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  1. Has anybody else noticed that some channels are showing movies filmed in 1:85 aspect ratio (meant to fill the ENTIRE screen) have been letterboxed to show in 2:35 aspect ratio! To me, it doesn't look right AT ALL! If a movies was filmed in 1:85, SHOW IT THAT WAY and if it was filmed in 2:35, show it letterboxed the WAY IT SUPPOSED TO BE! C'mon people!
  2. One only has to watch "On the Waterfront" to see what an acting GENIUS Brando was. The "I could have been a contender" scene with Rod Steiger is so powerful that I have almost cried watching it. Lately I have been enjoying my "Apocalypse Now" Blu-ray with Brando saying all these strange and telling horrible stories in the shadows. Again, a GENIUS.
  3. for "Murder on the Orient Express". I believe that the reason Ingrid Bergman won for this movie is because of how respected and well liked she was ("Casablanca"). However, in my opinion, Vanessa Redgrave gave a much better performance and should have won Best Supporting Actress instead of Bergman. I noticed that Vanessa Redgrave's Wikipedia biography states that she is the ONLY British actress to win every acting award there is (six total!). After watching her performance in "Murder on the Orient Express" this doesn't surprise me. Anybody agree with me? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki
  4. There is something that has irritated me for some time, and I'd like to know what you people think. Has anybody noticed that DVD/Blu-ray cases now come with this BIZARRE pattern when you open the case?! There are arrows pointing clockwise on the left side, and a wagon wheel type pattern on the right side. Here is what I DO NOT like: These cases offer no protection from the DVD/Blu-ray insert from becoming ripped if something is dropped on it or there is some other kind of other accident. I've been buying my own replacement cases from a place called Bags Unlimited in Rochester, New York (be
  5. I was watching my DVD of the mystery classic "Murder on the Orient Express" (waiting for the Blu-ray release) and I have a question about the film. Here is my question: There is a scene toward the beginning of the film where, after eating his meal, Hercule Poirot is seen drinking something green out of a tiny glass with a straw. What is this drink? Whoever can answer this question, I THANK YOU in advance.
  6. There is a statue of the legendary Bon Scott (who was voted the #1 rock lead singer ever, in the british magazine "Classic Rock") in Australia. I'm all for erecting statues of legends. Will there be one in the future of "musicalnovelty"? I somehow doubt it.
  7. Clint Eastwood is my all-time favorite actor/movie star. I own all his best movies on DVD. However, his support of the woefully unqualified Romney just proves that even a legend can be misguided. What bothers me most about voters Eastwood's age voting republican is that a president enacts policies that will affect the future. A future voters in their 80's WILL NOT SEE because they won't be here for it. It's not like they are middle aged. Human beings do not live to 160. If being a multi-millionaire qualifies one to be president, then I suppose Donald Trump could be president (although
  8. October 5th is the 50th anniversary of the opening of "Dr. No" in Britain. As a 007 fan and collector since 1981, EVERY DAY is James Bond Day for me. "Skyfall" opens November 9th.
  9. My all-time favorite music artist is Elvis. I've been an EP fan and collector since the early 70's. However, your comments about two LEGENDARY Rock & Roll bands make you sound totally clueless about Rock & Roll. AC/DC is in the running for the GREATEST Rock & Roll band THIS world will ever see. Which is probably one of the reasons that AC/DC can claim something no other rock band can. They have the BEST SELLING studio album in the history of Rock & Roll. "Back In Black" has sold 22 MILLION COPIES in the United States alone. That is more than any studio album by any rock
  10. TCMfan23: I agree with about 99% of your thread. The only thing I disagreed with is that I'm very anti-smoking.
  11. I'm glad you posted this thread. There is a very simple answer to your question, and it can be answered in one word: MONEY. Hollywood hasn't cared for decades now if a movie has any quality to it at all. The only thing the movie studios are motivated by now is how much MONEY can it gross at the box office. If the movie is any good is (sadly) no longer a factor. This is why every other movie made today is a remake, because Hollywood has run out of ideas. I refuse to believe it has to be this way. Surely Hollywood can find GOOD writers with GOOD ideas for movies. I know they are out there.
  12. I've seen a TON of movies made before 1954. It's not my fault that (in my opinion) movies got better as they went on. I'm a fan of lots of "old stuff". For example, I own the entire Three Stooges collection on DVD and I've been a fan of Laurel & Hardy since I was a kid. So where comedy is concerned, I love all the pioneers.
  13. I'm hoping I'm not the only movie lover on this board who keeps a list of their "Top 50 All-Time Favorite Movies". Actually I keep a list of my "100 Favorite Movies" sort of like those AFI lists. My #1 choice is the JB 007 collection. But understand that I've been a 007 fan and collector since 1981. Here is my list in chronological order: 1954: On the Waterfront, Rear Window 1956: The Searchers 1960: Psycho 1963: The Nutty Professor 1966: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1968: Planet of the Apes*, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Once Upon a Time in the West 1969: The Wild Bunch 1971: Willy
  14. In my opinion "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is one of the all-time GREAT cult classic films. It contains (for my money), the finest moment for a child actor EVER when Veruca Salt says to her father: "You're always making things difficult!" (because adults have been saying things like this to children since time began) CLASSIC.
  15. I owe Marvin Hamlisch one. He co-wrote the 1977 James Bond theme song "Nobody Does It Better" performed by Carly Simon. In my opinion the song is a classic, and only Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" is better. Thank you Mr. Hamlisch.
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