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  1. This may have been addressed on the message board, but specific topics aren't easy to find as more and more posts are submitted. 1. The link to the schedule of movies is easy to miss. Why not include the date/time info on the viewing recommendations page for ease of use? 2. Some of the movies are available in the TCM library, but not all of them. For purposes of this MOOC, all of the movies that contribute to learning in the course should be available in the library if possible. Not everyone has the capacity to record movies or the luxury of watching movies mid-day/very late at ni
  2. Film can change the world - and it better hurry up.

  3. I'm late to this discussion but was reminded in watching the Daily Dose clip of the deep and lasting influence that movies have on culture and establishing social norms. The good girl/bad girl dichotomy is an enduring theme - and not one contributes to an equal status for women and girls, IMO. When McDonald was trying to sing and couldn't get the attention or respect of her audience it reminded me of Diane Keaton's timid attempts in the NYC nightclub. Sometimes you just gotta OWN it. Or as Rose urged her daughter, "sing out Louise!".
  4. Caberet - the music and actors are divine. The story of the rise of fascism in Germany is especially relevant in America today.
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