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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and didn't quite know where to post this message--maybe someone can direct me ? I'm trying to locate other TCM fans in the Cambridge/Boston area, to get together for movie viewing, outtings and discussions. There are many classic film festivals in and around the Harvard area and I'd love to have others to enjoy the experience with me. I'm sure there are other TCM fans around, but I've been unable to locate them. Can anyone suggest anything ? Thanks in advance, Sandy
  2. Thanks so much for all the great info ! I can really get to work on building a program now. Sandy
  3. Thanks to both of you who answered my original questions re festival costs and I'm sorry to bother everyone again but I need very specific info (mainly because this would be a gift and I have to be very accurate). I'm feeling very lost and need lots of help. I'm looking for a clean, safe, centrally located hotel that is cheap ! I don't need pools and all kinds of special amenities--except a frige in the room for some of my meds. I was thinking of The Renaissance, because they quoted me a senior price of $220, but found out today that rates go up to about $700 once the festival dates are released and I can't afford any where near that ! How much am I expected to leave for daily maid service ? I'll have my own breakfast and lunch, but where can I get a decent dinner for a reasonable cost ? I'm not planning on spending money on souvis, except maybe a program for celeb sigs. Hopefully nothing else. No tours/side trips, etc.. Also I'm flying out of Boston, so I'm guessing the airfare will be high. Without specific dates it's hard to get any clear answers from anyone, but I can't purchase a pass without a hotel in mind. I'll be buying an Essential pass, which runs about $600, I believe. So that's the only cost I have nailed down (unless they go up next year !) I have to worry and try to get things rolling now as it will all hit so fast and everything will need to be booked immediately. Every little piece of info helps. Thanks again, in advance, Sandy
  4. Hi, I'll be a first time event attendee and need some idea of what kind of costs I'll encounter while at the festival. Things that you may not think about, i.e. hotel maid service per night, car from airport to Hollywood, food, etc...So many of you have been and know little bits of info that could be valuable to me, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. I'm handicapped and use a walker and that might make a difference aslo. I'm on a very tight budget and the least little surprise cost may make the difference between my being able to go or not. Thanks in advance, Sandy
  5. I'm planning on attending the next film festival, but money is a BIG issue. I need to find an inexpensive hotel that's close to the venues, since I use a walker and need easy transportation. Can anybody help me ? Any kind of info would be helpful, even places to eat. Thanks, Sandy
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