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  1. Are there any fans of this beautiful actress
  2. I just watched Harlem is Heaven with the beautiful actress Anise Boyer i like to know more about her i can't find too much about her anyone know where i can find more about her
  3. I need help with a Italian version of I married a witch i seen it once many years ago ever since trying to remember the name of it the movie is from either the 70s or early 80s anyone know the name of this movie
  4. I need help with a silent comedy short i seen it years ago it was about a guy doing home repairs and all sorts of things happen to him he falls off a ladder and he breaks a window does anyone know the name of this short
  5. I need the name of a short i just watched i only seen the end of it it was about actors and what they do when they are not acting
  6. Who was your first silent film crush mine was Jobyna Ralston
  7. I'm trying to remember the name of a documentary i saw on tv years ago Lillian Gish, Louise Brooks, Blanche Sweet, Colleen Moore and few others was in it talking about the The Silent Era and the way Hollywood was back then and how they got started anyone know of name of this documentary
  8. Some of my favorites Helen Kane Marion Harris Ruth Etting Boswell Sisters Annette Hanshaw
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