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  1. Jeeze, Sally Fields couldn't of looked better. I don't know how she does it but she still is one of the most beautiful women in the movie industry. It's like time stopped for her. She also has that beauty that outlives what most people would call beautiful when all they really mean is glamorous that's been done with smoke and mirrors and a whole lot of lipstick. The movies she picked were great as well and especially Friendly Persuasion is one of my favorites. It also is one of those movies that without profanity, sex or visual violence like on today's movies still beats most new movies I see today hands down and without any of the above mentioned that the movies industry thinks add to the allure which in translation means it makes more money at the box office which is scary to me because that makes me believe there must be a audience for it, duh, which there is. I think it's the same crowds that think wrestling is real. I don't know how it would be to do something you love for most of the years of your life. Look out saddam and gomorrah Hollywood's comings. Got any extra daughter's Mr Lot? I foresee a major rush coming. Hollywood has forgotten that their clients, us, like to use our brains and you took a lot of the fantasing away from us that we did seeing a beautiful woman with a low cut dress instead of now her being flat out in the raw and spewing out four letter words with all that class she has. Thanks Sally for being in the era of good movies and good movie making and thanks for the good picks movie wise. Bennett Scharf
  2. I remember seeing Maximum Overdrive when I was pretty young when it had just came out as sort of drive In type material and even though I grew up with Sci Fi flicks like Them or The Creature From The Black Lagoon, etc, etc which definetly weren't no Best Years of Our Lives movie but we were kids and it was usually put on by like in our area in Michigan The Ghoul but Maximum Overdrive was only worthy of drive in's, and still is so what makes it a classic TCM? I frankly don't get the Stephen King phenomena but different strokes I guess aye, but considering Maximum Overdrive as a classic all I can say is "what are you guys thinking over there?" TCM you really are going downhill with these new movies your showing especially with sex and nudity and movies that aren't even ten years old(what's up with that too) in it which I don't mind if that's what i'm looking for but TCM has built up a sort of clean and classy reputation and to turn TCM on and not even that late at night to try and catch a good old movie to relax to and catch some guy seducing a womens breast and the movie wasn't even that old so what made this movie get aire time? There was nothing classic about that movie that I noticed. Is Drew influencing the programming there? Is that why we're getting all these newer movies? I wonder. Anyway show some of the old movies I only seen once on TCM like Paratroop Command which even Quentin Tarantino agrees that it is one of the best war movies out there and I've only seen it once out of all the years you've been on the aire TCM and I've seen that Sugarland Express was on at least three times in less than six months and I don't know who catagorized that movie as a classic but they need their head examined. So it was co-written and directed by Steven Speilberg and was his first or one of his first movies. That doesn't define it as classic the way you've yourselves have defined classic movies over the decades. TCM is one of two channels I watch and am very grateful to have had a channel that plays old classics movies commercial free but please don't forget why you are so big and what made you popular TCM. Ben Scharf Port Huron, Michigan.
  3. I grew up in the 60's and 70's with what I still say are the greatest movies I've ever experienced and some of those were already 5 to 25 years old. Some of these movies were so cheesy they were great. There is something about a good old black and white war film or crime drama/film noir or science fiction movie and there's nothing like Technocolor, Kodachrome, Cinecolor, Eastmancolor, or etc, etc, or Cinemascope, Vistavision, etc, etc, which I don't understand why they don't make movies using these processes anymore because it was what gave way to the real movie experience and made that adventure so great. Older movies were definetly not like todays movie experiences which are too much like just taking a video camera out and making a movie other than the special effects, swearing and sex which they seem to base all of their movie on and that is what the visual experience seems like to me. I am a male so I watched more war movies and Sci fi flicks and crime drama/film noir type movies and dramas and really mostly anything but musicals or silent movies, although there are some great ones, I don't believe they should have a night a week dedicated to it or to play movies that are only a few years old or even made in the last 20 years because that is not the impression of the definition of classic that TCM themselves have defined classics. This is what my question/poll is! Who would like to have a movie night dedicated strickly to the types of movies I mentioned above? I think it should be a whole or most of the day if they show these movies monthly, and it's only one day out of 30 or show these types of movies nightly if done weekly. There are a awful lot of males I'm sure who grew up watching the types of movies I did, no offense women, but I surely would like to have a night dedicated to war films and some of the other gendres and not the movies we've already seen over and over again. There are movies I've never seen on TCM or only seen once out of the whole time they've been on the aire which quite frankly I don't understand why there are movies that are quite good I don't see and others that seem to be on every week. I feel like it's the same as radio where they loop the same songs over and over. Take a movie like Paratroop Command which director of Pulp Fiction Quentin Taratino says what I do about it and that it is one of the best world war two movies made and which I only seen it once on TCM. I've never seen Five Branded Women, The Foreman Went To France, or Cry of Battle with Van Heflin and then film noir like Cry Danger with Dick Powell only once on TCM. The movies they're putting on TCM lately I really don't get. I turned it on one night and seen a guy performing a sexual act which is fine if that's what your looking for but we or I should say I don't get how that's considered a classic. Yes there are films of these types that technically can be considered classics but is this the TCM we all have watched since their start? So let me know, would you like a night dedicated to war movies, film noir, sci fi? Especially the hard to get ones or movies not shown often. I like the Dirty Dozen but give me a break. Let me know what you think and if you agree write TCM and let them know. We are what makes TCM and don't get me wrong I've enjoyed them since day one. Show us some of these movies you hardly or never show TCM.
