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  1. ...But, as the story goes on, we begin to understand why she is obnoxious, and accept her and her insecurities, and like her for her newly found independence. I say "we", but maybe it's just "me" who sees her that way.
  2. Fred's birthday! I'm glad they are showing SECOND CHORUS and THE SKY'S THE LIMIT. Some really great songs and dancing in both of them!
  3. Fritz Leiber shows up in so many films I watch; I always recognize him no matter how small the role. Here is a little amusing anecdote about him on Wikipedia I remember reading once and laughing at: For most or all of his long acting career, Leiber had a hobby: each time he performed a new role, he had his likeness or portrait made in costume and make-up for that role.[10] Since Leiber was not an especially protean actor, he tended to look the same in every part: therefore, to bring some variety to his portrait collection, he varied the format and media of each likeness: one was a full-le
  4. I had missed the very beginning and thought perhaps they had mentioned why Richard Beymer wasn't there. Did they, by chance? From what I've read about him, though, he considered nearly everything he appeared in until he started becoming a filmmaker himself a "bad performance" and he felt that even at a young age he was meant to be a character actor. This could explain why he wouldn't want to be part of the celebration.
  5. I like that SOTM promo. Has anyone seen a "This month on TCM" on-air promo? It seems to be the pattern that now they are only doing them every other month. I wonder why, though...
  6. I always enjoyed watching him dance, whether it was in a film or a documentary about dance. He was a great soloist who also was an unselfish partner. I love that he gave so much back to the dance community. RIP, Mr. d'Amboise.
  7. Happy centennial birthday to director Satyajit Ray, born in Calcutta, India, on May 2nd, 1921!
  8. I love this song! Whenever I play this CD (Yes, I still have a CD player in my car 😄) this song, along with NOWHERE MAN, gets repeated.
  9. Wasn't SABRINA a black and white film? I agree about Paul Newman; he aged really well.
  10. That was such a sad scene 😞 I really felt sorry for Christopher Lee's monster in THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Peter Cushing was so abusive to him.
  11. She had a gift for making an age difference seem not so important: Fred Astaire (FUNNY FACE) 30 years Gary Cooper (LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON) 28 years Humphrey Bogart (SABRINA) 30 years Cary Grant (CHARADE) 25 years
  12. I saw that production in San Francisco. He was marvelous in the role!
  13. Oh my, FIRECREEK was one of my husband's favorite films.🥱 Not only did he watch the DVD often, but he would try to make me watch it with him "to make up for always tuning into TCM when I turn on the TV." I would always have laundry to attend to at that point. 😄
  14. Irene Dunne and William Powell were so good together in LIFE WITH FATHER. I can't help but think they would have teamed well in some screwballs during the 1930's.
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