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  1. ah, Humoresque... "Lousy" maybe wasn't the mot just, but the film does frustrate me so MUCH (as does EVERYTHING that the screenwriter Clifford Odets EVER had a hand in.) He was the most heavyhanded screenwriter of the classic era. No one in Humoresque sounds genuine, it's all one, two, repartee; (or in the case of Oscar Levant, set-up, and: schtick!) It's also a shameless retread of plot elements from Golden Boy and I effin hate Golden Boy. Humoresque is a gorgeous film and a well-directed film. Crawford looks amazing and- again- it really is her best performance. The suicide scene is flawless, it's a shame Joan didn't condescend to die on screen more often. But the other thing that blows my mind is: HERS IS A SUPPORTING ROLE. She does not show up for 25 loooooooooooooongish minutes and when she's not on screen, the film suffers. WHY ON EARTH she chose it as a follow-up after winning Best Actress is BEYOND ME. ...And Anne Revere is such a **** in her performance and Oscar Levant- who I usually love- becomes insufferable with the forced one-liners (again, back to Odets.) I truly admire your commitment to your feelings about Humoresque, I, for reasons instangible to even myself, adore Flamingo Road- a film that has its share of problems but moves at a clip and lacks the pretension of Humoresque. no, i do not know the story of what occured when Garfield and Joan first met, do tell. ps- I'm with you on the Garfield DVD set. Imagine one with Four Daughters, The Breaking Point, The Sea Wolf, Out of the Fog, any number of other good Warner's pics he was in. Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Jun 13, 2012 9:42 PM
  2. Finally, Joan is getting one of those 4-movie "Greatest Legend" DVDs that TCM's been shilling ever since the home DVD market went straight to you-know-where. You get four films (and bonuses?) for one low price. Bette has one. Liz has one. Kate has one. Now Joan. What I have been really hoping the DVD would include for FOR OVER A YEAR NOW: Flamingo Road, Possessed, and maybe Sudden Fear! (although I get that there are dubious rights issues on that one) Sadie McKee, Rain, Harriet Craig, Esther Costello, Torch Song - BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: ANYTHING BUT Mildred Pierce and/or Humoresque The selections as they are: Mildred Frickin' Pierce, Possessed, The Damned Don't Cry, Humoresque (um, aka THE EXACT SAME MOVIES ON THE FIRST CRAWFORD COLLECTION MINUS The Women ) Arrrrrrrrg! 1. I already own The Damned Don't Cry on DVD, an unfortunate coincidence that I blame no one for but note nonetheless. 2. (the BIG issue) Mildred Pierce is a fine movie. I own it on DVD. I watch it most of the times it airs on the network (which is saying quite a bit)- *it stands on its own just fine.* It does not need to be tacked on as filler. Any of the other choices in my wish list were more worthy for inclusion due to their lesser known status. Flamingo Road for one, is a film that deserves to be out there on a more affordable DVD than the 5-disk Crawford Collection volume two (which I would love to own, but which is too pricey for me right now.)We have been Mildred Pierced TO DEATH. 3. Humoresque may be one of her best performances but it is a *lousy* movie. (1 and 3 don't get me as annoyed as 2) You just lost an easy $20.00 from me, TCM, and believe me, I don't part company with $20.00 too quick on very many occasions. ps- I know Torch Song is awful, but it's fabulously awful. Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Jun 12, 2012 10:21 PM
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