  4. I was wondering if anyone remembers the interview that was done where Robert and I can't remember the other person's name or what he did in the movie business but they were talking about Montgomery Clift and i believe it was a couple other people sitting at a table in the studio delicatessen where he basically flipped out and was under the table eating a butter soaked steak like a dog? I was wondering if anyone remember who that was giving that story of that inccident and if there is anywhere I can view it again? What a tradgedy for any human being to suffer from anything like Montgomery Clift did. It just reaffirms my thoughts on how there needs to be more help available for mental health and substance abuse. Thanks, Ben
  5. I'm like Quentin Tarrentino about this hard to catch great old war movie. I think it's a jem that maybe because of the not to well known actors in it and maybe their budget was small it gets passed over more than it should. It's got some of the best action I've ever seen in a war movie and I've seen almost everyone out there, has a great realistic story line/plot, and whatever this movie lacked in budget or high paid actors they sure made up in action, realism and acting. I couldn't tell you how many times I've suggested this movie with no luck, even to go as far as writing several times trying to get the programmers to at least give us war movie lovers a night a week or a night a month dedicated to old hard to find war movies. Not the same ones you show over and over again on TCM which I never thought TCM would get like most radio stations I know that seem to have only tunnel vision when it comes to picking a variety of movies. Also I can hardly believe that women are up wee hours late night or till early morning where it's been off the record common knowledge that this is guys time and what guys do late at night and what do I see on nights when TCM should be playing thrillers, film noir, action, western, sci fi and of course, war movies only to see musicals or chic flicks,(Sorry ladies) or even now films that are on the verge of x-rated or only a few years old which I think is going to be a mistake TCM will regret in the future and maybe has a little bit of Drew's influence since she's so young. But back to the task at hand, I grew up in Detroit as a great escape (no pun intended)artist being the television was my means of escape growing up with Rita Bell, Bill Kennedy, Sir Graves Ghastly, The Ghoul, and movies in those days late night seemed to be geared totally to the male population with either westerns, sci fi movies or the good old war movie which back in the 70's and 80's they seemed to know who was watching T.V. late at night. Believe me TCM I don't know of anyone I know that wants to watch, especially on a good wind down night like sunday, all those silent films or foriegn language films back to back. Once in a while is cool, I like Charlie and Buster as much as the next guy, uh, er woman, ah um person, I mean, but you guys there seem to cater to everyone but the war movie lover. What's up with that one TCM? Anyway if you every want to see a great hidden gem of a war movie and if TCM ever plays it again just watch for Paratroop Command. Don't take my word for it just ask Quentin. Ben Scharf
  6. What happened to that extensive library TCM? I only watch two channels and TCM is one of them but you putting on movies that are only a few years old of playing the heck out of the same movie when I have suggested a movie for the last 4 years and haven't seen it once but I know you got it cause I seen it on TCM. Come on you guys, get a new programmer or crack the whip. Last week there was a 2009 movie I thought was a porn. What are you guys thinking over there? We like classic movies which in definition at least to the masses means somewhat old as well. By the way that movie I've been waiting for is a underrated World War Two movie called Paratroop Command. And I'm also making a suggestion, why don't you contact the people by their email when you finally do play their suggestion?
  7. I was surprise this last week to find not only movies made within the last decade but as I turned my T.V. on to TCM as usual I got a shot of a couple doing it in full view. I normally don't complain of such things but on TCM, come on now. The movie first of all was made in 2009,CLASSIC? come on now your slippen TCM. Then to have nudity not in a way to project art or even in a artful manner it was plain two people getting it on, right on my favorite channel which I thought I'd never see a movie in my days as a classic made in the 2000's let alone a nothing better than a porn. I didn't see any particular skill or technique in this movie to set it above any other movie with nudity and sex so why was it on TCM?
  8. I have been suggesting a movie for 7 years now and don't know if they had ever played it and maybe I missed it or they hadn't yet played it. Maybe if we get enough votes so if they play our suggestion they will email us a week or so in advance. SO COME ON AND VOTE OR JUST CONTACT TCM AND SUGGEST THAT THEY EMAIL US WHEN THEY GO TO PLAY OUR MOVIES. WE ALSO APPRECIATE ALL THE GREAT OLD MOVIES THAT THEY RUN FOR US. Edited by: ben42day on Mar 7, 2013 12:55 AM
  9. What happened to the dialogue in this movie. The last couple months I have ran across it and it seems like they dubbed over and it now sounds very strange. What happened to the other versions with the original voice's. It's sounds like the actors but it sounds like they dubbed over it just recently....Does anyone know?
  10. I would like to expand on this even. PLAY MORE WAR MOVIES PERIOD. Movies like Paratroop Command that has a great plot and action and it's been years since I've seen it. Also if you go to wiki and put in world war two movies or any other war movies you get a pretty good list of what hasn't even been played on TCM that I've seen yet. I keep writing to their feedback about designating a time like once a month or even late nights which I believe has got to be more of a male audience during all hours of the night and early morning but yet they play movies which actually I am surprised that they would play at that time of night. But movies like The Search and The Berlin Express and Paris Is Burning which were made on location seem to have a better appeal. Ben
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