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  1. Probably not the best way to endear yourself to your future father-in- law. Some chess players can really go ballistic when they lose--to another person or to a machine. I remember I had a Satuday night ritual. I'd take a shower and then get ready to watch Chiller Theater, and then a little while later it was bedtime.
  2. My memory of much of this stuff is fuzzy, and I only remember 13 as WNET, the public TV station. Some of the shows you mentioned I don't think I watched. I do remember Soupy Sales scrambling up the ladder to put the name of the show on the theater marquee, but I don't remember much of the show itself. I do recall that just about every Saturday night I watched Zacherly, I believe on WPIX. That was must see TV for me and most of my friends. I was surprised when he later became a DJ on WNEW-FM. Now that was spooky. I remember many years later when Bobby Fi
  3. I haven't thought of old Claude in a while. I remember watching him, though I didn't remember the name of the show. I do definitely remember Clownie. Maybe I've got it wrong, but I recall him as one sarcastic, mean s.o.b., at least in the context of a kids' show. My favorite meal at the time was a peanut butter and honey sandwich which I'd eat getting ready for Claude and Clownie. And shortly after that it was bedtime. Weird going to bed while it was still light outside. Later on there was Officer Joe Bolton showing the Three Stooges and his Now remember, don't t
  4. RHCP getting Dosed. Over a quarter century of tube sock rock.
  5. "You mother wears combat boots." "Hey, keep it down. She's just two trenches over." Most people don't realize that the prototype for the Slinky came out of the battlefields of World War One.
  6. Kitty Wells, Lord I'm Coming Home. Goodbye Kitty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR94_zFKqus&feature=related
  7. The other Miss Kitty...Kitty Wells singing If Teardrops Were Pennies. Kitty's cover version of Jim Reeves' bit hit with the necessary gender changes, She'll Have To Go.
  8. As Bill Clinton might put it, It all matters what your definition of modest is. In the US, I'd say Jeepster was very modest, not that it matters all that much. It's still a pretty good song. The early 1970s T. Rex sound is pretty recognizable.
  9. Well, not really. Jeepster was a hit in the UK, but not in the US, where it didn't even make the Top 100, according to Wiki. Get It On, etc. went to #10, but their other singles only got into the 70s. They didn't do much better in Canada, but they did very well in Ireland (Irish Republic). Slade probably has similar numbers. Shame to him who thinks evil of Wiki. My bad, it's Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Maybe it's one of those East Coast vs. West Coast things. Hey, TVLand is back on, so Viacom and DirecTV must have come to an agreement. And Enco
  10. This is the new secret handshake, straight from Berlin. That old Sieg Heil thingie was too conspicuous and besides it was getting kind of old. *Macht Schnell Mr. Moto* After a certain date which will live in infamy, Mr. Moto decides to update his identity. He now calls himself Herr von Mannheim, has traded his eyeglasses for a monocle, and given up jujitsu for dueling. But world events move too fast and Moto soon finds himself doing origami in an American jail.
  11. The late, great Kitty Wells singing Making Believe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB6offRVHJc
  12. "No player ever rises to prominence solely on talent. They're molded by forces other than themselves." I can't help but wonder if Gary ever shared that theory with Ayn Rand while he was making The Fountainhead ? I kind of doubt it.
  13. I'm not sure where they came up with the name, but on first hearing, it does sound like some type of speed metal outfit. I believe they started out as more hardcore and then changed to a more melodic sound. Too bad Zappa couldn't get his record company to put out a CD that combined Uncle Meat with Burnt Weenie Sandwich, but I suppose that ship has sailed. Good song by Galaxie 500. I don't think I would recall that name, except for the fact that they do a cover of Yoko's Listen, The Snow Is Falling, which I have heard before. It ends with a couple of minutes of solid noise disto
  14. The Meat Puppets playing Taste Of The Sun.
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