room!! I would loove to see all Marilyn Monroe films on Blue Ray and James Dean's TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think they'll make those in the next year?
  14. I agree! you kind of end up getting fed up with people, especially those you were a bit annoyed with to begin with, I find myself deleting a lot of people and don't have ANY personal information, not even pictures, I find it so invasive that they make you put you name and last name and so much personal information. And I love this message board but I have hated others, I also like Yahoo Answers and find it sometimes helpful
  15. Just saw this!!! my twitter is @MsHOLLIWOULD I will mention it on my twitter anyway!!
  16. Good!!!! I'm not the only one in general discussions!!! Well why do you say that, that you couldn't stand it? maybe sometimes hosts are like that I don't know I'd rather watch anything without a host preferably.. I was watching another documentary of Giant and their memories of filming and that bothered me a lot, most of them hadn't had any formal training and belittled Deans techiniques and his preparatio before a scene, also George Stevens was hard to work with in my opinion with his lengthy protocols but they blamed the difficulties on Dean, again, I didn't get that at all, how c
  17. You have the book??? Well I don't know how many books he wrote but in Songs My Mother Tought me it's on page 224 "I urged him to seek assistance, perhaps go into therapy" he softens it up as if he "cared". (which is typical of Brando when he's ashamed of something like that incident in that party with the president of The United Srates where Brando makes a bet against the President and the president and he go to the bathroom or some room and Brando looses Brando speaks of it proudly until the outcome and says I don't remember who won..But in Geoge Englunds account in his bo
  18. Casablanca...never again to buy a film without having seen it.. Bus Stop of stalkers, it's a great performance but to me it's so hard to watch makes me scared to death of stalkers. And that one too!! omg all of my life I've had to lock my bathroom door too when taking a bath and am scared if there's a noise!!!
  19. Yeah that's very true! Thank you for sharing your opinion about that because I was kind of perplexed by it, I was reading it and what he was saying felt strange, I didn't know where it was coming from, but exactly there seems to be a bit of rivalry involved.
  20. I really want to watch Stella Dallas now!! And about Dean and Brando I think it depends on why people like them to start with, sometimes people fall for that, for the big crying speeches, but what captures me with Dean are his reflexes, the way he reacts even if there are no lines involved and it's something I don't get from Brando at all, for example in the tea party scene in Giant everytime he subtly and awkwardly pulls back, I don't think he is doing it purposefully to get people to feel sorry for him, on the contrary I think it takes guts to show that vulnerabilty that i
  21. MarlonFan I'm sorry for your loss! that must have been terrible!! And I totally agree with you, and I think everyone in this forum has been very respectful to others' opinions and I think it's so much better and enjoyable that way. I think that I initially liked Brando in highschool because I told my parents I wanted to learn acting and go to a meisner acting method summer school to see if I liked it etc.. which is not really a big deal any normal kid goes to summer school but my father took it personally and stopped speaking to me and was just very mean, he has a very detrimental effect on
  22. I do not see that at all either!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't see the whole James Dean resemblance to Brando either, and Dean and Newman started out in Hollywood at the same time so maybe that was the thing in Hollywood to compare the new up and coming to Brando (@darkblue lol you beat me to it) which I think was an awful thing to do because that shadowed their own potential as actors especially to Dean who couldn't live long enough to get out of those constant acusations that he was immitating Brando I saw a Paul newman picture last night for the first time, Hot Cat on a Roof or
  23. OMG THAT GUY IS AMAZING PLAYING BRANDO! LOL But I think Bando was more **** because of the little scene that guy did with the kid than of his impersonation, and one thing that I've always loved Brando for is his honesty, it's just Unbelievable! that's why I knew that if he'd said anything to Dean about that "you need psychiatric help comment" without even knowing him it would be on his book, and it is, so I think that if he'd been **** by him hurting his ego he would've said something about his acting etc. but he just said he made him vomit and spoke of that time with the little kid
  24. HAHAHAHA True!! I was kind of feeling that way when I watching one of the scenes of On the Waterfront, it really boils down to diction and voice and it is quite...strong but I don't know if authentic. I don't know why James doesn't impact me that way especially in the first half of his last film I've been watching some films of this new director [Nicolas Winding Refn|http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0716347/] and he's just starting out so his work is still in my opinion still a bit experimental but he takes most of the dialogue away and his films end up forming like paintings they ar
  25. Thank you so much for that information! All I want is to learn from you guys here, I resepct and know that you know a lot about this, When I said that I meant it as urban, unofficial, that a lot of people criticize actors today and compare them to Brando or any decent to good actor is susected to have Brando as their role model of actor, but I will definetly look into Garfield's technique it sounds very interesting, I kind of suspected there are better method actors since Stella wasn't the first to teach the Method she just brought it to New York I don't even know if she was the first. Thank
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