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  1. None of them won an Oscar in a competing category?
  2. From Ct. Thank you everyone who has responded with prayers and condolences. I was in the bank this morning at 9:30 when we all stopped and bowed our heads in a collective moment of silence. Outside the church bells tolled 26 times in remembrance for those slain on Dec. 14. As for the gunman and his mother may they rest in peace as well (not a fashionable sentiment right now but it is my own). From New Haven, Connecticut, Daniel
  3. Thankyou James Agee to be so wise as to see how truly talented Garland was. Rooney had peked and Judy was about to asceninto the stratrosphere. In Two short years she wold be lighting up the sky in film where she sandg nary a note. Too bad it's the only one MGM would let her. She could have been a great actress even without that voice but had it it she did
  4. Thanks guys. It is okay to skip a number if there is no film with that particular # in the title. My hope is to go as far as possible than begin all over again. So let's save 1941 for later and concentrate on the forties. Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, have had a wonderful time talkinkg about movies with you all. Hello, I must be going.....but before I do (who knows when or if I'll be able to return, I want to close with a paen (rt. word?) to my favorite: the glorious, wonderful, most talented of them all, JUDY GARLAND. Love the lady. Lana was pretty, Ava was a doll, Hedy was exotic, but none of the MGM gals had any of the talent that La Judy did. As Frank Sinatra said: "She will be the only one remembered." Amen, Frank, Frank
  6. I recently saw "The Grapes of Wrath" for the 1st time. Great movie- Gregg Toland, John Ford, Hank Fonda, and Jane Darwell, all are excellant. And while maybe not faithful to the letter, it was certainly faithful in spirit. What surprised me the most was Fonda's back hair! How refreshing; in this age of metrosexulity to see a movie star with back hair. I cant' imagine Tom Joad body waxing. I'm glad ot was permitted to remain.'
  7. Another casting mistake: Gregory Peck in "Moby Dick." Peck is a good actor but terribly wrong for Ahab. He was out of his element playing such a dark obsessed character. James Mason, Brando, even Kirk Douglas would have been a much better choice than Gregory Peck. A fatal flaw that the movie never quite recovers from.
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