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  1. you know, I think Dargo made an excellent point a while back in this thread that getting *too* indignant over speculation that someone was a cross-dresser implies that there is something wrong with that, and there isn't. Just like someone's sexuality, Lord knows it doesn't affect our lives in any way and it's not hurting anybody. That said, I kind of have to be on the *"no way was Jeff Chandler a cross dresser"* side of the argument. A primary reason: I keep thinking of James Coco's line to Alec Guiness in the last act of Murder by Death : "as a man, you are very passable, but as
  2. you know, TCM aired (and I watched) La Imitaccion du La Vie ( in *LanaVision* ) this past week and I used the "Search Forum" function to try and dig up your Sirk thread so I could comment on it. It returned *"Zero results for the term Douglas Sirk" in all forums* and suggested I try searching *"Douglas Shirk"* instead. (I think the shearch function on this **** shucks.)
  3. Is that Jack Palance on the far right in the picture with Betty? (Ironic if it is, as I was thinking while watching that Palance would've been a better fit for the Bogart role in Dark Passage. Could've even been his debut.)
  4. To me, *no superhero interpretation ever done* has improved upon the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons Paramount did in the forties (even the racist ones.) Here is an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEQPxPXdlUw It's just everything "comic-book" "Superhero" adaptations should be- light, thrilling, fantastic, and fast-paced (don't give the audience time to say "hey, wait a minute, that doesn't make sense...") Those damn Dark Knight pictures- which felt the need *to extract every last ounce of fun and fantasy out of the story* and (for some reason I still can't fathom) *
  5. > {quote:title=AndyM108 wrote:}{quote} > *Mr. Mxyzptlk: Peter Lorre* Okay, this is an idea that actually makes me want to change my opinion on human cloning to "sure: why not?" Awesome.
  6. > {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}I think she said Jeff Chandler was a cross-dresser, which a lot of people have disputed-- including Nancy Reagan, who supposedly confronted Esther about this 'lie.' Oh to have been a fly on the wall when that went down. Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Jun 15, 2013 3:53 PM
  7. > {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote} > > So Dan Dailey was a cross-dresser? > Betty Grable claimed he was. But who really knows. Years later, he appeared in THE PRIVATE FILES OF J. EDGAR HOOVER. *Coincidence?* *I think not.*
  8. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}I always think of Tom D'Andrea as a cab driver. Did he play a cab driver in any other films beside DARK PASSAGE? He has no wikipedia entry, but he is on imdb. He was in a bunch of stuff ( Tension, Two Guys From Milwaulkee, Kill the Umpire ) I've never hoid of (although that last one does sound fun) , but he did play Garfield's brother in Humoresque and was credited in Night and Day as "Bernie"- who was quite possibly a cab driver, I'm not gonna watch it again to find out. He was also in Pride of the Marines. I was really struck by *how good* he was
  9. > {quote:title=Sepiatone wrote:}{quote} > She DID do a few movies where she didn't swim, didn't she? There's one I can think of off-hand- a thriller called The Unguarded Moment made in the mid-fifties, it's included on the Women in Peril DVD set TCM released, it looks inn-teresting enough, with a plot somewhat similar to the recent(ish) Kim Basinger straight-to-RedBox thriller While She Was Out- woman runs afoul of juvenile delinquents and long dark night ensues (although I could be wrong about the deets.) I'd like to see it. (The former, the latter notsomuch.) Esther was, I
  10. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}And here's a bonus, mark: *Shoot the Piano Player* will give us a little taste of the Francois Truffaut-fest coming up in July. *And in the same time-slot, too.* Damn. Guess that means I'll be missing it in July too as I don't have a DVR and staying up past 10:00 is too much for me in the summer (I work outside and am pretty zonked once the evening gets here.) For the record: I *tried* to make it to Shoot the... last nite, but Dark Passage tried my patience too much. It's a film I've seen a lot, and it's by no means a bad film, but its
  11. Yes! I still remember her talking about it on Entertainment Tonight and that was a loooooong time ago. I've never looked at Johnny Weissmuller the same since.
