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  1. >Now that was funny, Dargo. Well how do ya like THAT?! I'm FINALLY serious about somethin' around here, and the guy thinks THAT'S funny!!!
  2. Thanks, Joe! These little "cathartic moments" of mine DO help quite a bit. (...as that nice doctor who visits this end of the ward on weekends always tells me)
  3. ...and while listening to that new rising young star Robert Wagner attempting to play a medley of patriotic hits on his sousaphone, I would assume. (...yep, sorry Joe...I just had to get THAT off my chest too!)
  4. Loved your stroll down memory lane here, TB! Good read. (...gotta say though that that one experience of yours in Korea with the kids chasing you down the beach, reminded me of "Suddenly, Last Summer"...though of course the circumstances WERE "a little" different in your case!)
  5. Well Iz, maybe Bob Montgomery DID say what I suggested he said there, and maybe Gable, apparently much like mongo here, wasn't a fan of puns EITHER?!!! (...and hence the "perturbed" look on Gable's face!) LOL
  6. Sorry, can't resist, Joe... "Yeah Clark. Pappy here DID say he would have liked to have had you and Tom here on board this movie too, but he felt your parts were...ahem...'expendable'."
  7. Hey finance! Betcha didn't know that just like that whole "playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon" while watching "The Wizard of Oz" thing, if you start playin' "Abbey Road" at the start of "20,000 Leagues", just about the time Kirk is fightin' off that big ol' giant squid, Ringo starts singin' "Octopus's Garden"!!! (...weird, HUH?!)
  8. "King of Cool" and Birthday Boy McQueen walking his Triumph motorcycle to the starting grid during the 1964 International Six Day Trials event held in East Germany that year.
  9. Btw TB, how about if Natalie here supplies the background music for your thread here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKh1ZRyrQXY
  10. Nope, TB. "10,000 Leagues" is right. I guess you've forgotten about that two-reeler they made of Verne's book back around '37 or so, eh TB? (...yep, Nemo only goes about half way his usual travels)
  11. >Someone fire up the old Bi-plane mother, I feel like doing a wing stand... LOL "If you're lookin' for a better set o' wheels, I will stand upon my head to beat all deals!"
  12. THAT'S no elephant, speedy! That's Cal Worthington's dog SPOT!!! (...maybe ya gotta be an old Angeleno to get that, huh)
  13. > (who dat lurking in the rear?) Why, I believe that would be that great Italian/American character actor Espera Oscar de Corti there, Joe. (...otherwise known as "Iron Eyes Cody")
  14. >Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball during the days of wine and roses. ...and Brylcreem! (..."A Little Dab'll Do Ya!")
  15. WOW!!! What a great picture of Cyd down there, Joe!!! (...as I've said many times around here, "Tony Martin was one lucky guy!")
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