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  1. ah, Humoresque... "Lousy" maybe wasn't the mot just, but the film does frustrate me so MUCH (as does EVERYTHING that the screenwriter Clifford Odets EVER had a hand in.) He was the most heavyhanded screenwriter of the classic era. No one in Humoresque sounds genuine, it's all one, two, repartee; (or in the case of Oscar Levant, set-up, and: schtick!) It's also a shameless retread of plot elements from Golden Boy and I effin hate Golden Boy. Humoresque is a gorgeous film and a well-directed film. Crawford looks amazing and- again- it really is her best performance. The suicide scene is
  2. Finally, Joan is getting one of those 4-movie "Greatest Legend" DVDs that TCM's been shilling ever since the home DVD market went straight to you-know-where. You get four films (and bonuses?) for one low price. Bette has one. Liz has one. Kate has one. Now Joan. What I have been really hoping the DVD would include for FOR OVER A YEAR NOW: Flamingo Road, Possessed, and maybe Sudden Fear! (although I get that there are dubious rights issues on that one) Sadie McKee, Rain, Harriet Craig, Esther Costello, Torch Song - BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: ANYTHING BUT Mildred Pierce and/or Humoresque
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