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  1. too bad UniversalCrapHead. You are going to get more "complaining and whining" as long as TCM keeps on degrading each month. It's a free country. I can say what i want.
  2. you should of titled this thread : films that TCM has yet to show(and likely never will) :^0 Edited by: TCMfan23 on Sep 23, 2012 3:09 PM
  3. The same old same old this year. Less Hammer and even less Universal stuff. No Bride of Frankenstein ??! It's a crime to show Frankenstein and skip to Son of Frankenstein ! no Nosferatu / no Cabinet of Caligari / no Hunchback of Notre Dame with Chaney / and no Dracula with Lugosi. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY SHOWING ON SILENT SUNDAYS ? Is TCM being denied access to studio vaults? that's what it looks like here. It's like TCM shelves their films for a year and they collect what the studios left them. I see they're going to show the butchered version of Phantom of the Opera for the 1 millionth time. How about giving us the 1925 version that was aired on Halloween night 2000 ?! i don't care what condition it's in. I tell you TCM is degrading more and more every month. Sneaking in newer films (post 1975) and repeating their movies. A couple films in the October schedule are going to be shown twice. One of them a Joan Fontaine movie. What's up with Bob Osbourne ? is he sick ? haven't seen him around a lot lately. Every time he's hosting , he looks tired and ill. AMC probably isn't doing anything special. They never do anymore. I hate that channel. Too many commericals. They use to have monsterfest every October. The Universal and Hammer filoms along with some 50s sci-fi. Today , it's a completely different channel. And about recording : I've had no problems recording off of TCM. There is no block that others on here are talking about. It's likely the greedy cable company. Not TCM. As for the HD channel , I hate those black bars too.
  4. Too many boring stuff on. It's either that or the same old same old. I'm watching other channels (re-runs of Happy Days and The Waltons) or DVDs. 'Lolita' again ? BLAH ! i can't stand James Mason and his obsessive personality.
  5. because it came out in '62. It came out during the 'classic hollywood' era. The last few years before the fall of the code.
  6. check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03ji0-rHBEw
  7. It's a wonderful day today. John Garfield from morning to night. And the sexy Lauren Bacall tonight. So glad TCM is showing 'East of the River' again. My DVR goofed 6 months back. I enjoyed 'Flowing Gold'. First time I seen it. Great movie. If Garfield is in it, you know it's going to be good. If Pat O'brien is in it, it only makes it even better. John Garfield was a heck of an actor. To bad there will be no one like him ever again. He was a one of a kind like the rest of the Golden Age stars.
  8. For years , people have said the 1950s was the 'happy days'. Today , people are saying the 1980s were the 'good 'ol days'. What do you all think ? don't say 2012. from what i'm seeing on the news everyday , it looks like the end of the world is coming. riots / violence / unrest , war, murder , global warming , recession , loss of jobs , etc, etc Too many problems today. was yesterday better than today ? Edited by: TCMfan23 on Sep 18, 2012 1:08 AM Edited by: TCMfan23 on Sep 18, 2012 1:10 AM
  9. 2 years ago , I purchased '50 horror classics' from mill creek. The best 20 bucks I spent in my life. I enjoyed all 50 movies. I didn't mind the print quality of most movies. The only one I disliked was the print of 'metropolis'. It look awful. Unwatchable. I don't expect a lot (quality) when it comes to public domain material. It doesn't bother me if the movie shows it's age. Edited by: TCMfan23 on Sep 14, 2012 11:14 PM
  10. I've noticed they're monthly cataogs are getting thinner. They stopped printing pictures in their catalogs that come out every month or 2. I guess to save paper. It must cost a lot to print catalogs and people throw them away. It doesn't matter to me if DVD-r's are used . What is so bad ? I've purchased DVD's from alpha for years. It's the only DVDs I buy. They're silent selection hs grown a lot the past couple years.
  11. TCM's messed up scheduling isn't helping.
  12. FOR ME : it's either Alpha Video or Mill Creek Entertainment. 50 movies for 20 bucks is a good deal.
  13. i'm sick and tired of stuff going wrong. Last week , I sucessfully recorded the movies. Two more pain in the butt weeks to go. TCM's crazy thursday scheduling leaves me to figure out when each shorts ends and begins. Why don't they just say sennett shorts 1916-17 ? why list each short in the schedule ? it messes people up. Next week , I'll probably run out of tape. The week after that , my DVR will either freeze or the power might go out. Who knows. Something bad always has to happen. I have a lot of bad luck. An 8 hour cassette is the only solution. OK , I'll ask again : WHERE CAN I WATCH/PURCHASE THE SENNETT SHORT "THIRST 1917" ? Edited by: TCMfan23 on Sep 14, 2012 2:16 PM
  14. where can I buy last night's Mack Sennett shorts on DVD ? Where can I watch "thirst 1917". My DVR goofed just before the ending. I'm **** off. I hoped nothing would go wrong tonight , but it did. Something always has to go wrong when I record tv programs. My DVR either goofs up and something else happens. WHAT SHOULD OF DID : spend $12 on a 3 pack of 8 hour videos at walgreens and record in my parents' room instead of my room (where I have a DVR). No need to switch videos and no worries about the DVR screwing up. It's been a hard day for me. I hoped for no problems. Right now , I feel so **** i feel like destroying my DVR. Unreliable piece of crap ! THE VCR WINS. HANDS DOWN. X-( X-( the hell with other alternatives. DVDR's , DVDr's and all of that other new junk. I've had it with DVR goofs. I need to learn how to start using the timer on my VCR-DVDR. Get rid of DirecTV's DVR. A regular cable box cost less. HERE'S WHAT HAPPENDED. (maybe some of you had the same problem) : the last short of the night was on. It was 'Thirst'. The screen went black , then the picture came on and a boy stole another boy's bike. Then, there was this big chase and a car fell through a roof of some house. I tried rewinding back on my DVR , but it wouldn't allow me. It was like 3 minutes before the ending of the short. Where can I watch that movie ? I want to see what I missed. I've done all I could to prevent any thing from going wrong tonight. Every thursday night , I make sure I'm home by 5pm , in time to record. But it's been frustrating because of TCM's scedule and DirecTV's guide does not match. Movies start either too early or too late and the wrong movie is listed on the guide. I feel so angry , I feel like getting a hammer and smashing that DVR. I am sick and tired of screw ups. The DVR would always freeze during a movie. And I would always have to reset it. I'm tired of it. TCM is not the kind of channel that re-runs rare stuff like mack sennett. Sure they re-run younger films , but not silent rarities like sennett films. Right now , I wish I did what I should of done a week ago. Buy those 8 hour tapes without thinking twice. And forget about switching tapes. I always take a risk by taping in my bedroom. Stupid me , I take the risk. X-( Am I the only one who had trouble taping these movies ?
  15. 3D is nothing new. 3D was around in the 1950s. It's a trend that has come and gone. It was only an idea. What if The Birds was in 3D ? that's all. YOU PEOPLE TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY. All you guys want to do is start fights. I'm sick of you kind of people. It's like this even on YouTube and other internet boards. You can't freakin' talk to people without some kind of disagreement and exchanging insults. Let's not talk about me. Talk about 'The Birds'. If you think it's a bad idea, just say so. No need to turn this thread into another flame war.m I hate modern films. I have mixed feelings about new technology. Some of it's bad. and some is good. No one has to like it. So don't act like your better than others if you use the latest technology. Some people like to stick to what they know. There are some people out there who like 8tracks over CDs and Ipods. Not saying i'm one of those.
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