  12. ps- I know Cuddles is keeping an eye on Norman, but I think Esther is mostly on her on. Oh wait, no, Charles Bickford dropped by her dressing room. pss- horrible joke I know, but every time I see or hear the name "Esther" I hear James Mason saying it.
  13. I checked out some of it last night, but I'm not flipping to TCM until 8:00 pm tonight...oh wait, except I've seen Dark Passage and Nightfall..... oh well. I get that she was probably a nice lady and a friend of the network and she *was* a beautiful woman, I was struck by that and how natural her acting was in...um....that thing I watched some of last night where she was with Ricardo Montalban but I can't remember the title and it doesn't really matter. (they were all the same.)
  15. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}The noir which keeps coming up in the Games and Trivia forum, which I have never seen, and would love to, is Joan Crawford's SUDDEN FEAR. I want to say this exact moment has played out before, but again, for the heck of it: here is Sudden Fear *in full* on youtube. It's really worth checking out for all sorts of reasons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ttC8gPoAMA And it's worth it to watch- even on your computer screen, which I know ain't as good as the big or on TCM- but give it a crack (although it does take a little while to get rolling plot-
  16. I don't think anyone could say it better than you just did. ( Although I do add that- from seeing her in interviews and such- she seems like she was a helluva fun lady to know. And from watching bits and pieces of last night's tribute I'll toss in she was a solid actress, a gorgeous woman, and (unless she was dubbed- which is possible)- a good singer too. ) ps- OMG- *LOVE* your idea about Jaws/ The Creature. They *genuinely* should have done that (I know Esther spread the tale around for years that she was the first choice for Belle Rosen in The Poseidon Adventure, which again, I thin
  17. Nope. He meant pretentious. ps- Barbara Walters is a raging nitwit who slept her way to the top of the broadcast industry.
  18. I know, I was *stunned.* It was like The Queen getting a little tipsy on wine coolers and telling a Hello! reporter what she really thinks of Fergie. ps- Trump and Martha must've been a couple of first rate a-holes for him to just come out and say "terrible"- he is usually quite diplomatic.
  19. Damn. Goodis was a pretty good-looking guy. ps- I'm still gonna give Night Squad a try one of these days. And for the record- Dark Passage was fine, it was just line-for-line so like the movie I didn't see the point in getting too in to it. pss- I prefer the somewhat similarly themed pulp novel The Plastic Nightmare aka Shattered (as the unfortunate Tom Berenger/Greta Schachi movie that was based on it was called) by someone whose name I can't entirely recall- Richard Neely? Keely? Anyhoo, it's a great read- especially if you don't know the ending already.
  20. this may go over like a **** in church, but Pitfall (1948) is available in full on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbY7xSQnMMc as is Desert Fury (1947) a kinky and gorgeously filmed technicolor noir Liz made with Mary Astor and John Hodiak and Wendell Corey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDPAKHS5Xwg Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Jun 13, 2013 12:32 PM
  21. > {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}LOL. If that's true, I doubt RO sits there with them watching it. That could be. Maybe it's the fact that Os has professed a love for Ravi Shankar (seriously- I'm not kidding) but I just have the strong suspicion that *he burns.* So I get the feeling he probably lights one up every time he has to make it through, let's just say Gigi one more GD time. Lord knows I would.
  22. > {quote:title=Dargo2 wrote:}{quote}Now c'mon, Addison. Why pick on poor(okay, rich) ol' Donald here, dude? > > Because Osborne *actually dissed* Trump (and Martha Stewart!) in an interview done during the film festival with an internet reporter. He called them *"horrible"* and said they both came to the set with an attitude that read *"I'm bigger than this."* (I was shocked by it, it was a great article posted here by a friend of the interviewer...Dothery maybe? Wish I could provide a link to it.)
  23. > {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}LOL. Well, it's not like RO is forced to watch Lawrence again. He just does the intro/outros, which I think are all done on one day, so it's not so bad! Actually, I'm trying to remember where/when, but it seems like I either read or saw a quote from Osborne that said that when GPs come on, *they really do sit and screen the movies on the set.* I think back to Cloris Leachman picking The Bridge on the River Kwai because she'd "never seen it", so one would think maybe they *do* screen the films for the guests...although I'm sure they come across the oc
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