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  1. I also was confused by her lack of presence in the second half of the film!
  2. I love Ethel Waters' Petunia character in CABIN IN THE SKY. She's a loyal, generous, hard working lady who is nobody's fool!
  3. I like Jane Powell's strong Millie character in SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS. She takes on the whole lot of them! 😄
  4. What I could never figure out was why Nora wanted Dr. Talbot. He was a clingy coward and she was smart, talented and compassionate. She should have gone for Phil; at least he was a man!
  5. I do this type of "research" all the time, too! Actually, I think I do it too often and neglect the things I should really be doing. 🙄
  6. That's great; I like those films, too! 😄 Maybe it's because I'm a Sagittarius! 😉
  7. But the films they are showing are still a good watch (my opinion, of course.)
  8. I'm glad to see ORCHESTRA WIVES on the schedule as part of the Nicholas Brothers two film salute. The first time I saw this film, I was expecting a breezy 20th Century Fox musical, but it is actually a really good film which happens to have some great musical numbers (and the Nicholas Brothers' dancing) within it.
  9. I thought he was very handsome in FRIENDLY PERSUASION.
  10. I'm enjoying NICHOLS AND MAY--TAKE TWO this early morning. This is the first time I've seen an AMERICAN MASTERS episode on TCM. Have they shown others and I've just missed them?
  11. I enjoyed watching this musical remake of AH, WILDERNESS this morning while I was getting ready for work. We don't get to see or hear lovely Gloria de Haven nearly enough on TCM (my opinion, of course).
  12. I don't recall Walter Pidgeon having been saluted anytime recently (2014 was the last time, I believe.) I would like to see him get a day again. Actually, I think he deserves a SOTM nod.
  13. The film which just aired this afternoon, DELINQUENT DAUGHTERS, would fit in perfectly in the Underground time slot, lol.
  14. My favorite Leslie Caron performance is a non-dancing role: school teacher Catherine Freneau (Goody Two Shoes) in FATHER GOOSE. She and Cary Grant were hilarious together!
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