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  1. So..because you "can't fathom it" it certainly is insanity, right? I will tell you why. First off...Memorial Day is incredibly important...to ME...at least. And the weekend marathon took all my attention for 3+ straight days. Like a retreat. I would have it on pretty much the whole weekend....like Christmas music in the background...or sometime my utmost rapt attention. Not spread out over two months that can be hit or miss..... But bam bam in a row like unrelenting AA fire. I get it..some people aren't war movie buffs. Seen it...same old same old. Me? I oculd watch them a mil
  2. So...that's what we call it huh? A "hissy fit". Because you don't agree let's just start the insults. I don't believe Robert would approve of the tone. I believe that he would want us to respect each others opinion a bit more than that. So I really enjoyed the four days of war movie marathon. What is so wrong with THAT? "changing it up...."a bit"". More like a LOT. I enjoyed looking forward to the four days, I;d even write out the times for my favorites. It was a ritual....gone. I think it's perfectly fine to be disappointed about it. Oh excuse me...have a "hissy fit" about it
  3. I didn;t mean YOU as in TCM Christmas programming. I mean LIFE in general. YEs...you had a few very weak war movies on Memorial Day...in "tribute". Yes.....this year has some special programming throughout said 2 months. But you're main reaosn seems to be people are "tired of it". "we do this every year so we decided to finally stop it". Well...some people approve and some don't. The not approvers get dismissed....no value in THEIR opinion, right?
  4. I do not call it a "reprieve" but a travesty. What...we let it slip from history because...well we do it the same thing every year? We are already forgetting....all we've lost and sacrificed. All it took to storm the beaches. Hardly "cheap and easy"...but a true tribute. NOBODY....did it like TCM. We could always count on them to honor our fallen heroes and have a true days-long memorial. And this year running nothing? I suppose we should give up Christmas and Halloween....because well awe do the same sheet every year...boring. No...I say this is unacceptable.
  5. I've held off commenting..because...well...my friendship with Robert has ALWAYS been private. When I turned on the movie...he was not talking to any of you all....he was talking to me. Just me. He was my friend in the living room, introducing me to the actors, the directors, the story line, and sometimes some juicy bits but never maliciously. So he would speak, and then be quiet for the rest of the film...a true friend! Not sure I would have my appreciation for older films if not for Robert. He was scholar and a gentleman. He didn't command respect or adoration...he compelled it. I have tear
  6. I didn't see any movies on the schedule. A bit disappointed.
  7. Phil...not sure why you are being so argumentative. My original complaint was about having a full weekend schedule...especially as compared to previous years. That complaint stands and is valid...even if it was an executive decision by TCM. You then requested that I submit suggestions to TCM....which I did here just to show examples. Many of these movies I listed have in the past been on TCM schedule both on Memorial Day and thougghout the year. You then admonish me for thinking that only *I* could possibly appreciate any of the movies on the list. Or that I think these are the only
  8. Phil...thanks for responding.....and I will try to reach the proper authorities with my requests. And TRUST ME...I LOVE TCM. A faithful viewer. But your theory about programming doesn't make any sense in regards to Memorial Day. Absolutely irrational even. You say TCM relies on viewer interest/bottom line...yet berate general TV viewership sensibility. We NEED TCM to have a strong schedule so viewers KNOW what's out there. If TCM lets it disappear now...it WILL be forever gone. ESPECIALLY important to educate younger viewers. If you never show the movies...they aren't going to know to request
  9. Last year the schedule was so full throughout the weekend, I made a matrix of must-sees, DVR, and try to see movies, cross referenced with AMCtv and anything else. Literally DOZENS of various war films.TCM clearly has had the best, most comprehensive schedule for several years. In fact I've made it a popint to not schedule anything for the whole weekend This year? A different stroy. AMC was running war movies yesterday (Friday 5/26). And they have a decent schedule all day today as well. Well it's Saturday, and TCM has ONE war film scheduled. It's quite sad. I wish I had the list from la
  10. I've never thought about it before Infinite1, but I guess even TCM is not immune to entropy...the kind so common in our TV and film world. A sad day you've made it for me. Reality, but sad. I adore all that TCM brought for me....but, sad to say the programming may be slipping. I just checked the 2012 Memorial Day schedule....and I'm a bit underwhelmed. Oh...I'll watch all weekend, I'm sure....but with so many great wartime films, this is what the put on the buffet table for me?
  11. The Saturday TV schedule has "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" and "Logan's Run" as "horror" genre. TCM...I love you dearly, especially my good friend Robert!.....but come on. X-( X-( ?:|
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