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  1. I like the coffee shop scene. In an interview with James Whitmore (on TCM), he complained that John Huston told him to "turn up the radio just before the cops enter." Whitmore, who plays Gus, the owner, was afraid his lines would be drowned out by the music from the radio. I think it was a great touch. Sterling Hayden slips onto a counter stool and silently hands over his gun. Gus slips it into the cash register smoothly, silently, no questions asked. Obviously, he's done this before. Then, when the two big cops storm in, Gus stands up to them, insisting they "Get a warrant." G
  2. Other than the open scene of The Letter, the opening scene of Laura is one of my favorites. And the voice over is fantastic. "I will never forget the weekend that Laura died." To paraphrase Robert Osborne, "what kind of movie tells the audience that the main character is dead, during the first few minutes of the film?" The first time I saw Laura, I gasped when she walked into her apartment. Great movie. No matter how often I've seen it, I always find something new and exciting about this classic film noir.
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