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  1. I think this is my new favorite song - it's haunting, and the lyrics are that of true fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWu9itBBdHc
  2. THANK YOU for that! When you said small groups were common by the late teens, was that in the MAJORITY of theaters? Did the lone piano ever become obsolete? I understand that cue sheets were given to the musicians featuring various pieces of established classical music as accompaniment & that the big films, like those by DW, had their own original score. Was that the norm throughout the subsequent era?
  3. Is there a good book just about the music for silent films? I was wondering: When did orchestras come into the scene? How many pieces were they typically? What percentage of theaters featured orchestras as opposed to a lone piano or organ? Were they restricted to the high end theaters only? Could a low-income family afford to see films with multi-piece music accompaniment? Thank you in advance, my expert friends!
  4. Oh, thanks! Yeah, there's some footage of Virginia in the Thames "Hollywood" 1980 miniseries which is quite interesting to see. She had a lil' more big-boned than the typical wispy Flapper. That's right, supposedly the "O" in Selznicks name is for "Olive"! I'm sure Olive's death was a tragic mistake. In Paris, that bottle was probably labeled in French, who knows - she might of thought the pills were aspirin or somethin'! Edited by: RubyOhRuby on Apr 18, 2012 7:23 PM
  5. I picked up the Image DVD, "The Olive Thomas Collection" that features "The Flapper" and a documentary produced by Hugh Hefner. The film is charming! One thing really struck me about the Doc, there's a bit of "Photoplay Magazine Screen Supplement" newsreel footage w/ the title card, "Three Little Maids from the Movie School visit Metro: Edna Purviance, Virginia Rappe and Olive Thomas" And the narration (spoken by Rosanna Arquette) fails to acknowledge the other two present, despite the historic relevance, particularly the notorierty of Virgina Rappe. I felt they blew it by not menti
  6. Oh, ok, then I believe it was with Fox that she made the lucrative deal...
  7. I did listen to the Misfits song, but to be honest I didn't care for it. Plus it has more ambiguous lyrics, whereas this one sort of encapsulates stories of Clara Bow, Fatty Arbucke, Jean Harlow & I like that. And, yes, I've always adored Celluloid Heroes by the Kinks, it's a beautiful song with a lot of heart!
  8. That's what I thought, Scottman. It's also of interest that the Stenn book claims that Clara was not a casualty of the talkies. She only did two, she got paid generously and they were both successful enough that she never had to work again (with help from Rex Bell)
  9. Has anyone seen this? I know the majority of the Kenneth Anger book is considered to be fabricated, but this is pretty neat:
  10. I'm reading Budd Schulberg's book, "Moving Pictures" and just got through the chapters about Clara. Budd contends that his father was the best friend she had in the business and, despite an early fling, was a father-figure to her. In the Bow bio, "Runnin' Wild" by David Stenn, however, the author contends that Schulberg took complete advantage of her and did not pay her nearly what she was worth. Both agree that Clara was very insecure, didn't want to make waves, and was simply happy with what she got (which was still an incredible improvement over the poverty she was accustomed to as a chil
  11. I understand that "Dames" wasn't too successful and may have been why the series of films begun by "42nd Street" ended. I suppose viewers may have over-dosed on Ruby Keeler imagery in "I Only Have Eyes forYou", but as a comedy it STILL stands up, it's hilarious! How can you go wrong with a cast that includes Guy Kibbee, Zasu Pitts and Hugh Herbert? Anyone else a fan?
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