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  1. I feel like I've had the overture to WEST SIDE STORY stuck in my brain forever, and just when I might be ready to move on, it airs on TCM!
  2. I have noticed that since late last year; it seems there is only a monthly highlight video every other month. Why, though?
  3. While watching EYES WITHOUT A FACE this afternoon, I realized I failed to write a centennial birthday post for Alida Maria Laura Altenburger von Marckenstein Frauenberg (Alida Valli) who was born on May 31st, 1921 in Pola, Italy!
  4. I love this version! It's beautifully shot, moves at a quick pace and I think the ensemble cast is terrific in it.
  5. Happy centennial birthday to Ivo Livi (Yves Montand), born on October 13th, 1921 in Monsummano Terme, Italy!
  6. One of my all time favorite commercials! Run for the cemetery! 😄
  7. My older sister has been known to comment out loud during films while watching them in a theater. Once, we saw SUNSET BLVD. Near the beginning, when Joe Gillis approaches Norma Desmond's mansion and stops momentarily to look in the lighted window, my sister growled "Don't go in there, Man." Another time, we saw REBECCA. In one of the scenes in which Mrs. Danvers is cruelly comparing Mrs. de Winter to the deceased Rebecca de Winter, my sister rather loudly says "B****." 😄 Both instances drew giggles from the other audience members.
  8. I loved MOVIN' WITH NANCY! It was like watching one long music video. 😄 Nancy was adorable in it. I like her easy-going style of singing (I wonder where she got that from 😉). She clearly had a good relationship with her father's contemporaries. I like when she speaks some of her lines during her songs. My favorite scene in the special was with her and Sammy Davis, Jr as a photographer. What a fun scene! The RC Cola commercials were fun, as well.
  9. I missed much of the doc as well. My cable went out (don't know why) and was only restored toward the end of the film. I was disappointed like you and JACKIEO to find that it wasn't on Watch TCM. 😒
  10. This was a great promotion, as ladies really wouldn't be seen attending a picture show without a man to accompany them.
  11. Good interview this afternoon on NPR's FRESH AIR with Eddie Muller as the guest: https://www.npr.org/2021/10/04/1043036861/noir-alley-host-celebrates-cinemas-double-crosses-and-doomed-characters
  12. I love all the documentaries which have aired in this past week alone. I wish we had had a weekly showing of a documentary, like we do Noir, Silents, Imports and Underground!
  13. Happy centennial birthday to James Allen Whitmore, Jr (James Whitmore), born on October 1st, 1921 in White Plains, New York!
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