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  1. My goodness! Peter Lorre asserts himself! In The Maltese Falcon it's always a guilty pleasure for me to laugh at Joel Cairo-he's really scary, huh? But in The Mask of Dimitrios he actually confronts Sydney Greenstreet and that's saying a lot, as Greenstreet, as usual, looms up before us.
  2. I think I've seen The Big Sleep a hundred times. I enjoy it but I had to read the book to understand what was going on. Quite a challenge for the screenwriters. (Spoiler) The book had to be changed to satisfy the Production Code with the result that viewers can't understand how Marlowe figures out that Carmen did it. (Read the book). Everyone is confused by the movie's twists-who killed the chauffeur, etc.
  3. It's taken me several viewings to get used to the first-person camera of this film but I kind of like it now. However, it amuses me that the photos of the "former" Vincent Parry in the newspapers are photos of a different actor whose features do not resemble Bogart's in any way-of course that's supposed to be pre-surgery but the surgeon says he's going to leave the nose alone and the other guy's nose is not like Bogart's nose!
  4. I have seen this film many times. It contains one of Bette Davis's most layered performances-she plays a woman who plays a role within the film-she pretends to be innocent-she was just defending herself, she is "horrified" at what she has had to do to defend herself-but those gun shots are actually quite deliberate. And look at her determined, steely facial expression. If you did not see this opening scene, you might think she was really innocent and sympathetic for most of the movie. Bette meets her match in Gale Sondergaard's Eurasian wife-she is really scary!
  5. A scene for train geeks like me! Mostly I just loved this because I am a train geek and the footage was shot from a moving train so it puts us, the viewers, in the driver's seat. It certainly has the look of being inside a train, the funkiness. I reflected that it might not be a good idea to smoke while the train is in a tunnel (carbon monoxide) but when did film noir guys ever worry about their health? Funny thing is, they named a boat, not a train, after Jean Gabin.
  6. As long as it is Alec Guinness Day I have to say that I am disappointed that "The Horse's Mouth" is not on the program. This is one of his best films. It is very funny (I love the duplex artists' studio created unintentionally). It's not exactly like the book but is has the book's spirit. Curious-Guiness played so many old men (as in this film) that I thought he must be a hundred years old by the time he played Obi Wan Kenobe. But he lived from 1914 to 2000.
  7. I just wanted to thank TCM for the Disabled Films series and discussions. It was very much needed in these times.
  8. I have been watching the Saturday morning Boston **** films and enjoying them immensely. Does anyone know if they are on DVD? I doubt it as they are being shown without closed captions. I somehow see an opportunity here for TCM to issue a boxed set--unless I'm the only one who likes them.
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