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  1. OK- I'm glad this was mentioned. Every time I see the segment "The History Of Blackface In Hollywood", I think of what Donald Bogle says about Fred Astaire's tribute to Bill Robinson: (paraphrasing) "I want to be fair to Fred Astaire because I think he did appreciate Bill Robinson, but it still comes across in another way. Why did you have to wear those clothes? There is film of Robinson dancing and he's well tailored." So, my question is- is a performer such as Astaire responsible for the clothing he wears for a musical number in a film? Isn't costume produced by someone working on the
  2. I liked George Segal in SHIP OF FOOLS and WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? In both films he is a fine supporting performer.
  3. I think the only film of Vera Ralston's I've seen is DAKOTA. I liked her charming accent. I do know she was also an ice skater who competed in the 1936 Olympic Games. Apparently, she was approached by Hitler, who asked her if she would like to skate for the swastika. She told him she'd rather skate on the swastika. Bravo!
  4. George Burns was great in all of the films he made in older age. Another one was 1979's GOING IN STYLE. I liked him in The Big Broadcast films, but my favorite is A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. I love the "I've Just Begun To Live" dance with Fred Astaire, Burns and Gracie Allen. I love this sentiment that George Burns once said of Gracie Allen after they started performing together: "And all of a sudden, the audience realized I had a talent. They were right. I did have a talent—and I was married to her for 38 years."
  5. Simone Simon was really good in THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER and the CAT PEOPLE films. I also liked her as the chambermaid in LA RONDE. She was really young but showed promise in GIRL'S DORMITORY, although at the time it was very hard to understand her English.
  6. Bill Robinson was wonderful in all of his film performances. It's too bad his only starring role, in STORMY WEATHER, was his last in film. Most of us have seen the dance number he performed with Shirley Temple in THE LITTLE COLONEL, but have you seen the original choreography on which it was based? According to Ms Temple herself, Mr. Robinson tried to teach her his famous stair dance, but she was having trouble with the intricate rhythm and steps (she was 7 at the time!) so he taught her a variation, which she mastered, and he had it filmed. He then watched the film of her and matched hi
  7. I liked DEVIL AND THE DEEP, too. Many years ago I saw FAITHLESS with Bankhead and Robert Montgomery. I thought it was a really good depiction of the effects of The Great Depression. I don't recall seeing it on TCM, though. She did a good job of not over-acting as part of the ensemble of LIFEBOAT.
  8. There really was nothing Mr. Chaplin couldn't do. I'm constantly amazed.
  9. He and Jodie Foster were so cute in NAPOLEON AND SAMANTHA (along with a young Michael Douglas!) and I remember his character "Jody" in TV's THE FAMILY AFFAIR.
  10. I love Marsha Mason, especially in the Neil Simon comedies in which she appeared. She was neurotically adorable in THE GOODBYE GIRL and I loved her in ONLY WHEN I LAUGH. I liked her as part of the ensemble cast of THE CHEAP DETECTIVE, too. On TV, she was very funny as Martin Crane's girlfriend on "Frazier" and as Patricia Heaton's hip mother on "The Middle."
  11. Happy centennial birthday to Betty Hutton, born Elizabeth June Thornburg in Battle Creek, Michigan, on February 26th, 1921!
  12. I thought Fields was perfectly cast as Wilkins Micawber in the 1935 version of DAVID COPPERFIELD.
  13. I wish they showed YOLANDA AND THE THIEF more often. It's not a great film (like BRIGADOON isn't that great) but has exquisite color and dance numbers like BRIGADOON.
  14. She was charmingly feisty in BEND OF THE RIVER. Despite their obvious age difference, she and Stewart had good chemistry. I'll always remember her as the girl in THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, though.
  15. It looks like Maya's pose is a nod to Leslie Caron's character in AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.
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