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  1. I get what everybody's saying but remember. Oscars are not lifetime achievement awards. They're given to the "best"performance of a given year. Of course "The Philadelphia Story" isn't Stewart's best performance. His Oscar win doesn't mean anyone thinks it is. What it DOES mean, rightly or wrongly, is that that performance was voted the best of that particular year. Also, keep in mind there are 5 nominees. If 100 people voted, all it would take is 3 nominees getting 20 votes each , 1 getting 19 and the "winner " receiving 21. So 79 people could vote for someone else, 21 vote FOR you
  2. Sidney Poitier. "Raisin In the Sun" Kevin Costner "Bull Durham" Jack Nicholson "Chinatown " Susan Sarandon "Bull Durham" Deborah Kerr " From Here to Eternity " Julie Harris " A Member of the Wedding "
  3. R.I.P. Robert. Intelligent,informed,respectful and classy. The perfect host for a classic movie channel. Thank you for all your years of insight and ,most definitely, your passion for the movies. Now I think I'll go watch some Gene Tierney.
  4. I guess it's all subjective, coming down to "who would I really rather watch"? and for me, Bette Davis would definitely win out over Hepburn and Bergman, and definitely Garbo. but even strictly in terms of acting chops, I'd give the nod to Davis. and, apparently like a lot of people on here, I'd have to say that in terms of all around range and talent, nobody tops Stanwyck.
  5. Jessica Tandy and, in a small part, William Shatner
  6. As much as I love movies, I have to admit there are some film makers whose reputation and admiration I just don't get. Anyone else have their own "list of over rated directors"? The top of my list : Robert Altman Terrence Mallick Stanley Kubrick David Lynch David Lean
  7. 2001: A Space Odyssey. tried about 25 years ago, tried again last year. Not gonna happen. No way.
  8. I remember seeing these shows as a kid and the ones I remember most have been mentioned. They scared the heck out of me back then and even now , as an adult, I remember them as some of the most unforgettable TV from my childhood. "The Jar", "The Unlocked Window" and "The Glass Eye" can still keep me glued to the screen.
  9. James Stewart Barbara Stanwyck James Cagney Bette Davis Sidney Poitier Ingrid Bergman
  10. so many great choices have been named. I agree with many who said that this is a very subjective topic. the ones that come quickest to mind for me : Casablanca Sunset Boulevard The Birds Bridge on the River Kwai Some Like it Hot and , of course, The Philadelphia Story
  11. a few that come to mind: Heath Ledger 'Brokeback Mountain" (Nominated) Marlon Brando 'A Streetcar Named Desire' (Nominated) Bette Davis "All About Eve" (Nominated) Susan Sarandon 'Bull Durhan' (Not Nominated) Sidney Poitier 'A Raisin In the Sun' (Not Nominated) Rosalind Russell 'His Girl Friday' (Not Nominated) Cary Grant 'His Girl Friday', 'My Favorite Wife' 'The Awful Truth' 'Gunga Din' (NOT Nominated) Jack Nicholson 'Chinatown' (Nominated)
  12. slightly off topic, but can anyone explain how Gene Hackman has NEVER received the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award?? I mean, Steve Martin has been honored. Nothing against Steve Martin, but ????
  13. Great choice, dpompper. I also have always loved that scene. (and can stll recall that music after all these years)
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