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    Sand, spanish aquarium ads from the 1970's, the theory of redundant neckties, baseball hats, electric toothbrush jokes, sonic booms, Greg, the Boer War. But not in this order.

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  1. I chose the wrong tea Adolphe Menjou is no more TCM now ash
  2. My haiku so wry What a clever guy think I Alas! A dumb*ss!
  3. You won't recognize TCM three months from now. 10? Rage? The Hot Rock? Super Cops? These "classics" never would have been shown on the old TCM, but on the new TCCM, HEY! Anything goes! Just call it "Classic". It's only going to get worse. TCM is dead. Long live TCM!
  4. Turner Classic Color Movies.
  5. Black and white movies are going away. You read it here first.
  6. Woe unto you, dissenter! How DARE anyone post saying that TCM is changing? Why, of all the nerve! There are plenty of TCM apologists here that are willing to set you straight, what with their "inarguable logic"! I don't know how long Le Corbeau has been watching TCM, but if it is for any length of time, say two or more years, this person is going to notice some changes in TCM. The person with "inarguable logic", (as some [...] put it), makes the case that "familiarity breeds inattention" or some such codswallop. Who watches a channel that runs mostly black and white movies from the '
  7. Thank goodness someone with sense prevailed at TCM. Who needs a whole month of horror films? I guess everyone is supposed to be all excited that the ONE DAY holiday of Halloween is in October. I couldn't care less. TCM is great the way it is. I hope they NEVER go back to an entire month of horror films. Never.
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