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  1. I love photo combos like this. Ones of the same place, in this case, 60 years apart. BTW, YouTube has a surprising number of films to watch this year. Lindsay has been nice enough to let us have a couple of photos of the adult Virginia to round out the collection.
  2. Long time no me... Today is Virginia Weidler's birthday. Danny Miller and son Charles made their annual pilgrimage to a Weidler-Krisel property to celebrate the occasion. Virginia and her husband Lionel owned several houses and rental units in the Los Angeles area. She generally served as manager for the rentals. Danny Miller:
  3. She worked with Mickey four times. They had good on screen chemistry. I often say that Virginia was Mickey, but wanted to grow up to be Judy.
  4. The Virginia Weidler Remembrance Society had a wonderful and exciting 90th birthday celebration for Virginia. The biggest moment was that two of Virginia's grandchildren Jon Krisel and Lindsay Krisel-Rock have come forward to give us their blessing. Lindsay even accepted the proclamation on behalf of her family and told us that her father Ron, Virginia's older son, was touched by how much Virginia is still loved. Most important to me, Lindsay told us that the family really gets a kick out of our VWRS tradition of eating cottage cheese while watching her films. We based it on a Big Little B
  5. The Virginia Weidler Remembrance Society received the completed proclamation from the City of Los Angeles declaring March 21 a "Celebration of Virginia Weidler." We are pretty excited. I've attached photos of my VWRS co-manager Danny Miller with the proclamation as well as photos of the text and signatures. We plan to offer it to the family. If they don't take it, I have a bare spot on my wall.
  6. The only problem is, sadly, she has no star. By the time the Walk started Virginia had already withdrawn from any connection to Hollywood.
  7. Hi everyone, Long time, no post. I got a little busy with both a project and with life outside of films. The project went well. The City of Los Angeles has declared March 21, 2017 to be...A CELEBRATION OF VIRGINIA WEIDLER. The date corresponds with what would have been her 90th birthday. The Society is pretty excited. There are no formal events or anything, but the proclamation will be nice and we hope that one of her descendants may wish to have it. I do encourage anyone who feels the need to watch a film of hers that day, or a clip on YouTube and remember her. Here's the w
  8. The story goes that Norman Taurog discovered Virginia when she was appearing in the play AUTUMN CROCUS at the El Capitan in Los Angeles. Virginia had already been in films, but the parts were all of the "seen and not heard" variety. Taurog then tested her for and cast her in MRS. WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH. Paramount would sign her long term after that film. A Danny Miller find.
  9. Mickey on Ginny! I was still trying in vain to get in touch with Mickey Rooney at the time of his death. Fortunately, he did talk about working with Virginia. VWRS West Coast Chief Danny Miller looked over THE ESSENTIAL MICKEY ROONEY By James L. Neibaur yesterday.
  10. This is a repost because I stupidly broke a rule the first time. First, I thank Top Billed for the wonderful interview in his thread and for thinking my project is worth talking about. Second, I want you to know that cinephiled.com's Danny Miller spent a day with classic child actor Marilyn Knowlden and when he puts up his entire article, I'll link to it. Now for a big plan in which I need YOUR help. Virginia's 90th birthday takes place on March 21, 2017 and I think it is time that someone other than the poor little VWRS takes note of it. Of course, I will once again ask TCM to show a
  11. Thank you to Top Billed for a wonderful interview and thank you to Hep Classic and Nick and Nora 34 for remembering me. I guess I should start visiting again. I have a new crazy idea I'm trying if anyone wants to help: getting the City of Los Angeles to recognize Virginia in some manner for what would have been her 90th birthday, March 21, 2017. The details are here. TB, I hope you don't mind my linking to my post.
  12. Gee, every time I post here I'm shocked at the amount of time since my last post. Today was Virginia Weidler's birthday. As usual, The Virginia Weidler Remembrance Society watched Ginny films, ate cottage cheese, and had an all around good time. The fact that there was a Ginny film on Watch TCM was a help to many members, I think. The most important tradition, though, is the annual road trip taken by young Charlie Miller and his father Danny (of cinephiled.com) to a house in which Virginia lived. This year, they went to Virginia's last home, designed by her brother-in-law William Kri
  13. Gee, and I thought I had done alright by getting to near 2000 posts! Congrats!
  14. Whenever Sanders is in a film, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be entertained.
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